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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

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lolpksnsnhsbhsjwhhsj on 2021-03-03
Kk Kailia I’m so happy airship is out on IOS! I’m about to play right now! Eeeeeeeeeeee airshipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m excited! It’s now on mobile and IOS and nite do switch! It’s almost on Xbox eeeeeeeeee I have been waiting for this moment eeeeeeeeeeeee I’m so happy eeeeeeeee ok Kailia shut up- Also did you know the shhhh button is actually sticking up the middle finger? Hello I’m here to help the idiots and people who are stuck, so if you made a bad review or is questioning some times of updates. Here is your place. First, the people who want the airship map, the release date is 28 of February. That’s for airship friends. P.S Also the other updates like the friending system and emojis are coming out with them too- Second, the people that complain about never being impostor are stupid and so unfair to developers cause they lose stars cause this idiot can’t figure out how to make a freaking review. It’s not there problem the calculations are that you will at least get impostor 5 times a game play and you will get it every 10 games. So therefore there’s no fricking way for you to “NeVeR” get impostor”. Third, the complaint about the adds are just made up sayings that are made by people who haven’t even played the game and just thought of something that other games have. Ima be honest all the apps I get I like” Fourth, people saying they want to have a better impostor chance are just taking the minds out of zombies. Get it! “Their all stupid!” Why would they give you a advantage over everyone, every freaking 500000098878383874764646 people who play the freaking game EVERY FREAKING PERSON. And it will also make you look like a freaking hacker cause you get impostor every freaking round. Now I’m sorry y’all little kids but I needed to get this out. Five, people who give one-star rates because of hackers in the game. I want you to understand that “The next update is gonna have it ok gosh jeezits all y’all gonna be a freaking idiot, you’re job should be to be an idiot it’s suites you soooooo well. Also parents who say it’s not friendly and steal information. Your wrong. Surely your kid could just give out their full name to strangers. But if they do that don’t let them play the game. It’s that simple. And maybe if you used your eyes and looked at the terms of service maybe you would learn something. It clearly says “not stealing any information” oh wait I forgot. You don’t have eyes- The last thing I would like to get straight is people who say it will not download on their IPhone 5. Well surely if you look at the compality you might learn something. It says iPhones 10 and UP are available to down load so if you have a IPhone 5 maybe that’s why. - Well that’s all I gotta say! -it Kk Kailia da clubbbb!!! #Cutesy Kk Kailia love LeahAshe and pink stuff and hearts!!!!
Great Game! But I Have A Few Suggestions
Otaku WeirdoGirl on 2021-03-03
Okay so I love the game, it is so fun to play. But here are some ideas that I think would make the game even better! (I actually talked to some people about this and they agreed) 1. Imposter(s) can see ghosts and/or hear them talk in the chat. Seriously it would be pretty funny if you as ghost could just follow the killer and they could tell you to go away and the others are like “what are you talking about” but make it so that it’s a think you can enable/disable in game settings when hosting. 2. Okay so my birthday is tomorrow (happy bday to me) but sadly I’m still a tween. Okay so as a “child” I guess, it is annoying to see all of these servers saying things like “I need a boyfriend/girlfriend” or whatever inappropriate thing! It would be great if there could be people patrolling the server home screen, and if there was a suspicious server, join the game and if it’s bad ban it! Or if the name in general just makes you mad, ban it lol. 3. So I don’t exactly understand the whole thing where if you leave a bunch of servers on purpose you have to wait five whole minutes until you can join another. Honestly I just don’t like it. I could join a seemingly good server and then the people go all rude or asking where I live or something, so I leave. It’s actually pretty hard to find a good server so I scroll around, join a few but leave cuz they ain’t good. And then I get a pop-up “You intentionally disconnected from multiple servers, wait 5 minutes to join another.” UGH I hate it when it happens. 4. Think about these two words: Server Titles. What do I mean? Sometimes I don’t really wanna join someone because of their name. Like if it says something I don’t understand or something inappropriate. What if you could title the server as host. Like what if you don’t want your name Hide&Seek, but you do want to play it in Among Us. Title the server Hide&Seek or whatever and keep your name! 5. Okay this is just something that popped in my head a minute ago, what if server names relating to your username popped up at the top. And it was something you could disable or enable through the home screen settings. That’s all I got, keep up the good work. (For all you people hating on the game because the new map isn’t out yet, I BET ITS A BIG MAP SO CHILL GUYS) Thanks!
