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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

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The best game ever but..... these few changes will be wanted.
chickennoggetsinmelife on 2020-10-24
This is amazing love the characters, the names, challenges are involved, the names you can pick, customizing your characters to be as creative as you want, everything about this game is amazing. I have played since it came out loved it since. But I am not to sure about the chatting going on. There are times where people are swearing and I have to tell them to stop. If it sensors it not purposely that is fine you mis-spelled something. But when it non stop happens it is really frustrating especially when the app is for kids as well as teenagers. It is not expectable for that to happen though. So I will want you to take notice on the chat maybe adding your age so it puts you in an age recommended severs. So, you have people that don’t swear but if you wanna swear don’t do it in-front of children it is so impolite because their parents probably don’t want them to hear that type of stuff. And I know if you have children you don’t want them to swear or hear it. That would mean a lot to me and and everyone else. It would really help that problem. There are also some people that hack the game. Like I was playing and this one guy kept on being imposter like 25 rounds strait with no kill cool down I think that has to be addressed as well so maybe kill cool down has to be 10-30 seconds or something that is not like hacking . And I think you should maybe keep notice on that. Too add, the game should have party’s and friends like how fortnite friends list work. I think that would be a lot easier to do so that you don’t have to get the code and make your friends repeat it 500 times. And at any time if it says there online you can join them and invite them any time. Also the disconnection this game gives me is horrible. Most games I join I get disconnected then I join a new one and get disconnected again. So maybe look into that for us all. But I love this game just those slight changes will be wanted. Thank you for your time! Enjoy the rest of your day/evening! And please try to give these slight changes a chance. I think it would improve the game to be a little bit family - friendly and more fun for everyone. Again thank you for your time.
Watch out!
Earth To Anonymous on 2020-10-24
The game overall is great I love this game this game is a great game because you can interact with new people and meet new people but, this game has a lot of children and a lot of rude disgusting people in this game who like to say they have your IP address and will come to your house and fight you and then curse at you over the game just because you’re trying to defend yourself in the game saying that you’re not the imposter you have people cursing you out and calling you rude names they call you the N-word and nothing is getting fixed about it they don’t get cake they don’t get banned for saying it or suspended from the game they just get to do it and then you get to get upset over the game and be sad because you think that they’re going to come kill you or hurt you because I have your IP address. What I’m saying is that the people in the game who are playing are horrible people and it’s not all people it’s most people the game overall is really great to play but I don’t I want recommend this to kids who are nine years old playing this game I’m getting death threats were going to call the N-word.
Fun game, good concept, a few issues
Why are you guys saying this? on 2020-10-24
This would be a five star rating, cuz this game is amazing, if it weren’t for a few problems. Ur either playing with a bunch of little kids with no common sense, or with a bunch of old people who don’t know what yeet means. Everyone plays on the skeld cuz it’s the easiest map to memorize, then there is Mira hq, which u could probably memorize after playing 15 games on it, and then there is polus, which is impossible omg. There are super annoying people who press the emergency button at the start of the game, said that u vented, but u didn’t. Then u get voted out, and then they get voted out, but they not imposter. And when u ask them why they did that they will tell u that they were bored. There is no way to kick these people out cuz they hackers and they delete the kick button. Otherwise it’s an amazing game and I haven’t had any problems with this. I will update my review to five stars if u fix this. Thank u for making a game I can play with my classmates when we extremely bored in Spanish class. Lol
Great game some suggestions
Jacey Blair :> on 2020-10-24
