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May, 2020


May, 2020



Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game.

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My favorite
awesomedoglover on 2020-06-05
Hey! I'm that kinda person who loves writing reviews and I have finally decided to write one for this :D So yes like the title says, this is my favorite game! It's creative and very fun. There are negatives though... firstly, ADS oml that's a huge problem. There's one after EVERY SINGLE ROUND I- most games you pay to remove ads. Right? So I ain't spending money on this but I could. I think maybe lower the ads? It would make the experience for the game more enjoyable and efficient! Another problem... LAG LAG LAG not trying to be rude but there's too much and the game is less entertaining. I play from time to time andddddd-long pause- There's just too much lag to deal with! Maybe also try to help fix the lagging? I would also like to make a suggestion! Add more skins? Or add limited time events to earn legendary skins. Andddddd- ANOTHER LONGGG PAUSE- You should make little character changes! Maybe even add those things to have sparkles around them? That would be AWESOME! Thanks for reading! #AQUAPARKI.OMASTER :) Bye! Awesomedoglover
Hey my beautiful
nylanj on 2020-06-05
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It’s good, but I have complaints.
alyactor on 2020-06-05
Overall, this is a good game. I have two complaints though. First, the ads. There is at least one add after every round, which is sort of annoying since some ads can be extremely long. Second, I hate how the characters teleport to you if you are to far ahead. It is nice to have a close race sometimes, but unfair when the characters catch up to you after a big jump. This is present in many Voodoo games, such as Rolly Legs and Draw Climber. Last, glitches. There have been a few times where I jump off of the slide and start falling through the world. I would not stop falling and I had to restart the game. This is an extremely addicting game, but it isn’t very fun with these problems.
Good but also as annoying as heck
latin_toast on 2020-06-05
Ok I love this game but it’s super annoying! First, when you are in the lead, all of the sudden someone is in front of you! The ads are also annoying but you can just turn off your wi fi. Next there’s this glitch that happens when you suddenly dive into the sky and you are off the map. Next maybe try to make it a multiplayer game. None of Voodoos games are multiplayer they are just computer bots. Also, all of your game’s graphics are basic and the whole game is simple. It would be nice if you added some updates or something like more skins, etc. Overall voodoo games are basic but addicting
I like it but...
emdo2010 on 2020-06-05
Everyone has those games that you play when you are tired and you wanna play a chill game. If you want a game like that I recommend this game. In my opinion this game was really fun and interesting until after level 60. Here is why. So there are 15 islands and 4-5 parts in each island and once you complete those levels it just keeps repeating the levels. If the the creators of this are reading this I recommend to add more levels or to make a special event where we get to create our own slide or create our own characters.
This game is the best
dufenshmerts on 2020-06-05
I am so obsessed with your game. If I could I would Marie your game that is how much I love it. I want to have a kid with the game. Omg I am so sorry my sister put that I will leave that as her saying if this but down below is mine I love this game. I like this game because it challenges you. This game changed me. I love going to water parks and going on water slides so in the winter it brings me back. Thank you for bringing me this game and I love you guys who created this game “in a frendly kind of way”
good and kinda glitchy?
TheGaymeQueen on 2020-06-05
I have a few questions. once, my game just totally crashed and my character was just floating in the sky? so like, thats not very helpful. but mostly the game just doesn't really make sense. why, when I get WAY ahead of my opponents, do they suddenly shoot up behind me? like, every single time I'm extremely ahead, the game puts all the other players right behind me. and also, why isn't this an actual multiplayer game? why are the other players fake? but anyway, it's a good time killer. so.
Jessie Bear Cheer on 2020-06-05
This is such a fun game I always use to play it with my sister we would always race each other and see who could get a certain character first like the panda we would have so much fun sometimes it glitches but it depends on what phone you have if you ever get board and don’t know what to play on you phone or whatever device you have you can download this and play this game I love the person that made this and if the person that made this sees this this is a great game keep going! ❤️
No issues just GOOD!
Jessie B from NJ on 2020-06-05
When I first started the game in 2018 it was just bland. You could only play as a male or female. Now it is perfect. Maybe you could add an invisible skin to make it more challenging. Maybe more colors for the male n female because when I play I see other playing and they are different colors. You could add a turtle, a penguin, an alien, Mario, Trump and some. Christmas skins. Like a snowman. And remember nature is Beautiful and you are nature.
WAY to many adds
the martinez kids on 2020-06-05
So I love to play with other people around the world, pretend that I’m in a water park especially when everything is closed. But there is always a catch, am I right? Yes. Every time you loose, die, or win right out of no where pops out an add. And most of them are REALLY wired. So if you don’t mind ALOT of really wired adds popping out of no were then this game is for u. And if not DON’T download this game.

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