SIMP ALERT and some suggestion for other roles
Rango on 2021-03-03
Every time me and my friend gang together in this game and we just suggested that the developers of the game could make new roles for other people. Me and him watch this YouTuber named Socks for 1 and him and his friends mod some roles into your game and me and my friends suggested that maybe instead of mods why don’t you make these roles into the game so people can try it. One role that I love is the detective role. In the videos from socks for 1, the detective role came see other people’s footprints but after a while they disappear. Another good role is called the jester role which to me is the hardest role that I have seen. This role is to be SUS enough that you get voted out and you automatically win. Or maybe the sheriff role. This role can kill the imposter but if the sheriff kills a role or a crewmate the he dies himself. But now to get to the point. So every time me and my friends gang up, some random dude named SIMP comes into our pod and asks these words,”Is there any girls here?” And that instantly pisses me and my guys off. And this girl named Need a BF came in right when SIMP was here. And then SIMP said, “Let’s go make out in electrical.” So the imposter had enough and killed both of them. So a suggestion is to make a thing that will flag every time someone says something about love. In conclusion, my suggestion is to make roles for other crew mates and to make a feature that flags every time someone mentions something about love. Pls grant this.
Suggestions (a lot)
ClintE on 2021-03-03
Ok ONE SERVERS ARE TERRIBLE SERIOUSLY EVERYTIME I TRY TO JOIN AND IT SAYS THERES 3 PEOPLE NOP GAME IS FULL. TWO so ummmmmmmm people keep using the game like it’s for dating idk if you can ban people on the spot that do this but that would be nice really nice like really I join oh look someone’s saying blah blah and dating WELL WHAT THE FLUMP. Ok so three Bugs one day I was playing and I got imposter nop I got disconnected like three times when I was imposter. Four tired of reading yet? No ok so four people who just ban people over and over everytime people do this for no reason I did it once but in a weird way but stopped but again like number two idk if you can ban people on the spot. Five hackers eris loris sire sole player 119 please fix this. Six the card swipe please make this easier as it’s hard and raging annoying. Seven MORE COLORSSSSSSSSS. Eight people who leave when their not imposter. Nine so on my sisters iPad we got among us cuz she wanted it and it didn’t work it just closed the app immediately. Ten a very bad glitch so I was playing with my cute little minicrewmate (I love him so much he’s so cute) and I glitched turned into a minicrewmate and then turned back not normal and my stuff changed and my name changed a just gah. Eleven the new map c’mon. Twelve you canceled everything so annoying btw. I’m done bye
Awesome! But has flaws
sophie rose a on 2021-03-03
It’s so cool! You can use chat to communicate with your fellow crew mates, and I like how you can change your clours, hats,etc it does have some problems tho 1: the maps are sometimes very confusing if you are only used to time, I accidentally went to office when I wanted to go to security. I’m not saying make all maps the same. But just make them less complex 2. They are really unfair sometimes, one time, I really needed to go and forgot to leave game first! And when I came back, it said I could not play for 5 mins because I intentionally disconnected And 3. Hidenseek, I actually have nothing against the mode itself but one time none told me we were doing this and so I got banned:( but it is still really good! I love it so much! Edit: after doing more research On it, I relized that some game hosts (not all) kick and ban innocent people from their lobby’s! One time, someone banned the pink player because, “she stole their color” and they don’t ban people who are outright racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, mean, the list goes on! If you could solve this in anyway, it would be great. Also, when is the freind list coming out? I’ve heard rumors about you guys adding one.
