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Aug, 2020



The No.1 Astrology & Palmistry app trusted by over 20 million people. Astrology & Palmistry Coach is your guide to a better understanding of yourself and learning more about those around you. Learn more through our horoscopes, compatibility reports, numerology and palm readings. Feel more in tune with your surroundings and self by following our daily insights and advice supplied by our world-famous contributors. Our mission is to improve and encourage a balanced and happier lifestyle by providing insights and learnings with a fun and friendly approach. You can find more information about our team of contributors in the Help Center or at ▸ ‘’This is exactly what I was looking for. Definitely, use it again to understand those around me better’’ ▸ “Scary accurate.” ▸ “It really relates to what you have planned for the day. It’s crazy.” Meet Astrology & Palmistry Coach: ● Horoscopes Your guidance and insight when life gets the better of you, reflect on your daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes to help you make the right decision. ● Compatibility Reports Learn to improve and nurture your relationships by understanding your compatibility in love, friendship, your career and family. ● Numerology Reflect and discover more through the mathematical understanding of the most important dates and times in your life. ● Palm Readings Palm readings in real-time with our unique AI and ML algorithms which provides you with an analysis of the major lines on your palm. ● Biorhythm Calculations Be more aware of your emotional and physical well being by learning and tuning in with yourself and your surroundings Premium subscription: Astrology & Palmistry Coach offers an auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $4.99 with free 7-day, a monthly subscription for $11.99 and a yearly subscription for $49.99 to provide you with unlimited access while you maintain an active subscription. o Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. o Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. o Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of renewal will be provided to you. o Subscriptions are managed by the user. Auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase. o A current subscription may not be cancelled during an active subscription period. o You may cancel your subscription at the following address: Privacy Policy: EULA:

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Don't read the reviews
Adult_Jesus on 2020-09-19
Some of the reviewers are real idiotic. Nevermind the star rating - let me bring some justice here. Those who complain about the personal info have no idea how horoscopes work. It doesn't just look at your birth month - time and date of birth, as well as your gender and location of birth all matter. If you think it's "creepy" to share this info, then stay away from any "in depth" horoscopes instead of blaming the developers for doing their job. This is not a free app. You have to be a paying, subscribed member to see your palm analysis results. This means that you will have to pay a set amount monthly to continue to enjoy the full functionality of the app. It does NOT make you pay for every report like idiot A as said, nor does it "scam" you by keep charging you after you cancel the subscription like idiot B said. To cancel subscriptions for ANY app, you have to do so through the app store. If you're blaming the business for charging your subscription after you deleted the app without actually canceling the subscription, well, you're literally stupid. So there it is. Don't be like them. Be a rational customer.
Wrong rising sign
Zuluyu on 2020-09-19
The app has calculated my rising sign incorrectly and all of the transit reports are giving me transiting planets in the wrong houses. It’s so imperative that an astrological coaching tool gives accurate information as people are easily persuaded by this type of information. I double checked I input my info correctly and I have. *update, read another review that said the same thing and their response is they use GMT time zone?!?! I’m an astrologer and have been reading charts for years. Never have I ever heard of using GMT for calculating natal charts unless you live in the U.K. calculating natal charts to GMT is the second to last step in calculating natal charts, after you do that you convert the time to the time zone the person was born in. Lazy astrology.
Not Worth The Time
China col on 2020-09-19
So I downloaded the app because I thought this would be a little interesting & fun. Turns out it’s not worth it. I entered all the details to the questions but when it asked me for birth place it couldn’t locate mine - why? because I’m in a country which isn’t my birth country and the app only selects the country you’re physically in. Stupid & pointless!! Later on I see that you have to subscribe to the 7 day trial but why? You’ll only do this once!!
my birth chart is wrong
KC12149 on 2020-09-19
i liked the app when i downloaded the app but once getting into it, my birth chart is completely different than what i have always had. I have several apps with my birth chart on it and all of them are the same except this one. My rising sign is completely different from what all my other apps say and some of my houses are completely different, i don’t know if it’s the algorithm you use but i know my birth chart and this isn’t it.
jnorthern2525 on 2020-09-19
It would never read my hand at all. Complete waste of time. I was contacted about this app telling me how it’s 100% accurate when my original comment was, “it would never read my hand at all.” That was pure ignorance to send me a response telling me it’s 100% accurate when it WILL NOT READ MY HAND. If I could rate you lower than one star I would. This is a horrible app along with their developers!!!
Gives free scans but no report for free
SeniorLove on 2020-09-19
What kind of app will scan your hand and then make you have to pay so much money a month just to see the report? This app is a waste of phone storage and a waste of people’s time and energy. I hope that the makers of this app will have the heart to know that not every one can afford the monthly payments by subscribing to the app just to see the report of what the creases on the palms mean.
I don’t trust this app
littykitty6373838 on 2020-09-19
Why does it need to know all this info about you then it scans your palm and it says you have to pay 7$ a week to continue I pressed the 1 week free trial and it scanned my palm and froze then after a week I got charged seven dollars I deleted the app and then it charged me one week later so I don’t know how to cancel it
So bad
it is okish on 2020-09-19
It was fine at first and I was loving it and I was about to get my results and then all the sudden I need to pay I get a frick’n app because it says free. See apps like this trick you and say they are free but when you get to a stupid part we have to pay all the sudden seriously .
my birth chart is wrong
KC12149 on 2020-09-19
i liked the app when i downloaded the app but once getting into it, my birth chart is completely different than what i have always had. I have several apps with my birth chart on it and all of them are the same except this one, so i’m not too sure i’ll be keeping this app.
Love this app
bijukemo on 2020-09-19
Favorite horoscope app, super neat layout, Great customer service monthly offers / promotions and free readings in exchange for feedback to improve their site! a bunch of cool stuff and biorhythms, numerology and palm readings for like $11a Month. Down..

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