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AutoWake is the first haptic smart alarm for your Watch. It can wake you up by tapping you on your wrist using your Watch's haptic engine. You can set it to wake you if you are in light or medium sleep either 15 or 30 minutes before your set alarm time. This helps you feel more refreshed. There's an optional sleep cycle buster that you can turn on to give you a light tap at 5 minute intervals in a 15 or 30 minute window before your alarm to take you gently out of deeper sleep. Not only that but it will even automatically measure your waking pulse just before the alarm sounds, which is a valuable measurement of recovery. If you ignore the alarm on the Watch, you can also set a safety alarm that will play on your phone. This will speak and/or play a chosen song from your music library. There's also auto scheduled alarms in case you forget to set your alarm before bed. If you use AutoSleep our auto sleep tracker, you can use the new ultra smart alarm features. You can now be woken up after a desired amount of sleep, quality sleep or when your sleep bank is back in credit. You can use this in conjunction with a latest wake time if required. You can even set a bedtime reminder that looks at your required sleep, sleep efficiency and latest wake time to give you a reminder for the optimal time to go to bed. When you turn on your alarm, it can automatically tell AutoSleep that you have gone to bed so that time to fall asleep can be tracked. If you use Apple HomeKit then you can run scenes for key events in AutoWake like turning off your bedside lamp and setting your room temperature for sleep. AutoWake requires an Apple Watch running WatchOS 4 or higher. Advanced features requires WatchOS 5. AutoWake works fine with Do Not Disturb and Theatre/Cinema mode. AutoWake requires at least a bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Apple Watch during the time that you are asleep. You can use Flight Mode on your iPhone, but make sure that you turn on bluetooth. If you user Screen Time, make sure that AutoWake is in your exclude list. As with all of our apps, there is no tracking, no analytics, no snooping. Your privacy is very important.

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Useful alarm; people don’t follow instructions
ChazwickB on 2021-01-25
Majority of negative reviews here are from people not following the instructions properly in the app. If you follow the directions, and you set it up and use it properly, it tends work just fine. I’ve had great success with using the advanced features and the standard alarms. And I don’t wake easily. All of that being said, the instructions and layout of the iPhone app, and the naming and terminology used in the apps could be improved and made more intuitive. There is a bit of a learning curve, which I believe could be largely cleared up with some renaming and light UI tweaking. All in all though, it’s a great alarm app and a great boon to people like me who typically need to set numerous alarms starting an hour before the time I actually need to rise.
No PM alarm option
khesse8989 on 2021-01-25
I first downloaded the Auto Sleep app and love it! So I decided to get the AutoWake app to be able to use the “tickle” and “nudge” option because I tend to wake up feeling very groggy. I was so disappointed the moment I tried to add an alarm right after purchasing app. App has no option to put alarm on PM. I work nights so I need an alarm to wake me up at 4PM. I’m upset I actually purchased the app and can’t even use it! That should be fixed. Not every one has a normal wake schedule. Also, it would be more convenient if we’re able to set alarms on you phone instead of strictly on the watch. It is too much bulk to fit on a watch. There should be an option to set alarms on phone.
This app STINKS
RobtheBuilder15 on 2021-01-25
The only interface is on the Apple Watch, and it is too complicated to be limited to such a small screen. I’d like it a lot better if I could set my alarms and alarm settings on my phone. Furthermore, when you set an alarm, the watch needs to “connect” back to the phone (which my watch is always connected) but the app has problems with it. So I was never able to actually get a single alarm to work! I paid $3 for this app and was never able to use it! DO NOT BUY!! If I buy an app, I expect it to be “top of the line!” This app doesn’t even work!
A bit buggy and doesn't seem maintained
jyoon93 on 2021-01-25
I love the AutoSleep app but I really wanted a snooze functionality, and this was the recommended app since they're made by the same developer. But it's still pretty buggy and my alarm won't go off half the time even after going through troubleshooting. Given that it's been a year since the last update, doesn't seem like it's really even maintained compared to AutoSleep. Please update the bugs in this app or just deprecate and move functionality to the main AutoSleep app instead of recommending a buggy product.
Not reliable
Tilnih on 2021-01-25
I’ve been using the app for several months now, and several times it just hasn’t gone off. I wake up after it’s supposed to have woken me, it shows it’s set and that how many minutes past the alarm time it is, but never vibrates to wake me. This failure appears to be random. I use the same alarm every night and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I really like the vibration feature to wake me without my partner, but it’s too unreliable to use.
Alarms going off randomly at 5 and 6am
Bladedude on 2021-01-25
Bought bundle 2 days ago, and haptic alarm from AutoWake woke me at 6:30am yesterday. There was a default alarm set and enabled. Disabled that alarm. Today, some haptic alarm woke me up at 5:20AM. How do I know? It woke me up in light sleep.. But there was no app visual indication on watch. No clear summary screen of what alarm is scheduled to activate next. No notification of active app during alarm.
Do NOT waste your money
mvracar on 2021-01-25
I’ve been trying to find the best sleep tracker and wake up alarm combo for the best price so I bought this and could not get the alarm to ever set. I followed all the steps they say to as well as googled everywhere for the answers! Can I get a refund?! Going back to using Sleep Cycle even if it is just for the alarm that actually works!
Unfortunately not as expected
Ollie schmollie!! on 2021-01-25
I don’t think that it is necessary to have this app as part of my compilation to work correctly. It is MY APPLE WATCH - not yours, to force me to setup my screen with your app involved. And to charge me for it non the less. Majority of other apps work in the background, why can’t yours?
just use autosleep.
M. Lightning on 2021-01-25
this app isn’t good. just use the alarm in autosleep. you have to keep the app open on your phone and the complication active on your watch for this to work.
Can’t enable an alarm before 9pm!!!
montyvin on 2021-01-25
I need to go to bed early, but can’t turn on the alarm!! So annoying!! Who made up these rules? A disgruntled programmer?!?

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