Love It! But some things that would be awesome to have would be...
BriBri730 on 2021-03-03
Honestly, I love the game! But I think there should be some things added and or fixed in the game. First of the main thing that should be fixed is the fact that it takes 2-5 minutes just to join a game because it’s either full or it just straight up failed. It’s funny because some of the games I try to join aren’t even full it’s either 8/10 or way less. Or the game fails when my connect is close to perfection and etc. So that’s a bit annoying to be honest. But that brings me to what I think should be added, I think the following things should be added to the game: - More maps - Hidden rooms maybe (?) - More players within games - More accessories/items/colors - More roles in the game - Different tasks (to prove innocence, to interact with crew mates, or just in general diff tasks) - Friending system and Blocking system - Ranking system (?) - Bug fixes That’s pretty much it so far, other than that this game is pretty good! I play it a lot when I’m outside and such!
snowysundae on 2021-03-03
I love this game I used to play it all the time with all of my friends and we would play it on FaceTime call! I don’t play anymore because I was stalked and I even went to a private server and they followed me and was saying inappropriate things and talking about suicidal . that was my only issue that I had so I deleted the app it’s a good game just some bad people in it. A suggestion is to have something like a form or something for no boys to come in the game . That was my only complaint and I suggest that parents with a child that is lower then 10 years old should monitor their kids during this game to make sure their kid isn’t giving out info to strangers or anything . Also for the kids out there who had the same situation I suggest telling your parents about something that serious. So I don’t really recommend this game for children that young but other then that it’s a really good game, Sincerely, SnowLitStar123
Excellent game, but...
90-60-90 on 2021-03-03
This game is excellent. It’s weirdly addicting, because unlike other games, where you walk around and get bored after a game or two, Among Us is a game where you can play all day and never even get bored. Dear developers, your game is far the best game I have encountered. But can you add more maps with different tasks, please? I play it and know every task and it gets a little boring. Can you also add some modes (mods) to Among Us? That would be great. Also, can you have a friend option everybody wants? Also, Can you make SOME sort of security in Among Us? About 95% of the games I played had hackers. Also, can you make apostrophes available on iOS? I cannot write with apostrophes or Emojis. Please add Emojis! Also, like many other players suggest, can you PLEASE add free pets and more colors! That would be great! Please add free pets and colors! But besides that, this game is great. Thank you.
Stupid host
vinlyn c on 2021-03-03
Before I review among us I would like to point out that I like this game very fun but the thing that annoys me a lot First there will be a cry baby noob who is keep saying hEY U StOle My CoUlEr or HeY IM tHe OnLY oNe To WeAr ThIs HaT then the host kicks or bans you it’s so annoying second is that if you are a imposter or someone else is the imposter and if they kill the host the host rages and kicks everyone off the game the game can be more fun for me if no hosts get to kick or ban u or you can ban the players who have the iq of 1 ( witch is most of the players no offense ) note: if you want to be banned by dumb hosts tell them there sus or blame them for being a imposter. If u are reading this dev please please please ban the hosts from kicking or banning you also keep up the good work. -Starapps aka roblox cuber.
Awesome game! Needs some work, but overall, the best i ever played!
Northtalons on 2021-03-03
This game is absolutely amazing and I play it everyday! Two or three things I suggest is, one having game money so you can buy new hats and skins? I read the other reviews and I saw this suggestion and I agree. Two a friend system? I miss everyone I made friends with :( I also saw this suggestion and I also agree. And three you can make your own pet? Like I would make a kitty cat because it’s the best pet ever! (I have like four cats so that might not be your opinion) also it keeps saying I need to update but the app says i don’t have an update? Can you fix that teeny tiny bug? And I don’t know if this is because I’m in the car, but when I make a server and someone joins it bans me for hacking and I didn’t have anyone to hack. Please also fix this bug. Overall I’m glad you made this game! Best time killer!

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