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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



What is is one of the world’s leading B2B ecommerce marketplaces. Our app allows you to source products from global suppliers, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Purchase with confidence Our Trade Assurance service protects your orders and payments on the platform, letting you purchase securely and conveniently with extended support. Customizable products Meet suppliers with years of customization and order fulfillment experience for sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Etsy, Mercari, Lazada, and more. Easy sourcing Discover millions of ready-to-ship products in every industry category. Tell suppliers what you need and get quotes quickly with Request for Quotation services. Fast shipping partners with major freight forwarders to provide land, sea, and air shipping solutions with on-time delivery services, end-to-end tracking, and competitive prices. Livestreams and factory tours Interact with manufacturers in real-time via product demos and tours of manufacturing facilities, providing insight and oversight on how your products are made. Popular categories and trade shows Source a wide range of popular items – from trending consumer goods to raw materials – and join our annual trade shows for niche product highlights and discounts. Quality control Choose Production Monitoring and Inspection Services to reduce production delay and quality risks. Discounts and promotions Unlock new discounts and promotions from featured manufacturers and suppliers. Stay updated Use the app to stay up to date on new products and promotions from your favorite suppliers. Language and currency support supports 16 languages and 140 local currencies. Use our real-time translator to communicate with sellers in your mother tongue.

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Convenient Malfunctions
Jonni1247 on 2022-11-30
I like Alibaba a lot, however it needs to be brought up how the app malfunctions in chat and after-order services. There is no legitimate reason for it to crash or a seller claims not being able to do something simple like reporting a tracking number. With a large order showing ‘successfully delivered’ in a different US state- I’d never know if I was getting scammed by the supplier. The dismissiveness about resolving was riding the clock. Like most carriers, UPS has its quirks but is great with reporting a shipment’s location. The screenshot I was sent did not match with UPS global nor domestic and I am a customer. It had not made it to the carrier at all while the seller listed a USPS Express shipment (5-7 days) to Alibaba. It’s been 60+ days, still waiting for a complete shipment but if I respond in mobile it resets. I should not have to pay full price and was probably overcharged for shipping. I was glad to get Alibaba to step in with their Trade assurance policy. If there is a post-order concern, I’ve noticed the app freezes & crashes a lot. It also resets requests. Alibaba runs paying Buyers away with this App. I trust the service but I’d expect functions to be way better than eBay’s App to disappointment. I really hope there’s improvements to come, but desktop mode is better.
Trade Assurance is a joke with this company
evans754 on 2022-11-30
I ordered items and seen that it shipped. That was great at the time. Three weeks later I see that the tracking said that the items was delivered. Yes, they were delivered but not to me or the state that I live in. I contacted the supplier and they claimed that was an error tracking number and sends me a copy of a UPS label that they just created. That means my items never shipped out. I put in a claim with the trade assurance letting them know my items never shipped and the tracking number in my order has nothing to do with my order. I let them know that it needed to be updated to not delivered/ complete so my trade assurance can start on the day the items are actually delivered. To make a long story short they never updated the order and kept saying the supplier made an error with shipping and has fixed it. You will receive your items soon. I tell you they need to hire people who can actually read and write English. Just an horrible experience. This is why I always do test runs with new suppliers and only place small orders for this reason. Now once my order is delivered my trade assurance will be no good because the supplier refuse to update the order because that will prove they necker shipped it out when they claimed they did. This was my experience and it was not a good one.
Bait and switch
Smedlley on 2022-11-30
There’s a lot of bait and switch going on at this site. For instance, they advertised an 8Kw diesel heater with a picture of it in a red case. This is a heater that is known as a Chinese heater that’s also sold on Amazon and EBay. When you click on the button that says, “ad to cart,” it places an order for a 2kw car heater kit that is not the heater pictured or described in the catalog advertisement. You have to read the fine print as often the product described and shown has to be selected for a higher price in a sub menu. This is bait and switch, pure and simple, which is illegal in most countries as far as I know. I’m surprised Apple tolerates this kind of behavior from apps it lists here. Perhaps they have yet to be informed of this and have to investigate.
Buying Equipment from China.
Pedroher! on 2022-11-30
This has been a very good experience for me. This was my first time, and I have share my experience already with more than forty people. I have talk about with my entire family and many others. I am impressed with the treatment that I received from Mrs Nancy, who was the seller, but also She represented me in China. She expended a lot of time with me looking to satisfy my needs and She did it. I am very thankful with Her work and kindness, gentleness and professional actitud. Now, I am trying to buy another equipment because I am pretty sure that is the best thing that I can do. Thank you Mrs Nancy and all people that took part in this business. God Bless You All. Thank you.
Horrible app they will get you for your money
LEDATNYGGA on 2022-11-30
I first ordered glasses as the product described then the seller said that they didnt do 3d logo and sent me silk printing I told them to continue just cause i didnt want to cause a big problem when they sent me pictures it was not centered and they had scratches so I told them i didnt want them they assured me that they will get me new glasses and that they will be centered they sent me the items when I received them out of 100 only 3 glasses were good I did the refund right away and have been denied 6x and cant get in contact with anyone and the seller refuses to give me my money back total loss alibaba is a fraud.!.!.
Owner of Angry Loggers Company
Angry 2445 on 2022-11-30
I’ve never bought any thing from you yet but looking for word to doing so. But what I have done by looking into things I’ve always had great luck so I’m hoping to maybe sell your battery operated cars here in the United States of America sir Thank you very much and I’m giving you a rating if 5 stars because so fare I’ve been very happy with you and some small products has been very good Thank you Rick Gilhousen U.S.A. Washington (State)
It won’t let me sign in please help
dimplesthebbw on 2022-11-30
When trying to sign in it keeps trying so do it identification verification thing and I’m doing it but it’s not sending me the email with the code for me to sign in …. Idk why it’s even doing that cause it wasn’t doing that last time I ordered off there …. So now all because of this I don’t have access to my accounts, my venders and can’t restart my business
A bit ify
EyeStomp on 2022-11-30
It’s a great site with finding some great things to resale but sometimes the vendors do not provide accurate information in regards to their products. You have to be very careful who you purchase from no matter how great the reviews are.
You cannot delete account
Stinu S john on 2022-11-30
If you start Alibaba account you cannot delete Alibaba account. They are trapped everyone. When I look Alibaba it’s created from china. Now I understand why india and USA are trying to ban china app.
cfhfdsjju on 2022-11-30
If you are an American buying goods, from these countries if you request a refund a day or two later. Even before they ship it off they will fight you on giving you your money back.

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