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With the American Airlines app, you’re covered with the information you need exactly when you need it. Curious about traffic to the airport? Need a mobile boarding pass? Wondering where the closest Admirals Club® lounge is located? All of this info, and more, is available at your fingertips. - Dynamic home screen: Knows where you are in your travel journey and gives you easy access to the right tools at the right time. - Mobile boarding pass: Check in for your trip and retrieve your mobile boarding pass. No need to print, and it’s updated along the way. - Flight updates: Get the latest flight updates by simply retrieving your reservation and allowing American Airlines to send notifications to your mobile device. - Interactive terminal maps: Navigating airports is a breeze with our interactive terminal maps. Find the closest Admirals Club lounge or get directions to your connecting gate. - AAdvantage® account details: Review all the details of your AAdvantage account right from the app. Not an AAdvantage member? Sign up today. - Upgrade your seat: Request and purchase upgrades with ease. Want to see where you are on the list? The app displays the upgrade standby list within four hours of your scheduled departure. - Seat selection: Select or change your seat within the app. Just pick the one you’d like and change it on the spot. - Track your bag: Know exactly where your bag is from the time it leaves your hands to when you extend the handle at your final destination. - Save your reservation: Your recently viewed reservations are automatically saved in the app so you can easily grab the details for your next flight in seconds. - Quick interactions: The American app utilizes Haptic Touch and is Apple watch compatible, giving you quick access to the most important info. - Wi-Fi access in the air: Don’t forget on flights with Wi-Fi, you can use the American app and at no cost. There’s a new group of flyers out there – The World’s Greatest Flyers. They know that having the right travel tools contributes to a great experience. The sky’s the limit with the American Airlines sticker pack! Let friends and family know that you’re traveling, headed to the Admirals Club® lounge to take it easy before taking off, snapping photos at 30,000 feet or that you’ve arrived. Contact Us: 1-800-222-2377

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Negligence of Disabled Person
HeatherJB80 on 2022-07-01
I purchased the tickets and requested wheelchair assistance with your customer service for my mother for her flight out of Charlotte Douglas Airport. The attendant who checked my mom in directed us to the red chairs in front of area C. My mom was sat in a chair where we waited for over an hour without any assistance to get her to her gate. I asked an american rep at the desk for help and he told me he couldn't do anything and to go back. We finally decided to push my mom to TSA so she wouldn't miss her flight and two guys in what looked like airport uniforms took the chair away from her and made her walk without a replacement chair or assistance!! What kind of monsters do that??!! They said it was a private companies chair and the guy who your desk agents told us to go to shouldn't have put her in "their" chair. My mom is disabled and can only walk in very short intervals with the aid of a walker. They made her walk through the long TSA line and all the way to her gate without giving her assistance. The lady at TSA said it was "bulls**t" yet still no one helped my disabled mother. I asked your agents for help because they're the ones who directed us to go to the red chairs and they absolutely refused to aide my disabled mother. She was also given a seat in the far back of the plane in which she had to struggle to get to. I am horrified and disgusted beyond belief. How could your company stand by and watch this happen to a disabled customer that THEY told to go to that particular individual for wheelchair assistance? After I asked for help for my mom they continued to refuse us. Negligence doesn't even begin to sum up your representatives actions. A supervisor/mgr Diedra spoke with me and documented everything, but was unsure if her mgr would reach back out to me or not. This has to be addressed, and what can be rectified needs to be. If not we will seek aide elsewhere as this was a gross show of negligence and abuse against a disabled person! Shame on all of those involved!! I've contacted customer service and was told to file a complaint. That was the whole purpose of me calling them. Maybe someone will see it here and actually offer help.
App was no help!!
AAdisadvantage on 2022-07-01
This is ridiculous; I went online & used my miles to purchase two seats together now the day before I travel as I am checking in I see that they changed my seats to two of the free center seats not together even though they deducted my miles as payment. So I call the 800# while on hold I use the chat. After over 40 minutes on chat and being switched from reservations to AAdvantage & being told I have to call the 800# I get through to 800 reservations. They are telling me they can’t do anything because I’ve already been assigned those seat & im telling them that those are free seats & I paid with my miles for seats together. She’s now telling me that she has to transfer me back to AAdvantage as this deals with miles. I’m telling her that I already chatted with them & they say they don’t deal with seating. But MY MILES WERE DEDUCTED & I DID RECEIVE A RECEIPT FOR THE DEDUCTION. YET THEY ASSIGNED TWO FREE CENTER SEATS. Rrservations says they see the mileage purchase but they don’t deal with mileage purchases & AAdvantage say they see the purchase but they don’t deal with seating assignments. Mind you it takes anywhere from 40min to an hour to get through to each of these departments. Apparently the only department that works is the mileage deduction department 😡 I have so much to do to get ready for my trip & im dealing with nonsense!!
