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Mar, 2023


Mar, 2023



A game of teamwork and betrayal space! Play online with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone. MASTER YOUR SOCIAL DEDUCTION SKILLS. Crewmates win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the Impostors off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis. Optional roles create a whole new level of gameplay. Try out the Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, or Shapeshifter to create chaos! Think you’re a master of deception? Only one way to find out! CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME. Choose how you want to play! Change the number of Impostors, roles, tasks, player visibility, and more. Play in style as you change your Crewmates’ color, visor, nameplate, outfit, and hat. More customization options are planned to be continually added in. PLAY WITH ANYONE. Cross-platform play is supported. Play with friends (or enemies?) between PC, mobile, or console! If you have any issues, visit us at:

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this game changed my life
Ollieeee Luscombeeee on 2023-04-01
this app is quite a delicacy in the gaming world. this experience portrays so many emotions and feelings through multiple challenges and interactions that it fascinates me. you see, i personally have had my very own fair share of encounters in this game that have led me to believe this. let me explain. it was just an ordinary round of among us, a group of random players including me all gathered around the bright flickering screen of the laptop in the dark and damp dropship. none of us knew what was to come, alas, all of us but one. the screen suddenly faded into black and the scene arose with the familiar face of another player shushing me as i was diagnosed with my role. i was a crewmate. a true relief it was, for i let out a heavy sigh as i swiped down on the thumb-stick and began my moves through the cafeteria to the administrative room. with a quick slide of my identification card, i was off again through the depths and far corners of the spacecraft. i moved stealthily, cautiously, and at my own pace. why? well, i knew something others did not. there was an impostor among us. DAY TWO i awoke in my bunk to find nobody was there, which i found particularly strange to say the least. it didn’t take long to realize nobody was even on the ship. i covered the entire map with eyes on the lookout for even just one player. nobody. nothing. no signs of habitation. i returned to the sleeping quarters and sat up on my thin, airy mattress and watched the hallway corridor lightly in a gaze. my eyelids dropped and for a brief second a yellow flash swooped through the hallway and past my view of the doorway. with this my eyes shot open and i straightened my back slowly. i hopped down from my bunk and left the room in pursuit of the thing i saw just a minute ago through the door. i rounded the corner but i felt fatigued yet relaxed. i told myself to go a little further, but i felt more dizzy and fatigued until my eyes fell shut and i tumbled to the ground in peril. SOMETIME LATER i am in this room, one i’ve never seen before with this strange person whos mouth is below his visor and near the center of his suit. he has sharp jagged teeth pointing outwards and a long wavy tongue. i try to get up, but the thing draws a knife and puts its other hand in front of his body, telling me to stop. i obey and lay back down on the ground. i look around briefly and conclude that i must not be on the skeld. our ship was on a long cargo haul to the planet of polus, which was afar from the logistics headquarters and origin of our travel, mira. hours before we set off, the terminal crew on mira warned us of the freight they had loaded onto our craft. it was to be unopened until we reach our destination and was told to be a hazard to our health. as long as it was sealed, they said, we would be okay. that brings us back to right now. i must be on the ground of polus. it was an extremely long journey, but i must have been passed out for a long time. that’s besides the point, though. i need to get out of wherever i am. the room is dry and hot, and i am on a metal-plated floor with diamonds welded into it. this makes it uncomfortable to lay down on. i try anyway, and find myself dozing off as i attempt to relax on the solid floor. DAY EIGHT i wake up to find the thing not guarding me anymore. i use this as a fast opportunity to escape. i spring up and run for the door, which is locked and requires a keycard to open. i had been stripped of my belongings when i was passed out. my ID was gone, but i figured it must’ve worked here if i were still to have it. i grab a fire extinguisher from the nearby wall and jam it against the door’s glass repeatedly. on the fifth attempt it shatters and i reach my hand through the frame to handle the doorknob on the other side. i tug at it and push on the door with my foot, to which it opens. i see two people at the end of the hallway. i know them. they’re my friends from the skeld, green and blue. i run towards them but as i make contact they fall over and do not move. i talk to them, telling them it’s me and they can get up. however, green quickly ushers me to get to the floor too. i refuse, but then the air went cold and i felt dread. i swiftly dropped to the ground and the creature that was watching over me earlier ran through the hallway and made a turn into the room that i was contained in before i made my bold escape. blue jumped to his feet and barricaded the door shut behind the thing with some wooden plates he had on him. green pulls my arm and we run silently down the hallway, not knowing what was to come. BANG green tumbles to the ground next to me and the thing comes running up behind us and forcibly turns green onto his stomach and begins to spank him intensely. in horror, blue froze but was too late to run, which caused him to get grabbed by it too and meet the same fate as green. i make my run but the thing is in tow behind me. it leaps for my ankles and i fall down, being spanked by the creature. i shut off my phone, delete the app, and re-install it only then to enjoy some normal rounds of the game. it’s super fun, just the bug that i encountered in the story happens kinda ruins the game. just re-install the app, no big deal. alright everybody, i hope you made good use of my review and enjoy the fun this game has to offer. i definitely reccomend it. except the devs really need to fix the bug. bye!!!
Used to be a great game…
dhbug on 2023-04-01
