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Jun, 2022


Jun, 2022



Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press. Even the Watch app is optional! Just sleep! Total Privacy. ------------- AutoSleep has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" sleep app if they can say the same. Everything Included. -------------------- No extra In App Purchases. No subscriptions. About AutoSleep ----------------- Using Advanced Heuristics AutoSleep works out how long you've slept so you don't have to. If you DO wear your Watch to bed, you don't need to do a single thing. AutoSleep will track your sleep & quality and send you a notification in the morning. Even if you don't wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It's extremely simple. If you DON'T wear your Watch to bed, then simply take your Watch off before you go to sleep. As soon as you touch your iPhone or put your Watch back on in the morning then AutoSleep will know that you have finished sleeping. As everyone is a little bit different. AutoSleep provides a simple setup wizard and an option to tweak if you are a very restless sleeper. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed*, AutoSleep will also analyse your sleep quality. By using time asleep, restlessness, time awake and heart rate it can score the quality of your sleep and provide you with a comprehensive nightly analysis. *Note. If you do not wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep simply captures the amount of time sleeping. AutoSleep also works with HeartWatch our premier heart & activity monitoring app and writes your Sleep information to Apple Health. *Requires Apple Watch running Watch OS 4 or higher. WatchOS 5 recommended. Best of 2018 Best of 2019 Best of 2020 Best of 2021

