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Allstate Mobile is anytime access to one of the nation’s most trusted insurance providers. Pay bills… Report claims… Get roadside assistance, accident support and more. You’re in Good Hands with these features:  • Drivewise® – Earn rewards for safe driving* • Insurance ID cards – The glovebox digging ends now • View auto coverage – Know how you’re protected • QuickFoto Claim® – File claims in a (camera) flash • My Agent – Access your agent’s info • Gas Finder – Locate and compare prices of nearby gas stations    *Using Drivewise® as part of Allstate Mobile uses your phone’s GPS services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Drivewise is awful!
TheRealLadyShine on 2020-02-19
20200208 ~ Another Drivewise cash back failure. They rook you in at the beginning, and reward $$ steadily goes down due to the failed app. Time for a new provider. Please read reviews carefully as bloated number includes comments about the insurance and agents, not the app itself. 20200117 ~ Please note that removing trips with events does not remove them from your driving history. They still show up on the graph viewable in your account online. ! 20191227 ~ Gave in and updated. I turned off Drivewise on December 11th, before this new update, and it now shows phone activity back to November????? How is this possible? Also, phone is always in purse or backpack, so phone activity is greatly flawed. Good going, developers... 20191001 ~ Drivewise app and accessing on browser on iPhone is lousy. It inaccurately records hard braking - always on an incline and at very low speeds (35-45mph.) Now it has stopped recording trips, even though the app has full access to needed features. I just renewed my policy, but am very disappointed in this service and will be negotiating with another company next renewal. 20191019 ~ Responding to developer —battery is always charged, and app has all permissions, despite my disdain. I turn it off when reaching destination and not driving. Allstate doesn’t need 100% access to my location when not in use. 20191217 ~ Another forced update, as it will not allow me to log in. Horrible, intrusive data mining app!!! Other reviews are reporting the faulty new phone activity feature, so I will not be updating and am researching other companies. Drivewise isn’t worth it!
Need some adjustments
Hk.40 on 2020-02-19
I never use my phone while driving and this new update tracks usage of your mobile phone to see if you are a text while driving individual, so I had no worries.But then I noticed that the app started documenting me using my phone when only text were coming in. I was not touching my phone nor answering it at all. Also when I get in my car automatically my car connects to Pandora music app and I skip the music on the radio of the car not the cell phone itself. My car answers the phone by 1 button on the steering wheel and that also register as you using your phone while driving. All this things are new technologies to avoid using your phone for safety and this app puts you in a dangerous high risk driver. Some times I tell my wife to search in google maps an address while I’m driving and again unsafe phone user while driving when I’m not. Phone activity is not going to work out for all these reasons. Now hard braking is another problem, I leave 1 car of distance for every 10 mph speed, then a car Squeeze in front of me when I’m driving doing 55mph while keeping 5 car distance and slams his brakes leaving me no options but to hard braking too. Hard braking is applied to me for others bad driving behaviors. 5 cars of distance is plenty for slow down normally but crazy drivers ruins your driving reputation. It should be registering after 2 or 3 hard braking since that shows that the driver is following too close to other vehicles.
Lots of potential, could use some improvement
Natejo91 on 2020-02-19
I downloaded this app so that I could participate in the Allstate drive wise program. And the app enables you to view your insurance ID cards, request roadside assistance and several other things. But the main reason I have this app is for trying to reduce my insurance premium based on my safe driving. I’ve been participating in this app for just 3 days now and I’ve already had to dispute/remove 2 different “extreme braking events”. When I view the GPS route of the trip to review the “extreme braking event” I’ve noticed that the route has me zigzagging off the road randomly. So of course that’s going to trigger an extreme braking event! I don’t know if the GPS data tracking is an issue with the app or with the iPhone XS GPS. But either way, the app should have a feature that recognizes anomalies in the GPS data and push a notification or pop up that asks you “is this trip summary accurate?” Instead of just accusing you of being an erratic driver and reducing your chance for a discount. So for now, you have to review all of your trip summaries and dispute/remove the trips with inaccurate GPS data. Sort of annoying.
Allstate Drivewise
chelley-elly on 2020-02-19
I have been with Allstate for years! I love the convenience of the app for insurance cards, etc. they told me about Drivewise which sounded great! I’m not saying I’m a perfect driver by any means, but I know I definitely don’t speed over 80mph my poor old car won’t even if I try so I avoid interstates or use my phone while driving so with all confidence I gave it a go! Day one was horrible! I called and had my trip removed because not only because it said I was exceeding 80mph, but when I stopped an when in the store it registered phone activity, even once I got home it did it again! Day two I tried again, set cruise at exactly 55mph on my was home, hit every red light, people flying by me and for some angering reason it still says I exceeded 80mph!!! I’ve had it, I turned it off because I know and can say with the upmost confidence I DO NOT GO THAT FAST! They need to do some major work before I even try that app again because I truly would like discounts, but if it’s reading wrong my first two days I’m not keeping that junk on my phone!
