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- Amazon Freevee is a premium free streaming service. Watch thousands of hit movies, shows, Freevee Originals, and live 24/7 entertainment channels to match your mood. - Freevee Features - This is your Freevee — enjoy what you like, how you like, and whenever you like. - Stories to match your mood — Freevee is the destination for Armchair Detectives, Aspiring Reality Stars, Hopeless Romantics, Nostalgia Seekers, and everyone in between. You bring the snacks, we bring the shows. - Can't decide What to Watch? — We got you. Explore our handpicked favorites through our Live Channels feature. Discover a variety of 24/7 Entertainment Channels like Stories You Love and Crime 360 that cycle through themed movies and episodes. We promise you'll find something new! - Original shows and movies from the award winning Amazon Studios, with all new exclusive releases added each month that are free to stream. - No credit cards. No subscription fees. 100% Free. — Log in with your Amazon account to start streaming today. Freevee is supported by Ads to bring you thousands of hit shows and movies with no hidden costs. - Search by Title, Genre, or Cast — Plus, explore Trending Searches to see this week's most popular titles. - For our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, please see Amazon, Freevee, Prime Video and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Maddog Bytes on 2022-09-29
This app is terrible if you watch it on your phone. I have an iPhone, which is probably part of the problem, and this app is sooo bad. The ads freeze all the time which causes you to have to restart. This takes you right back to an ad set and then freezes which puts you right back in an ad set. I have to close it out and not watch it for a couple of days before it fixes itself. The app will just close it self out a lot. It’s just terrible. People have said it’s free so stop complaining. It’s not free, we pay for it by watching ads. And if you get stuck in an ad death loop then they are getting paid. Unfortunately for us, the chose to give that money to a horrible app developer. If YouTube can do it, then anyone can. Well apparently, anything be other than amazon. I bet you could even source code most of it because, ya know, video streaming has been a thing for a while now. With all that being said, I put it on the PlayStation and it works decent. That’s why it got the extra star.
Too many bugs
####################%%%%% on 2022-09-29
Can’t watch any movies or series, when it starts you can view for a couple minutes and then It’s just Commercials and MORE Commercials it’s endless and the movie or show never continues because the ads start again and again and again without it going back to continue watching your movie or series. If you want to watch just ads then get this app because your movie or tv series never comes up. Another thing it makes it difficult for you to rate this app. Every word I’m the dictionary selected it tells You it’s taken.
No watch list???
[email protected] on 2022-09-29
Forget this app unless you want to watch only one show, and find another one EVERY TIME. Want to set up a movie date night? Want to spend a sick day watching movies? Want to binge watch??? FORGET IT - GET ANOTHER APP !!! Amazon has this so screwed up it’s unbelievable! I used the app to ask customer service how to do it, and got responses from Kindke customer service, and was told to contact IMDB, but you cannot do that without an account - how does that make ANY SENSE??? Save some stress and use other apps…
Lack of picture-in-picture makes app subpar
Freelancerjourn on 2022-09-29
This could be an amazing app. It has some great content. But the lack of picture-in-picture capability renders it mostly useless. In 2022, the best streaming apps have picture-in-picture capability. They recognize people have things to do in the background and need the ability to continue to check email, work in documents, etc. while continuing to stream content in a mini window usually at the bottom of their device. The addition of picture-in-picture capability would draw more users to this app.
Ads are out of control
lavendersunrise on 2022-09-29
While the content is good, the ads completely ruin the experience. Just watched Winchester. Couldn’t get involved or feel the suspense or horror due to all the interruptions. Seriously, I eventually lost count but there were more than 20 ads in one movie. It’s understandable to have a few ads on a free app but what is going on here…ummmm…no. My time is more valuable than that. I tend to go get snacks or start other projects during the ads and not bother going back to the movie.
Has trouble on iOS
Oddballnan69 on 2022-09-29
This is great when it works but seems to have a problem as soon as the first commercial should play the app freezes and I have close and relaunch the app it will work fine until the next video and tries play the commercial and it freezes again and I have to start over again. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and no change. My iPad 12pro is up to date on iOS and I have a good connection to Wi-Fi please look in to this problem this would be a great app if it worked right.
Worst App Ever
Acebugner on 2022-09-29
This is the buggiest app ever. It crashes during the commercials, i cannot sign in on the Roku. Just a warming, I was connected to a VPN for work on the iPad and signed in under the VPN by mistake the app locked me out for 24 hours, telling me the content was not available in the region. I wish Amazon would get rid of it and honestly do not understand why they chose this messy app over prime video. I would gladly pay extra just not to use it.
I love FreeVee - - But …..
RayLinStephens on 2022-09-29
Really, I’m enjoying everything about FreeVee. Reasonable amount of ads and a timer countdown in the upper right corner showing how many ads and how long they will take to play. I’m already benefiting from shows recommended for me. So, why the “But” - well the main problem is, it isn’t holding my place if I have to leave the program. This really should be fixable. Please fix this problem and you will be a 5***** app. Thank you.
Too many ads
#sam21# on 2022-09-29
I really can’t believe the amount of commercials that pops up all the time when I’m watching a movie or a series episode. It takes forever to finish watching. Without mentioning that’s the sake commercials over and over again. You guys need to cut down on the amount of ads because it is very upsetting and frustrating. Most likely I’ll be deleting this app and prime video too for the same reason. Really fed up!
Don’t waste your time
E of MRE on 2022-09-29
This app has a lot of good content I will give it that but once the ads play it never plays what you were watching again. I see why this has such a bad rating. I don’t mind the ads but whatever you’re watching doesn’t play again….close the app out and you have to start the ads back over again and it does what….freeze once again. Sorry but Freevee is trash 🗑 and deserves a lower rating because of the freezing.

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