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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS enhances your Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick access to your favorite apps and games. It features: • Voice search (not available in all countries) • Simple navigation • Playback controls • Keyboard for simple text entry • Quick access to your apps and games • Fire TV Recast support Compatibility: • Multicast-enabled router required • Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streaming media players • For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice (

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Constantly disconnects
olyjollyroger on 2022-09-29
The remote part of the app is very hfrustrating as it will not stay connected, and reconnecting seems to work sporatically, never stays connected when tv is turned off , Im forced to manually turn on tv with power button then restart the tv a couple times, and sign in and out of the app. entering in a newly generated pin code then it works fine for a minute, to reconnect im having to exit the remote panel to the tv list reselect my tv and then it re-connects just fine so the auto reconnect is failing or glitchy at best...overall needs some major attention to details for proper function🤷‍♂️😖...just tried the "app support" link and turns up an non-existant page on amazon also support???
Won’t show my remote for MY tv
S_kiiiiiiiiii on 2022-09-29
I use this app all the time ever since my remote broke, but recently my fire stick hasn’t been popping up. I have deleted and downloaded the app numerous of times but my fire stick never popped up. The app is connected to my wifi, but my fire stick does not show up. Other fire stick in my house pop up but mine, this app only work when it wants to and needs to be fixed.(2020) Im back writing a review in (2022) and this same thing happened again and no its not my wifi. The app is not showing the remote for my tv again please fix this im tired of this happening.
Notorious M.I.T. on 2022-09-29
Free backup remote! In case you’ve lost the original, don’t want get up and grab the remote or just want to tag team the tv 🤘🏽😆♥️ Slight lag, but it’s fine, a free app that has no ads you can’t complain. I’ve seen similar apps that have costed around 20 dollars so to use. Keyboard for quick typing into search bars works well, the voice feature is kind of spotty, I don’t use it much, but it’s there. The app connects quick and easy and recognizes all the fire sticks on your network.
Terrible connection
igghnn on 2022-09-29
I literally have to close allll of my apps and most times it still doesn't connect, and yes the network is the same and never changes. It takes about 10 tries to get it to connect and even then I have to wait 5 mins JUST to turn my tv on. The actual remote had no reason to stop working all together, changed the batteries and still nothing. This has been going on for months it's ridiculous!! ‼️‼️
Never works at night
DocJen27 on 2022-09-29
Due to the replacement remotes I purchased on Amazon not working I now have had to use this app for the last several months. Usually works okay during the day, but almost never works at night. Weird stupid pattern that doesn’t make sense, I’ve reinstalled the app several times, tried resetting the TV - no matter what I try the app never works at night. Extremely frustrating & highly annoying.
App doesn’t stay connected
Beav69 on 2022-09-29
First off, the app is pretty good. The only 2 problems I have are: 1. The app does not reconnect to my Fire TV Cube if I leave the app idle on my iPhone in the background. When I reopen the app it says “connecting” forever….I have to physically close the app and re-open it for it to connect again. 2. Again if I leave the app idle on my iPhone when I open it again, it crashes often.
Using with Recast DVR
daylate&dollarshort on 2022-09-29
When I see the current on air programs I often have 2 or 3 stations with the same network and programming. Without channel numbers I can’t select the one I know to have reliable reception. I guess wrong and wind up with unviewable recordings. Please show the channel numbers on the on now programs. Other than that , the app works well and is needed to set up Firestick and Recast.
Need help navigating to desired content
CDT Making Changes on 2022-09-29
The Firestick seems to be a great tool to use for all your different viewing options but it would be helpful if they had more instructional videos available with a click of a button on your remote so that you could better navigate to the contact you’re looking for. When you use Alexa, it takes you to far more options than what you’re actually looking for.
For it to find your tv, connect phone to same wifi.
[email protected] on 2022-09-29
Was supppppper irritated and tried for an hour straight to get it to connect and pop the code on my tv. Finally gave up and downloaded another app where I noticed I didn’t have my wifi connected on my phone, so I turned it on. And instantly popped the code up. Hope this helps others and saves them irritation, and time.
tea party master on 2022-09-29
I’ve been using the app for almost a year and my experience has been terrible! It glitches out in ways such as:controlling itself (mind you I’m basically the only one who uses this) not working even if the remotes connected un connecting itself after waiting five minutes for it to load etc would not recommend.

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