I am writing this review for players who have been with this game since it’s popularity grew back in 2020. All I have to say is for people who actually want to play this game legitimately, I wish you the best of luck that’s all I can say. Sadly this game is sort of geared towards little toddlers, not saying it’s the developers fault, but rather just this game having so much attention over the years. Recently I went to play this game since I didn’t really know what else to do at the time being. I played it and let me tell you, it’s not the same as it used to be. Literally the first match I went into (difficulty was set to casual btw, I’ll get to that in a bit) I was accused of “chasing” two people. One of which I was never even near the whole time and whether it was a troller or not I was ratted out and got ejected. Needless to say I was quite bummed at the fact that there used to be people who took this game seriously and actually played it correctly. I sort of missed the old days where I would get on and play a normal game while chatting with people who were decent and fun to hang around with rather than being with 4 year olds or buttheads who have no life. And while some people who do take this game seriously still play, there aren’t many of them left. And while I do like how they added the ability to change the difficulty, even that doesn’t really make a difference since most people will just choose expert even though they clearly aren’t and just ruin the fun for others. I mentioned before that matchmaking people based off of their level would be a great way for people to enjoy this game. And I still think that feature needs to be added (even though it sadly won’t). Overall if your someone who wants to play this game like they did back in 2020, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s sad because this game would be a lot more enjoyable if they were to add the matchmaking system that I mentioned earlier. And innersloth if your reading this by chance, please do this. It would bring back some of the old fan base who use to play this game a lot and would make this game much more fun for people who just want to come back and play for a while like myself.
Good game, but..
RavenclawNimbus on 2023-04-01
I like the game. The roles are cool, and in general it’s a pretty fun game. But ever since you added quick chat locks it’s made it so hard for so many people to play. My only reason for being upset about this is that some people only play with family, and families don’t need a quick chat lock in real life, do they? I know you can’t know whether they need it or not, but at least add the feature to have your parents turn it off or something. I don’t have the problem, but my siblings do. Ruining the game for them entirely. I feel that the quick chat lock is unnecessary for a local game as well. If your all on the same network anyway, what does it matter? If my siblings want to do a local game all in the same house, shouldn’t they be allowed to chat? I think the main thing you must do is allow turning off the quick chat locks in local games. That would really help a lot of people I think. Not everyone, but some people.
AWESOME!!!!!!!! Best game!!
Alright, don’t get me wrong, this game is the best! Buuuut… here are some things that are annoying and I’d like you to fix. 1. In hide and seek, you can make yourself imposter if you’re host, so that’s what everybody does so nobody else can be imposter! It’s really annoying. 2. When somebody gets imposter in the classic mode, they get it so many other times so nobody new is imposter! Please make sure the imposters are distributed equally. 3. The glitches! Sometimes when you get a really good game, your screen turns blank, or you get kicked out. 4. The quick chat makes it really frustrating. Look, I get that it makes it so that mean things are much harder to say. But for example, if you’ve been accused of venting and your a engineer, and you can’t find the right button and they vote you out, ARGHHHH! Thank you so much for reading my review! Sorry it was a little long! This game is AWSOME!!
thank you, so much.
facebookmompiss on 2023-04-01
I started playing Among us around 2021, i was in a deep depression state. Among us helped me get through some very rough times of my life, i just remember 9-10 year old me hopping on this game each and every day for hours to socialize and have fun, talking to other players was such a amazing thing for me due to me not having in-real-life friends, everyone treated me so kindly, i felt accepted in this Among us community, Among us made me smile minutes after hopping on, sometimes i remember bawling my eyes out then suddenly stopping once getting on Among us. This game is much more then a silly mobile app game, it’s a coping mechanism, a depression cure, all ive got to say to the creators is you’re doing a amazing job with your app, and i hope you keep helping these people in need with your amazing game 💝
Great Game
Amog us person on 2023-04-01
This is a fun game, I love all the roles and updates but I have some suggestions first, quick chat, the quick chat is really annoying like let’s say you saw red kill blue then blue left so you can’t say it and you might say green sus but then people will think you are sus and report you off. Second, names, I think the randomized names should not be a thing like I might get SmellyBananae in the randomized and have to play like that, it would be nice if we could do any name we want for once. Third, stars, stars are nice but you should add more things that people with no stars can get because for the shop you can just get different colors of the same hats and there is very little pets in the shop yes ik you can buy coscudes sorry if I spelt that wrong but still. Thank you I hope you take the advice
Absolutely terrible😡sorry😒
eli🤩🤩🤩🤨🤩 on 2023-04-01
After you made the changes, it was horrible. You can’t even chat what you wanna say in the chat and make your own name I do not like this game anymore and I suggest you change it because it is not giving you much followers anymore. Please change this game to a better game because this game is not the best game in the world. i’m sorry but the new update is just terrible. I do not play this game anymore because the new update I just don’t like it. I’m sorry, but some people may like it. I used to love this game so much, but it just changed over the past few years maybe because of quarantine? I’m sorry I really am but it is what it is and that’s my review.
lizur11 on 2023-04-01
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Flamingofanone on 2023-04-01
This game is so good because it’s so good So like bro like this game is like good so like bro listen to this like there’s so many good Youtubers that record Roblox a lifestream like flamingo kreekcraft denis Best game on Roblox like it’s the best game on Roblox is the best game on Roblox ha ha ha ha like a adopt me is the best game in Roblox you like do you just listen to me dude so like bro no like dude you can make friends but but but but but but but don’t online date or I will ban you so don’t wanna date you poop bored you could just type fart I am a mama OK you messed up everything restart it are we are you know who Poopoo poo poo poo poop fart
aksnave on 2023-04-01
Ok this would be a 5 star game if there weren’t anonymous votes, 2 MINUTE VOTING, and something else that you will read near the end of the message! Anonymous mode ruins the whole game and then the 2 minute voting is horrible bc then there’s that 1 person that doesn’t vote so I have to wait for a whole minute or more! Please Delete anonymous votes and 2 minute voting. It would be awesome if you guys could make the max voting time 30 seconds! Also, PEOPLE JUST LEAVE BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT IMPOSTER SO THEN THE IMPOSTERS WIN AUTOMATICALLY! Please make it where if someone leaves they can’t play the game for like 15-20 minutes or something like that.

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