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Amazon Shopping offers app-only benefits to help make shopping on Amazon faster and easier. Browse, view product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products. Amazon delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days. Whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping, the Amazon Shopping app offers more benefits than shopping on Amazon via your desktop. Never miss a delivery Get real-time tracking and delivery notifications so you know where your package is and when it arrives. Know exactly what you’re purchasing Full 360° product view lets you see items from every angle. “View in you room” makes sure it fits by using your phone’s camera and VR so you can see it in your space. We’ll notify you when items go on sale Just tap the heart icon to save items to Your Lists and we’ll alert you of price drops so you don’t miss a deal. Never forget your password Save time by staying securely signed in. If you prefer to sign out, use facial or fingerprint identification to sign back in. Connect with us when it works best for you Live chat support is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once you’ve started a chat, it stays that way for 24 hours so you don’t have to start your support session from the beginning. We’ll find that item for you Not sure of an item’s brand or where to but it? Just tap the scan icon in the search bar, take a picture of the item or its barcode, and we’ll find it for you. In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, notifications, visual search, customer reviews, and authentication this app may request permission to access contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth. Amazon Shopping is available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. In addition to International Shopping, you can change your settings in this single app to shop,,,,,,,, or For customers located within the European Union, United Kingdom or Brazil: By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use applicable for your country. Please also see the applicable Privacy Notice, Cookies Notice and Interest-Based Ads Notice for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage. For all other customers: By using this app, you agree to the applicable Amazon Conditions of Use (e.g. and Privacy Notice (e.g. for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage. If your device supports TrueDepth technology, the app will use your device camera to detect your facial movements only while using certain features such as virtually try-on products like sunglasses. All information processed using this technology remains on your device and is not otherwise stored, processed or shared by Amazon.

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Need more custom options
Jinnybinny on 2023-04-01
The saved for later list is annoying, it keeps changing how it is displayed and the options online vs on app are different regarding adding items to a list. This could easily be streamlined. They change major UI items, ultimately benefiting the tedious nature of their marketing techniques. Search options need to be refined so that sorting doesn’t remove items from view, nor does selecting multiple brand names, you can’t pick a certain brand name without others disappearing from selection. You should be able to pick multiple options from the original search, this is a filter, not a new search. They also make it difficult to fix their shipment errors, looping you infinitely until you need to talk to customer service, which is also neatly hidden instead of being easily accessible. There should be an easier way to report listings that are fraudulent, review piggybacking for example. It’s way too common to click an item you’re interested in and then see good reviews for another product entirely. It’s tedious to have to find someone’s profile to see if the product they reviewed is even what the listing is anymore. But now, all responsibility has fallen to the consumer. BE WARY: I am now seeing products listed either with or on previous food item listings (unreturnable products) so that when they sell you their trash item with good (food related) reviews, you can’t return it because it was originally a food item or is listed with one. Ultimately, Amazon has itself gone downhill in terms of providing patrons with a trustworthy sales platform and make it impossible for consumers to help police it within the app; save for an actual two brain celled person to review and approve a listing before it goes online or a seller publishes any edits, there will be no qc for sellers and consumers pay the (literal) price.
Who approved this?
LilLeoperdLizardGirl98 on 2023-04-01
This is really the app to represent a $461 billion dollar company? I’ve been waiting for an update for years now but it’s remained the same. Maybe the company forgot about the app but you would think it would be the most popular way to shop the site. It seems like it was coded by a high school freshman. For example, earlier today my lists button was under my shortcuts. The app was too glitchy so I reopened it and the list button had moved to my profile. It will move around randomly. Speaking of profiles, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to sign out. You would think it would be under account settings, but no. It’s not under login & security, OR switch accounts, OR manage profiles, OR profile. I spend too much time going through every settings tab trying to find it. It should either be its own tab or they should compile more tabs to lessen confusion. It’s easier to type into the product search bar “log out” or “my lists” and have the website redirect you than try to find it in settings. And for those curious “log out” is under “settings” and not account settings. No idea why they felt the need to separate those two things. Last problem with the app itself, finding/purchasing subscriptions, for example a Blink camera membership, again it’s easier to type it in the search bar than scroll aimlessly through random settings. Even if you do stumble across the “memberships & subscriptions” tab you cannot find a subscription you don’t have. These might seem nitpicky but the app is so difficult to use that I frequently avoid shopping with it and search for the same product with another company.
No longer a trusted company!