This game is great when your bored or just for fun! It makes time fly by but sometimes it gets a bit boring bc it's just the same thing over and I have some suggestions for the game to make every game the same thing. First suggestion: First person cam, I want this bc it would be cool walking around and being able to feel like your in the game. Second suggestion: water/ being able to swim, I want this bc it would be a cool extra touch to the game and it would make it more realistic. Third suggestion: anti gravity/ space world, I want this bc a space world outside of the ship would be way more realistic or even a anti gravity task to get the gravity back in the space ship, that's all my suggestions for now, I hope you put some in the game! And thank you for making such a great game! Baiiij Edit: app won't let me in it every time it crashes I've done this like 10 times. Plz plz fix this and I will move rating up.. :<
Love it, but here are some suggestions
ToezFoez :P on 2020-10-24
1) a way to add friends on Among Us and you can see when they’re active plus send invites 2) a hide and seek mode!!! It’s so hard to get a public lobby to play hide and seek, but it’s so fun when you do. The rules of this game mode are: imposter has low vision, the crew knows who the imposter is, the goal is for the crew to finish their tasks before the imposter kills everyone. No sabotaging except for (maybe) lights or comms, crew is not allowed to report bodies nor vote off the imposter. 3) an optional voice chat if possible 4) only host can kick/ban. (this idea courtesy of James Charles) 5) automatically ban hackers These are suggestions that I would love to see in a future update/sequel. Please feel free to add more or adjust what I have
I love this game but there are some stuff missing
who took the name somone on 2020-10-24
Honestly i love this game but there should be more features like a friend list cuz sometimes i can get a little bored and if there was a friend list well i can see if any of my friends are online and also maybe see recent people I’ve played with another feature you should add is maybe game modes like one where there are 5 imps and 5 sherrifs who can also kill also another feature you should add well this isn’t really a feature but you should make cyan more blueish cuz i don’t know if its just me but white and cyan look EXACTLY the same also you should remove some features like bugs and the no name glitch And well thats it i guess even thou i love this game there are still alot of features you should add and i hope you read them all
My honest review
sisjsjdjdjdjdjdjddj on 2020-10-24
It’s a great game but you guys are ruining it when saying that when people disconnect they can’t play for five or ten minutes. I have reasons for disconnecting or leaving the game. If someone’s being rude or inappropriate why would anyone want to stay there? I always check the chat and I’m usually unlucky when it comes to servers and I have to server hop and try and find a good one. But I’m still in school and when I have 30 minutes Break to play and I have to server hop are usually don’t get to play becuase I am on sort of a “time out.” The game is good and I really enjoy playing it when I get the chance to but I wish there wasn’t an option to censor the chat. I wish you was just already censored or tag and cursewords.
Super fun, rewarding!!
ms error on 2020-10-24
I really enjoy this game. I think it’s very fun to play with friends me and my brothers and sisters play it. We all love to play this game. One thing I would fix is, voting time you guys put it up for like almost 2 minutes and a lot of people hated it so much and they leave the game with me because it way harder to just play one simple normal game.Because by the time voting start people of already stacked are 30 to 40 minutes and they don’t want to and then when it’s voting time we have to do two minutes nobody wants to do that. So I suggest that it should be 10 and then when it gets to one loading will start and then you can do 40 seconds until voting ends.
Good game but
Ramzy808 on 2020-10-24
It could do a report button for racist names and offensive people. A report for hackers as well. Other than that it’s a good simple game. They should advise of a part2 coming out before anyone purchases this game for it to be ad free. That’s a rip off. They should limit the amount of time to be on security cams. Defeats purpose of game by being there entire time. Also do something about tasks. Some crybabies die or get voted off wrongfully. They don’t do task. No way to win. Either do task to win or find out imp. If people aren’t there to play game then why depend on them crybabies. Stop allowing people to hack
People who give one star reviews for no reason are sus
dkdodemut poo on 2020-10-24
If you are complaining about not getting imposter you will get killed by cyan every other match. If you are complaining of crashes you should give this game 5 stars so the developers fix the problems faster. If you are complaining of ads you will suffer a curse of always being called sus and you will be sus forever. If you are giving complaints about discord callers and random leavers you will win every round. If you are a discord caller, hacker, cheater, are playing with friends then telling, or you randomly leave you will be the first person the imposter kills and if not people will blame sus you forever.

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