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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



Arcadia is a collection of 22 arcade games for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. List of currently available games: • FastRun Avoid traffic and reach your destination • RainBowling Hit all the pins and get a strike! But beware, you will encounter unexpected obstacles and an explosive ending! • Yarr! Destroy all the enemy ships. YOU ARE A PIRATE! YARR! • Bricko Match colored bricks horizontally, vertically or diagonally in order to remove them and score points • Fruity Snake Collect as many fruits as you can • CandyBall A "delicious" pinball. Use the flippers to hit the ball • MineHound Mines are hidden in a grid of cells. The number tells you how many mines touch the cell. Open all the safe cells • Bubble Mania Clear as many bubbles as you can without any bubble crossing the bottom line • BadaBoom Prevent bombs from falling on the floor by collecting them • Ho Ho Hop! Help Santa eat cookies and avoid all obstacles • The Claw Grab as many treasures as possible with the claw • Galaxy Invaders Destroy all enemy spaceships • Indiana GP Challenge your rivals in this crazy race • BrickOut Destroy all the bricks with the ball • Treasure Map Recompose the map to reach the treasure • Replay Press the coloured pads in the correct order • Bounce Like Pong but in Circle. Keep the ball in stage • Sewer Rat Avoid obstacles while swimming in the sewer • PongPong Beat your opponent in ping-pong • Slimenator Defend your position and destroy as many slimes as you can • Crazy Balloon Collect gems and avoid obstacles • Tap-A-Mole Whack a mole. Whack it! Features: - No ads. - No In-App purchases. - No user tracking. - Daily, Weekly and All Time leaderboards.* - iCloud storage. - Compatible with all Apple Watch models. - Color-blind mode. - Up to 120 fps on ProMotion devices. Credits: [Music] 8-bit Loops by Snabisch [Music] Wellerman by Zumi Daxuya Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for next games! * Leaderboards require a Game Center account.

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Pure Awesomeness
JonDavidL on 2022-10-07
This is hands down THE best set of fun little games to play on your watch! If you only owned one app to play games on your watch with, this would be the one! They keep adding new games to the list a couple of times a years too. So glad I found this app. Hoping the developers can add a “Jewels” game at some point. You know. The one where you match 3 or more Jewels/Gems and they disappear and the rows above crash down. It would work great on the Apple Watch. I have a version on my Garmin Vivoactive 4 and it is so much fun.
Great games. Love it!
santiii_8.0 on 2022-10-07
This games is has multiple games and my personal favorites are the racing game and the pinball. It works with my Apple Watch Series 4 and I am pretty sure it will work with other series as well.highly recommend, I know I catch myself playing theses games in school.
Bballkicker on 2022-10-07
I like Arcadia because I have an Apple Watch and I have the same games and it’s fun playing them without my Apple Watch sometimes and it’s really fun. I love it all the games there are a lot of games that I wish I had on regular but I don’t so it’s OK fun.
Love it
Vaskii 1277 on 2022-10-07
The app help me in my time of need of entertainment when you have no WiFi and no service in the time of Hurricane Fiona category 1 hit me and my home Puerto Rico 🇵🇷But above all this app and all its cute arcade games 👾 it’s a 💯👍for me thank you 🙏.
Games on Apple Watch!
Baron Mojohito on 2022-10-07
Exactly what you’re looking for. Simple quick fun games you can play directly on the watch. Interesting gameplay using Digital Crown and screen taps.
Fjord Prefect on 2022-10-07
Finally! Arcade games on my watch! That’s all I ever wanted!!
Great game
Dbs82 on 2022-10-07
It’s a fun game but I wish it had controller support
So fun
BasicArcade on 2022-10-07
Casual fun for passing the time! Love it!
Worth the money
Somthing or nothing on 2022-10-07
Great game! 10/10 would recommend
yeye nava on 2022-10-07

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