plkfu on 2023-04-01
I am saddened by the complete downward spiral that my very favorite shopping App has quickly taken! I loved the fact that they were always easily contacted when I had a problem! And very swiftly resolved whatever it was. Now you can’t find a # to call and if you do by some crazy chance reach someone in customer service they give you the runaround. Hi now this was February 15 something like that. I purchased a straightener for my hair when it came it was horrible nothing like it said. And within two days it stopped working all together. Now this is the straightener I purchased with money that my daughter and her husband gave me for my birthday. I am on disability income no longer afford little things. So I was so excited when they gave me this. Now when I tried to return it there were stipulations first I couldn’t get a hold of anybody then I had to take it to the UPS store and they said immediately they would put the money back on my account it has been 3 1/2 weeks and still the money has not gone back onto my account. This is a joke my account somehow was erased I have to have a new email when that’s never been used to get back onto my account and then they can try to reimburse me or they said they tried to and it’s on that account I haven’t had that email in a year. it’s horrible Customer Service it’s aggravating irritating and I’m done with them I no longer want to even see Amazon on my phone
App now buggier than ever
Kate Lynn 27 on 2023-04-01
When I try to check on an order and hit track package, it says, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on fixing it.(CS11).” To the right of that message there is a button you can click on that says go to Amazon home. I do that and go back to my orders and try again, but I keep getting the error message. I got into a chat with Amazon through their app to try to report this problem, but got nowhere. I had to repeat the story over and over again as different associates with Amazon joined the chat. How am I supposed to track my package when I can’t get the app to work correctly. I tried to report it through the Amazon App Store, and hit a dead end there as well. So for now, the Amazon app for iPad is totally useless for tracking orders. This app used to work flawlessly, but also recently I have had trouble when I try to search for an item and view it -the print is really small and I have to pinch and zoom to get it to iPad size. When I click on an item in my saved list and try to review it the page suddenly goes white except for the Amazon banner at the top and then I have to hit the back arrow to go back to my list and try it again. I’ve done that three times in a row and every time the screen goes white while I’m trying to review the item.I have just deleted the app and reinstalled, but it still will not work correctly.
Hardly worth the membership fee anymore.
bd fb ot dg j on 2023-04-01
Moved just 15 minutes away from where I used to live about a year and a half ago. Now shipping is anywhere from 3-7 days. (Usually closer to the 7) I can get that from eBay with cheaper prices and no monthly fee. Pathetic thing is.. if the items were shipped out in a timely manner I would receive them in a timely manner. For example. I ordered a product the night before last (Sunday). When I ordered it, it say Wednesday would be the delivery day. I get on it today (Tuesday) and it’s now saying it won’t arrive until Friday. The item still hasn’t shipped. At the end of our rolling year period we are highly considering completely cancelling our prime membership, which we’ve had for 6 years now, and ordering from other sites as shipping is closer to the 2 day mark and there’s no membership fee. I’m so disappointed in what Amazon is turning into.
Loss of trust
pumblino on 2023-04-01
I don’t feel I can trust Amazon anymore. They deliver my packages often to wrong address. More often than they deliver to my door. We live in a duplex house and the delivery men just see one building assuming any door is acceptable to drop packages. Especially to a troubled neighbor that we keep our distance from. The last time this happened the neighbor made it clear that any packages delivered to her house will become her property. Amazon refuses to fix this and now has caused trouble between my neighbor and me. I have no more trust that Amazon will rectify the problem. They do NOT follow delivery instructions (and they have a choice to specify), therefore I WILL NOT be supporting this company any longer. Will be closing my account and finding a more reliable shopping experience.
Update; how to change a size recommendation, previously reviewed Where is my review?
Lili Gardens on 2023-04-01
Update on Amazon. Don’t know where to go to change this. I remember entering my size so when I ordered clothing it would recommend my size. Now I have to spend extra time looking because it keeps telling me I need an extra large when in fact I am an extra small size 2. I have searched and nowhere can I find to change this. I get book recommendations. It is very frustrating and time wasting. What is happening with Amazon. Just not working as before. Previous review: I write a lengthy review and tried to post a picture. I changed the settings in iPhone to allow but the app crashed. Then I tried again after updating the app and uploading the photo first, before writing the review. The app crashed again. I have no idea where my photo or the review went. What a waste of time!
😳.😡 on 2023-04-01
Yo hice una compra y antes de que me llegara la cancele porque demoraba mucho después de los días me cobran otra ves el artículo y me dicen que el paquete viene en camino pero cuando entrabas me saltaba como cancelado yo reporte la tarjeta al banco ya que era mi única forma porque Amazon no me daba respuesta ahora me bloquearon la cuenta y me acusan de que me quede con el artículo yo tengo la prueba de que cancele y los mensajes diciéndome que no me avían podido entregar el artículo porque se avía dañado y lo estaban regresando intento contactar a Amazon y no me dan respuesta yo quiero mi cuenta activa y que den respuesta
This app is going downhill
mermaid and donkey on 2023-04-01
There’s a lot of 3rd party sellers now that take your money and leave the Amazon Platform. I’ve been a Prime member for years and I received bad customer service when I approach this major issue. “I don’t want a refund, I want my item I bought on sale” comes to mind consistently. So finding a good deal now isn’t exciting. Because it most likely won’t arrive and than you can’t buy it on sale anywhere else on the platform. A Billion dollar company , finally showing their true colors. I quit my membership today. It’s not worth it anymore. Thanks Mark and Edward in quality control. Team work on loosing customers.
Its easier and often cheaper to go to a store
Piquo on 2023-04-01
With how often Amazon screws up delivery, how many issues product from Amazon have, and how frustrating it is to follow up with Amazon its easier to go to a store. Additionally Amazon has an issue where they blatantly copy best selling items using the data they collect and have been kicking off companies they have copied. Amazon also has a 4X hire rate of injury and death than other warehouses. The only reason I use Amazon is because I'm lazy and need one of several different things and half the time I regret it later. Im switching to Walmart, ironically they seem to treat their employees better.

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