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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



Welcome to Archer’s Mark - the most technologically advanced Field Archery utility available today... --- (Support: [email protected]) --- Archer’s Mark represents the next generation of Field Archery utilities - enabling an archer to calculate an accurate set of sight marks (Metric & Imperial) and refine or modify those marks (selectively) based on many factors (in real-time) all while shooting a field course... ( ie. Archer’s Mark can instantly generate additional ‘temporary’ modified sight marks, for any specified range(s), based on factors such as weather, archer fatigue etc.) The Archer’s Mark software is flexible by design and will accommodate various bow/arrow configurations and associated sights. A complete (detailed) User Manual is incorporated into the App for quick reference in the field if needed. Dedicated (NFAA) Field, Hunter, and Animal games (with pre-defined target distance’s) are available, along with a complete list of All generated (or modified) marks in Metric or Imperial. Note: The "Archer's Score" app can be integrated into Archer's Mark for a complete Marks generation / Scoring solution... As you explore the various features contained in the software, we welcome your feedback. Over time, and with your input, Archer’s Mark will become the ‘state of the art’ solution for Field Archers worldwide​...

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