DriveWise has Serious Problems
Larry4404 on 2020-02-19
Beginning some time in December I suspected something had changed in the app, especially concerning the “hard braking” feature. Previously, the app was logging 3 or 4 braking event per month; however, in January alone the app logged about 40 events. The number of miles driving didn’t change and my driving habits hasn’t changed, so what is different? Yesterday I got proof that the app definitely has issues. I had to make a round-trip drive from Dallas to Houston and back. As soon as I was clear of the Dallas traffic, I set the cruise control and didn’t touch the brake or accelerator for nearly 200 miles until I reached the outer suburbs of Houston. When I checked the DriveWise app, it had registered 11 hard-braking events while I was driving under cruise control. The results on the return trip were similar. DriveWise logged an additional 7 braking events while I was driving under cruise control. From some of the recent comments in these reviews, it seems like QA isn’t a very high priority for the developers.
A few things need to be improved
Lycampos0516 on 2020-02-19
I will start be saying that I do love having an app for all of my car insurance needs. The Drivewise feature is great and it makes me pay more attention to my driving. However, I have a few things that should be improved: 1. It is a major inconvenience to have to log in every time you leave the app, even if it is still running on the background. Could we just stay logged into the app. 2. It would be much better if they has a facial recognition for logging in. It is a bit frustrating to have to type in my password every time. 3. The app crashes a lot. Specially if I am using Drivewise or if I am reviewing my data. 4. it would be good to have a feature to choose to start a trip. It is time consuming to go back and delete all the trips when I was not driving one by one. 5. It would be nice to be able to check mark trips and delete or change them all at once instead of going one by one. These are just a few I have noticed. Hope there is an update taking all of these into consideration.
Horrible non-customer experience
PebbleChamp on 2020-02-19
I will never be an Allstate customer after being forced to use this app. I was hit by an Allstate member and was asked to upload photos to the app. First, you can’t upload photos you already took; they have to be taken live in the app. It rains all the time in Seattle, so after trying to upload and realizing this, I waited for a dry day and try to take them but the app says my case isn’t allowed. Call in and they reactivate the app. Waited for another dry day and uploaded the picture. Then I get an email from your team saying only two of the pictures actually went through and I can email them instead. I try doing that and all the emails are rejected (whether all photos in one email or one photo in each separate email). I email you and let you know asking what to do since the app is useless and so is the email solution. No one responds. I finally call back and simply ask for the old school method of an adjuster coming out to take your own photos.
Poor App
shamrock56789 on 2020-02-19
Recently the app has been updated to include phone activity. If the phone rings you don’t answer, use car play, pick up the phone and it wakes up, that’s called phone activity. I’ve been hit with activity after the car has been parked and I’ve gone into a place of business. Also been hit some 200 yards and ten mins after parking the car. With the number of robo calls Americans are receiving every day, every time your phone rings you get charged with phone activity even when you don’t answer. That is not right. Getting back to Apple Car Play, some people use this function as a Navigation System, or play music. That counted as phone activity. I see where the developer said they fixed the phone issue. I do not agree. I haven’t seen where it’s been fixed.
You continue to ignore this issue.
Teeshot 50 on 2020-02-19
Get rid of the phone useage. INACCURATE !! I’m deleting every trip that shows phone use. I don’t use my phone while driving but I continue getting my emails which I read later. That turns my display on and makes an alert. The app assumes that I’m using the phone which I’m not. Hell, most of the time it’s in my pocket or briefcase. Also happens when I’m a passenger or parked getting in or out of my car. Here in NC, we are limited as to credit we can receive. Maybe 5% total at most. Points are worthless because in order to use them you have to spend some of your own money. The price you pay ends up being more than you’d pay at just about any retailer. I really wonder why I continue.
Drive wise is the worst now
Dinese25 on 2020-02-19
I had been using this app for a year now with drivewise and I loved it because it definitely encourages you to be a better driver and you can even encourage whoever is driving to be a better driver. But now it tracks when you’re on your phone while driving. Which means if you’re the passenger you have to go back through the app and delete those trips. And it’s really frustrating when it doesn’t end the trip once you’ve been stopped for a while because it still tracks you as being on your phone and driving. I think the concept is awesome but PLEASE change it to where if you’re not moving in your car it doesn’t track your phone usage or something like that!

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