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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



With the American Airlines app, you’re covered with the information you need exactly when you need it. Curious about traffic to the airport? Need a mobile boarding pass? Wondering where the closest Admirals Club® lounge is? All of this info and more is available at your fingertips. - Lock Screen widgets: See your next trip's details right from the Lock Screen with our new dynamic widgets. - Dynamic home screen: Knows where you are in your travel journey and gives you easy access to the right tools at the right time. - Mobile boarding pass: Check in for your trip and retrieve your mobile boarding pass. No need to print, and it’s updated along the way. - Flight updates: Get the latest flight updates by simply retrieving your trip and allowing American Airlines to send notifications to your mobile device.  - Interactive terminal maps: Navigating airports is a breeze with our interactive terminal maps. Find the closest Admirals Club® lounge or get directions to your connecting gate.  - AAdvantage® account details: Review all the details of your AAdvantage® account right from the app. Not an AAdvantage® member? Sign up today. - Upgrade your seat: Request upgrades with ease. Want to see where you are on the list? The app displays the upgrade standby list within 4 hours of your scheduled departure.  - Seat selection: Choose or change your seat within the app. Just pick the one you’d like and change it on the spot.  - Track your bag: Know exactly where your bag is from the time it leaves your hands to when you extend the handle at your destination.  - Save your trip: Your recently viewed trips are automatically saved in the app so you can easily grab the details for your next flight in seconds. - Quick interactions: The American app utilizes Haptic Touch and is Apple watch compatible, giving you quick access to the most important info.  - Wi-Fi access in the air: Don’t forget, on flights with Wi-Fi you can use the American app and at no cost.  There’s a new group of flyers out there – The World’s Greatest Flyers. They know that having the right travel tools makes for a great experience. The sky’s the limit with the American Airlines sticker pack! Let friends and family know that you’re traveling, headed to the Admirals Club® lounge to take it easy before taking off, snapping photos at 30,000 feet or that you’ve arrived. Contact Us: 800-222-2377

