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AliExpress is the go-to online shopping app for everyone, anywhere. All new users enjoy exclusive newcomer deals or gifts! Explore thousands of quality brands and millions of items from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports, shoes and more! Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on over 75% of items. IMAGE SEARCH Snap a picture of the item you’re looking for or upload a photo to find an exact match or similar items. Easy peasy! INTERACTIVE & FUN GAMES Play mini games such as Fantastic Farm and Coupon Pals to earn greater rewards! PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS Get items and deals recommended specially for you based on your preferences. TOP RANKINGS Explore all top-ranking items based on number of orders, views, adds to cart and more! SECURE PAYMENT METHODS Make safe and seamless transactions with your preferred method - whether by credit card or wire transfer. BUYER PROTECTION All items are covered with Buyer Protection. Get a refund within 15-30 days if the item you received is not as described. OTHER APP HIGHLIGHTS - Daily Flash Deals - Earn multiple coins and coupons - Order management & automatic shipment notifications - Multiple language and currency support - 24/7 Help Centre - More exciting features to come! LEAVE US A NOTE Enjoyed the experience on AliExpress? Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear from you! If you noticed any bugs or would like to request for a feature, drop us a note in the app by tapping 'Account' then 'App Suggestion'.

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horrible customer support
McMailMan on 2023-01-30
I started buying from here in September. The app is ok, but all AliExpress itself has horrible customer service. I have to sit there and go through the stupid automated customer service prompts until they finally get sick of me and forward me to a live agent. Usually takes an hour. And then it's all no problem no problem no problem. Please give me a great review. I have your back I am on it blah blah blah. And then they don't do anything. Never received an email, so you go back repeat the process and get the same thing. Be sure and dispute within the first 15 days after you receive or you get screwed. ignore all their promises. and never cancel a dispute If they offer you a partial refund and then say they're going to ship it later. once the dispute is closed you're screwed.
Better than browsing on a desktop
alisarfares8 on 2023-01-30
The mobile app has less bugs than the desktop site in my experience. The app isn’t as intuitive for UI, kind of cluttered, but easy to pick up and very addicting to scroll. Suggestion: I would love to be able to search by the specific product variation of a listing within reviews. For example, I like to shop nail polish colors but it’s hard to see what the true color looks like, it would be nice to filter reviews by the nail polish color I’m interested in. Same could apply for any product variation/model within one listing.
Still amazing
Elisa_uc on 2023-01-30
Ok I think that over the years Aliexpress has become insanely popular but also do to an increase of people loving Asian things so that means that the sellers on Aliexpress kinda improved the quality of their products but also increased their prices. I’m still gonna recommend it to everyone who is looking for something nice that are on a low budget. Do make sure to keep an eye on the reviews before ordering something but also do leave reviews when you get something, add some photos also.
Best online shopping app I've used
KermittTheGr8 on 2023-01-30
I've used the app for a long while by now and I ain't never had a single complaint using it really. Items you buy always arrive, and its surprising considering how low the prices for items generally are. deals on the menu keep getting better each update and the more you use the app the more you can save too. Seriously if you are skeptical like I was at first just try to buy even just one thing and you'll find out its a good trustworthy app.
Worse than useless
11232453 on 2023-01-30
The website is terrible, and the app isn’t far behind. I search something new and 90% of the results are THINGS IVE ALREADY SEEN. Why would I want to see things that I’ve already favorited? That’s why I favorite them, so I can go back and grab them later. Not so I can see my favorites tube tops when I’m searching for MENS FLANNEL JACKETS ??????? This never used to happen, what is going on with your algorithm fix it
rat rat 77 on 2023-01-30
I’m telling y’all do NOTTTTT shop at ALIEXPRESS if you live in the us these people can take a WHOLE YEAR until your package gets here I’m being for real. I ordered my package on December 17th of 2022 and they claim that it’s supposed to be here on February of 2023. MY PACKAGE IS STILLLLLLLL NOT HERE don’t shop ther please….
Tiburona🤪 on 2023-01-30
Puedo dar fe que los productos son justo tal cual la descripción, tienen muy buena calidad, la entrega es rápida y te mantienen al tanto de todo el proceso de envío, precios justos como para mantener buenas ventas y muchos compradores, la verdad los recomiendo, tienen muy buenos productos y variedad, gracias!!
Will take your money and cancel the order
HerBatsy on 2023-01-30
Paid 2x for an adapter and both times the order was cancelled for “security” reasons. Yet I still got charged. Offered no way to open a dispute because the order was closed. Still took my money. Getting it back via my cc company and filing a complaint with the FTC
-/;;(1 on 2023-01-30
I bought one thing on April 2, I never received it. I tried to ask for refund multiple times, but I never got that. Now the status says I CLAIMED I received the order on Jul 1. I NEVER did that. If you want to waste your money and time, enjoy AliExpress
It an okay app
did a 360 on 2023-01-30
I honestly like the app, it’s very affordable and has great deals. The only downfall is how long it takes to ship out your package like say if I buy a package in January it don’t come til March. That’s my only downfall but besides that it’s a good app.

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