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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Use ArriveCAN to submit mandatory health information to the Government of Canada before you arrive in Canada. It is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to show you meet public health requirements. Travellers with a right to enter Canada, such as Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents and persons registered under the Indian Act, will not be denied boarding of their flight or entry to Canada if they do not use ArriveCAN, but may be required to test on day 1 and day 8, quarantine for 14 days, and face fines. For more information:

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After each update, I have to start over
Disgruntled & Angry in DC on 2022-07-02
I've used this app from the beginning (aka when the border was still closed); it is frustrating to have an account (website) and each and every time I update the app, I've got to start over! I've got to upload my travel documents, my vaccines and images and then once I get past all of that, the app miraculously finds my information and the others that have travelled with me in the past. Frustrating! Why can't the update not start from zero? Why can't the update remember the date of my previous vaccine and start from there? Why's it go from today? I've been using this app for over 2 years next month and it hasn't improved from an end user/ design thinking prospective. It is cumbersome, not intuitive and not made for Americans. I still have USA friends who will not cross the border because they have to use this app. I started to rate it a 2 but decided that because it at least remembered my previous travellers, I'd give it a 3.
Intrusive Laborious and largely Unnecessary
Herb George on 2022-07-02
No doubt it is deeply satisfying to the bureaucratic mind to send travellers scurrying to find out information not readily available - like what terminal their flight is arriving in (who knows that? And where do you find out? Next you will be asking for the name of the pilot!) - as well as information they have no right to (like the address at which a Canadian citizen is staying at after arrival) but the level of detail required here is not only laborious (I can’t imagine how persons of lower education levels, or unused to computers and cell phones could manage) but also intrusive - more typical of a surveillance state than a democracy. I will concede that it does not seem to have the glitches that had friends of mine practically in tears on prior journeys home to Canada.
Improvement request
Mich Traveler on 2022-07-02
Filling in the app was easy and allowed several spots to “save and close”. Getting back in and continuing was easy also. The singular improvement needed is to have the ability to identify “only driving through Canada w/o stopping or staying”. Here’s the problem, driving from Michigan to NY through Canada (3hrs trip) the app forces you to provide a location you are staying in Canada. To fill out a location as advised by the helpline is a lie and you could risk prosecution for making false statements. As a fully Vaxed individual I would be exempted from having to provide a location even if I were to stay in Canada. It might make sense to put an option for people “driving through” or “fully Vaxed” to be exempt from this confusion for additional info in the app.
Arrive app
Unsatisfiediam on 2022-07-02
It isn’t too difficult and is common sense. There is one small glitch I found. When uploading a photo of the vaccination card it would not advance. I have ALL my info on ONE card, and it’s all on ONE side. I had to put the SAME photo in the second picture slot to make it finally go on to the next step. So if you are stuck, just put the same picture in the second spot like I did and it will finish up. Someone needs to fix that so it accepts just a single photo and not force you to add a second if it isn’t needed like me. Or, put a note below the uploader that you must use both photo squares to make it work? Example: “You must fill both the photo squares. If your vaccination card has all info on one side, submit the photo twice.” Thanks
hhh21768 on 2022-07-02
I found the app very confusing especially as we only planned to spend the day in Canada as we frequently did before the pandemic. I had to call the help line to sort it out in the end as it seems to assume you are planning to spend the night in Canada. Even after I had figured it out I still had difficulty making it work the next time we planned to go over the border for the afternoon. I fully understand the Canadian government’s desire to keep its citizens safe but once you are vaccinated you can’t become unvaccinated so making visitors fill out the forms for every single visit seems like needless bureaucracy and a recipe to discourage visitors and harm border businesses.
Nice to pre-register
Ftpon on 2022-07-02
I like having a pre-registration app, however I found it a little confusing in two spots: Port of entry—where I thought the pull down lists of ports was the method to actually enter the port. And Victoria Park (Belleville) was shown as in Ontario. I never could find Victoria, BC. However, the actual entry field was out of site and I found it eventually. Destination— Requiring a Canadian address where I could be reached even though I’m just making a one day visit. I used the ferry terminal. It would be nice if one could simply check “no overnight stay.”
Glitchy app!! Canada do better
Lola Britawater on 2022-07-02
No wonder all the boomers are struggling. The date and time entry section is glitching. When you enter your arrival time it doesn’t let you enter any times in the PM. We gave up trying to enter the correct info and just let the app declare an arrival time for us. I’m beyond computer savvy and if we are having a hard time working this app I can’t imagine my parents doing it. Do better.
Flight delayed two days
Tree238 on 2022-07-02
ArriveCAN thought I had already arrived because I completed forms before I ended up delaying two days. When I logged in it thought I was already in Canada. I couldn’t edit it so I called the help number. Very short hold. What I had to do was start a brand new form with a different email address and entered my info again and was able to get my ArriveCAN receipt! Helpful call line.
Not Applicable To Every Situation
Clint31060409 on 2022-07-02
This thing is a mess from jump street. What’s the point of front loading all this information if you STILL have to show your actual documents anyway? It’s just an unnecessary extra step! And they don’t even consider people just passing through from Alaska to the lower 48 or vice versa. And you can’t even complete your trip info more than 72 in advance! A COMPLETE waste of time!
lldl1989 on 2022-07-02
I’m a fully vaccinated Americans citizen. Putting the port of entry was a problem because the cruise company didn’t give an exact port name. After I entered all info, it told me to wait for info to download, it has been 2 days & I’m still waiting. No email update or anything. I do not know what to do at this point. There’s got to be a faster way for this to work.

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