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Forgot about Early boarding for disabled
WILLHE BOY on 2023-03-24
We were at our gate in Phoenix on February 27, 2023. I let them know AT THE GATE ahead of boarding that I have a disability and need a little more time to board. I was traveling first class and in the priority 1 boarding but couldn’t stand in the long line to wait so I sat close by. When it came time to board they never said anything so I could start getting on the airplane a few minutes ahead of everyone to allow my body enough time to get there. Then everyone thought I was just cutting in line because American Airlines totally ignored my request when I was told it was not a problem and they would call me to board first. Same person checking my ticket to board the flight ? I was so uncomfortable the rest of the flight and felt so misunderstood by my fellow passengers!!! PLEASE DON’T TELL A DISABLED PASSENGER YOU UNDERSTAND AND WILL TAKE CARE TO GET YOU ON YOUR FLIGHT COMFORTABLY! IT WAS A LIE!!! I felt VERY VERY UPSET! Not all disabled folks are visually disabled! This was unfortunately a HUGE MISTAKE AND LEFT ME FEELING IGNORED AND INSIGNIFICANT! I hope this doesn’t happen to another passenger with disabilities, very disrespectful!
Delayed bag
Print414 on 2023-03-24
This is the worst service ever! When I checked the bag at MIA they asked me to go drop my bag off by the double doors. When we got there, there were a ton of bags there. I asked the person that was receiving them ( American Airlines employee) if he was sure they were going to make it in time for the plane? He cracked up and said eventually!! He knew they were not!!! Now we are sitting at JFK waiting for the luggage because you cannot guarantee delivery today!!!! I have a meeting tomorrow. I had today to tour and show my daughter the city!!! Now I’m wasting three hours at the airport. Not even comp lunch or anything!!! This is beyond ridiculous and unacceptable. We lost our ride that was coming to pick us up and now I have to get an Uber plus lunch at the cafeteria in the airport. Worst experience!!! And hopefully the luggage does come in the 2 pm flight that we didn’t choose cause we wanted to be here early. Ugh.
Worst airline out there
645382026 on 2023-03-24
I have an absolutely horrible experience EVERY TIME I fly with American. Today our flight was delayed 5 hours (with less than 30 mins notice from our boarding time). We missed our connecting flight. Our entire trip is delayed 24 hours and we lose a whole day. Had they notified us sooner we could have rearranged things and saved a day. The last time I flew with American they cancelled my flight last minute. Sent me to two different connecting flights with barely enough time to make it. Told me they would pay for my hotel for the evening but never did. Another time they not only delayed our flights home and added a day to the trip but also lost our luggage. We almost COLLIDED with another plane on the runway in Texas and had to abort takeoff. How is this airline still in service!?!? This airline is absolute trash. Never again will I EVER fly with American.
Only ONE thing I would fix:
Jake4014 on 2023-03-24
Hello! As a four year Executive Platinum member (many more years not quite making it to Exec Platinum) can you please give us the option to rename our “trips”? OR have the trips named by default by their final destination and not the associated hub?? When you have multiple trips going thru the same hub, your list of trips all look the same with MGM>CLT or MGM>DFW, when neither CLT nor DFW is my destination. I wish it would list the actual destination of the trip, like MGM>SLC or MGM>PIT or MGM>SYR to use a few recent examples. This would be SO helpful to those of us with multiple trips in the cue!!! (Can you figure out my home airport, lol!!) THANKS for an otherwise incredibly helpful and powerful app to book & manage my travel and account with AA!!
JelanaKMA on 2023-03-24
I usually fly SouthWest, but after all of the holiday cancellations, I chose American this time. And I regret it. The plane was old and absolutely disgusting! The fact that it was old would have been fine if maybe it had been cleaned at some time, but clearly it wasn’t. And from the moment I sat down in my seat, water or something dripped on me from the overhead bin. When I told the flight attendant, he very dismissively said that it was “just moisture” because of the temperature outside and it would stop “eventually.” Well, “eventually” took most of the 2 hour fight. Is this the AA way or an isolated event?!! Say it isn’t so.
American Airlines failed
Upset Coco on 2023-03-24
Gate closed and would not allow me on plane. Flight from Fort Myers landed in Charlotte 2:03 I got off plane around 2:07. Gate changed and I ran to other side of Charlotte terminal arrived at my gate at 2:27. Flight departs at 2:40 to Harrisburg. They would not allow me to get on plane. NO WHERE DID IT READ DOOR CLOSES 15MIN PRIOR TO DEPARTURE TIME. This has caused me severe anxiety and anguish. I am so unhappy and discouraged. Especially, as I see plane sitting outside and it’s not 2:40 and I can’t get on plane. Now I sit and wait to see if I get on full plane going standby!!!! American Airlines has failed me.🥲 Upset Coco
Cleanliness and in flight service
Shakerrie M on 2023-03-24
I fly every week for work. It’s such a disgust when you’re being serviced and the seats and table backs have nastiness and dirt and stained drinks and food on them. The flight attendants no longer give out wipes so you can’t properly clean your hands unless in the bathrooms. The flights are too cold and I have had 2 new suitcases broken and when brought to the attention of a service member, I’m being told, nothing can be done about normal wear and tare. My bags still had the tags on them. Both handles are broken on my bags. That is not normal wear and tare.
Horrible Experience
Edacyn on 2023-03-24
The worst thing about this app is that when you switch to another app, and come back it resets the ticket buying experience. Meanwhile the ticket you had purchased is still held by the system for 6 hours which means you may have lost the price you originally purchased. I spoke with a very nice AA representative and she said it’s a known issue and they can’t release the ticket. This app is the bottom tier architecture for a “web page” and you’d be better off using the web page to buy a ticket. It’s very annoying.
Worst experience ever!
Anybody but AA on 2023-03-24
Booked flight from Barbados to Nashville over two months ago, paying over $2,200 for my wife and me. Got to airport 5 hours before flight only to find that we did not have our seats since it is their custom to overbook!! Waited all day, trying for them to help get us back. Results: we have a flight in 2 days. Put us up in cheap hotel with a total of $24 for us to eat at a buffet that we didn’t even try(we would have had to pay much more). Frustrated AA staff said said they have to deal with this all the time.
Really destroyed the Dallas Admiral’s Lounge toilet
Crative genius on 2023-03-24
After a long and arduous flight from Dallas to Charlotte, I was scrambling to find a bathroom, and luckily made it into the admirals lounge. Unfortunately, this bathroom is very close to the rest of the lounge, and I think because of the change in the mixed nuts on most American flights that we’re seeing now, I had an adverse intestinal reaction and blew it up in a way that has never been seen before. Apologies to everyone this week in that lounge. American, I’m begging you to go back to the Chex mix.

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