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App continues to satisfy
Dude0u812 on 2022-07-03
After Jawbone shut down their servers I had to scramble for a sleep tracker. Decided on Apple Watch, and then Pillow as the engine. It worked great for a couple years or so and thought it was as good as I could get from Apple Watch. But then, discovered AutoSleep. And for under $10 I got an entire package of apps that I “own” without the subscription monkey on my back. I still use Pillow (unsubscribed) for an alternate opinion on my sleep, but AutoSleep has become my favorite. So many better graphs and insights, and the included (in the package) Heart insights make this a great deal that no Apple Watch user should be without. In one glance I can see a visually clear picture of the stages of sleep, quantity of the stages, and I have the ability to drill down as need be. Only bummer is I have to trigger Apple’s “sleep” mode in order to capture respiratory data (grrr, Apple!!). Other than that, everything is indeed automatic. Great deal, and I hope this app serves as an example of how excellent programming and design combined with a fair price out the door can eliminate “subscriptions” as a pricing model, especially when there is little outside data or server space involved. Hope they keep the doors open and their staff well fed.
Best Sleep App!!
Abner055 on 2022-07-03
I’ve tried several and this is by far the best and I have been using it for years. At first it seems a little intimidating with all the information, but you get use to it pretty quickly. In order to record you sleep accurately you must make sure your phone is not on the bed with you and that you adjust your sleep/wake calibration in setting. You may need to set it a couple of times before it accurately records your sleep. When you first get the app, the around the first week or so when you get up look at the app and see if you agree with the amount of sleep you got. Some is of move more the others while we sleep and that is what sleep/wake calibration is for. Go to settings on bottom right and scroll down until you see sleep/wake calibration and use the setting the best represents what you think you really slept. So this a couple of times to check out the results and after that it will accurately auto record your sleep. Even this naps you take in the afternoon. I lowered my rating to four stars since by now it should be tracking Sleep Apnea and Snoring like other apps. But I still thinks it’s great, and just need a few updates.
Accurate in time.
Wooly2K on 2022-07-03
Very nice addition to using it in conjunction with “Wind Down” feature of the built in sleep app. It took the app about 7 full days with three manual time adjustments to learn my movements while sleeping and now it’s spot on every single time, including naps! It’s fully automatic and sends me a notification in the morning when my sleep report is ready (time of your choosing). I’ve used the “Lights Off” feature sporadically just to see how long it takes me to fall asleep but no pressing buttons are required for this app to function after initial set up. It’s honestly refreshing to pay once for an app and be done with it rather than a leeching subscription model. The app is feature rich and some things are way above my intelligence so if you want basic sleep numbers/times/heart rate….this does that. If you want to go even further with graphs and things that look like a Dr should be looking at rather than you, it does that too!
Good so far
drr226 on 2022-07-03
Hi, So I’ve only had the app 1 night and I was curious how accurate it would be so I downloaded another app that was a “editor’s choice “ and lets just say this AutoSleep actually recorded my sleep right on cue . I compared both apps and then compared AutoSleep too apples sleep portion and it was right on the money ! So I’m very pleased so far . I rated it 3 stars only because I’ve only used 1 night . So I will be editing this review in a few weeks. Hopefully it stays awesome! I wanted too start tracking my sleep because my wife and I have a newborn, and if there’s any parents out there you know sleep is on there schedule. Lol I also want too know for other reasons what kind of sleep I’m getting ( such as mood , working out, overall health ) So sum this up - great start !
Great info
ilovmvy on 2022-07-03
After google searching datas collected on this app, I was convinced I had sleep apnea. I exported the data and brought it to my doctor. I was signed up for a sleep study and the diagnosis was confirmed. My watery eye issues were a result of the nighttime breathing issues. It takes months to get insurance approval/appointments. I will continue to monitor datas to see if treatments are working. I have been addressing allergy issues for years without any success/improvement. I stressed the night issues were overwhelming. Not one doctor suggested a sleep study. This app and my apple watch have done wonders towards improving my health and educating me on good health habits.
Best helpful sleep aid
ten for you on 2022-07-03
I was tired a lot but felt like I got enough sleep. With this app I was able to see where I was struggling. I “ thought” I got 8 hours of sleep. I was in bed for 8 hours but not actually asleep. I focused on getting more “deep sleep” . Looking at a previous nights sleep and realizing how good I felt the next day it dawned on me that I had over 4 hours deep sleep. I Compared this to other nights where I had under 30 minutes of the deep sleep although I was in the the same amount of time. I’ve changed some habits… I don’t eat or drink much of anything the last 2 hours before bedtime. Feeling more focused and rested
Kaleikat on 2022-07-03
I so far I like this app very wel, but my bedtime varies from night to night, so I’ve been using lights out. However, when I use lights out it, wants to flip me to the automatic wake up time and I wake up at different times every day. Is there anyway you could make the lights out manual so you can turn it out when you go to sleep at the actual time and then hit the done button at the actual time you wake up? Because now it’s not quite accurate…For me. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong and there’s a way to already do that that I am aware of. If so could somebody tell me what to do?
Best app to track deep sleep
brighteyestish on 2022-07-03
I love the trio of apps. I can keep track of my heart rate so I can tell when my asthma is acting up. I recently got pneumonia and had no symptoms my heart rate was my a clue. Then I looked at deep sleep and I wasn’t getting any. So I made a Dr appt. It also lets you know how ‘ready for the day’ you are going to be. I have an older Apple Watch that I wear most of the time. The trio of apps track respiration, heart rate, sleep, restlessness, snoring, movement. And if you have a newer Apple Watch it will track your oxygen level in your blood (O2)
David from customer service is terrible!
christinemarie2121 on 2022-07-03
I reached out to customer service via email because the app wasn’t working. David was rude, passive aggressive, sarcastic and argumentative. After going back and forth this “man” I finally told him I was done going back and forth with him and asked for a refund and he argued back and passive aggressively said “since you don’t want my help”… no David I would love help but not someone with no customer service and with an attitude. AutoSleep, please consider having this “man” find a different career choice because this isn’t for him.
Proof of Sleep or no sleep
janicefh55 on 2022-07-03
That’s no longer the question ! I’ve always thought I’m a wiggly restless sleeper and this app proves it ! The graphs are clear and easy to read. I can see when I’ve actually gotten some deep sleep ! see my heart rate, heart dip ! Who knew we needed a heart rate dip ! Info on respiration rate, Good to have in these times .. I’m getting ready to forward the info to my Dr. With the hope that it will give her an understanding of my body and go forward from there ! Great app ! Thank you to the developers!

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