Unacceptable service
M-S _ 1 on 2022-07-01
Every trip booked since middle of last year has had an issue. Ticket agents, gate agents, and flight attendants are being abused by upper management. I purchase an airline ticket, book hotel, rent a car and then magically changes are made. At least three times my travel lung companion and I have been separated. One time in Orlando, you canceled the flight, when I tried to go stand-by on an earlier flight, I was number 1 on list, she was seventh on the standby. We were both on the same record locator. UNACCEPTABLE. Today, after waiting 20 minutes for luggage I commented to the baggage office on the length of time. Was told not an issue. It is. I mentioned that of the hundreds of airports I have flown into Tulsa is the slowest. Also mentioned that I once landed in Tulsa on another airline. When I got to the baggage area my luggage was there. The response “maybe you should fly them”. I could go on and on but what’s the point. Please spend more time on getting people from A to B and less time trying to sell credit cards. As a business you are failing and I don’t see any effort in making improvements. I’m about done with AA.
Flight from LGA to CLT (6/3/22)
Concerned EP on 2022-07-01
Horrible client service. Worst in years especially given my EP status. I was notified via text at 3:40 AM that my 6:00 AM flight was cancelled. I was rebooked on a 7:20 AM flight yet an American flight departed LGA to CLT at 6:10 AM. Why the bump when a flight left 10 minutes later than my original flight would have left??? Furthermore, the 7:20 flight didn’t arrive in CLT until 9:15 and my next flight from CLT to BWI closed the gate early and departed 6 minutes early at 9:20 (scheduled for 9:20). I was at the gate about 15 minutes before the SCHEDULED departure after hauling butt from concourse D(9) to C (10) to no avail. Now I sit in the CLT airport for more than 3 hours to board on the next available flight to BWI at 1:20 causing me to miss my afternoon client meetings. Gate agents were extremely rude and offered no explanation for early departure but merely said to write to customer relations. Maybe they (and others) should look for new jobs OUTSIDE of the customer service industry. Shame on you, AA. Disgruntled EP member
Trish flight attendant
Dooley P on 2022-07-01
AA 3558 GSP to DFW Trish flight attendant and Alexandria gate agent at GSP. Two extremes. Trish was wonderful! A true professional who was gracious, customer friendly, warm, and appreciative of me being an Executive Platinum… thanking me for my business. Alexandria, the opposite. A sloth. Customer rude. Had a chip on her shoulder the size of Montana. Went through the motions as if the world owed her something. From appearance to attitude incongruent with what I believe American strives for! How could the same company have such a variance in the customer friendliness and professionalism of its employees on the same flight? Please reward the Trish’s as this is an employee you want to keep. Excellent, like so many other flight attendants I have appreciated over my many miles. On the other hand you’d be better with a kiosk than Alexandria. Yes that’s right a sterile, unfeeling machine is better than a lazy grouch with an attitude! She hid her name tag, imagine that, and I think I’m correct here…or maybe it’s Alexander…
Bad start to a trip
Awful start on 2022-07-01
First I wasn’t able to check in prior, notice said that passport info didn’t match reservation. A customer service call (1.5-2 hr) was told this was due to our flights being changed a number of times since booking. Next we had upgraded seats and we’re supposed to sit in the bulkhead. When I got the boarding pass our seats were changed. Customer service said they were given to a disabled person. I didn’t see any disabled person in our 1st requested seats when we got on the plane. When arriving at our destination in Vancouver, my luggage didn’t arrive. Waited over 30 minutes at the AA baggage claim as no one was at the desk. My luggage is still in Cincinnati after 11 hours after check in. Husband then was selected for a random COVID test. Finally on our way to the hotel 2.5 hours later.
executive platinum member
Kyle in Txsun on 2022-07-01
As an executive platinum member and 30 plus years of AA travel, , I live by the app. I check-in with it, I get the flight updates, I make last minute seat changes, etc. I just wish American Airlines would focus more on running the airline and improving service rather than trying to be so WOKE about everything! As a loyal customer, it turns me off and makes me want to choose another carrier. Remember, you’re an AIRLINE, not an arm of political correctness! I’ve talked with other million plus milers like myself and we are tired of it!
Sensei Sally on 2022-07-01
We boarded our first flight with a carryon bag and a pet carry on … our bag went above us and the 4 7 week old rescue kittens at our feet. Our second flight they demanded that we are NOT ALLOWED to have a carry on bag with a pet carry on !!! And the service lady said that she will not break rules !! We had told her we had just got off a flight ? And this didn’t make sense .. I am very upset because this all happened so quickly that I didn’t take my iPad out of my bag… and they have smashed the screen.. not happy at all American
Worst airline ever
lamasacre1937468292 on 2022-07-01
If you ever ride with American Airlines make sure your baggage is just a carry on and if they don’t guarantee your baggage to arrive, do not travel. They won’t give you anything, you will spend days and days without a response or waiting for a response, and they will lie to your face and you won’t even know it. Legit, you will think they are telling the truth but they are just lying to get your money. I will never fly with this airline ever. Spirit, delta, southwest, anything but American Airlines. I hope you all go bankrupt
So disappointed and fooled
llheely on 2022-07-01
I have been an exec platinum member of American for years. I tried to use my system wide upgrades and it is a game not a perk. All flights to Rome didn’t offer systemwides. Now trying to use them to LAX and can only use them on connecting flights that are over $150 more vs the direct. Today my flight was cancelled for no reason and I was rebooked to jfk vs Newark with no discussion or reason. When I voided my concerns no one cared and I actually had American representatives agree that the perks aren’t really perks.

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