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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



A multiplayer Baseball game for everyone! Enjoy thrilling matches against your opponent! ▶ Fast Matchmaking & Quick Games! Single tap for multiplayer matchmaking and start the game! Don't wait to finish all 9 innings. Play only 1 inning of fierce competition! ▶ Intuitive Controls! Choose your location, select your pitch, and throw! Wait for the throw and tap to hit! Wow! Playing a multiplayer Baseball game was never so easy! ▶ Simple & Solid Gameplay! Takes less than 1 minute to learn to play! You just need to practice to get the perfect timing and master the mental game of Baseball! You’ll never get bored. Baseball Clash remains challenging even after a full day of gameplay! ▶ Enter Higher Leagues! Collect trophies and join higher leagues! Better players await at higher levels of play! Maybe you'll enter the MLB or even the WBC someday! ▶ Unique & Charming Players! Burrito shop owner? Insurance Salesman? Remarkable skills presented by players of diverse backgrounds! Collect unique players to create your very own dream team! ▶ Friendly & Fun Baseball for All! Are you a Baseball fan? We are too! Experience a Baseball game enjoyable for everyone! ** Notice regarding real-time matchmaking ** League play matches players of the same league together in real-time. However, if real-time players aren't available to match, players will be matched with a player-like computer instead. Such computers play at a similar level to players of each league. We are doing our best to make sure they are well balanced in regards to difficulty, making sure games are not too easy nor too difficult. Contact us: [email protected] Find out more games: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PRIVACY POLICY:

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matherick33 on 2022-12-05
Question? I’m curious after reading all the reviews is there any way for the developers to answer what percent of the games are real players? Nobody wants to sit and wait for long times to play so I understand playing against and ai. There have been games in the past with good concepts that just never made it because the ai era wasn’t developed enough. But my review of the game itself is probably the best baseball game ever made it terms of balance and performance, ease of play and just over all fundamentally well made. You are better at this game if tut played baseball. What would be nice to know is what is happening in a game against the ai is the score already determined before the game because it seems to be able to hit pitches from anywhere and it’s not affected by changing the speed of the pitch. Then when you hit no matter what the timing is you might hit a blooper or a home run the feel of the game changes when you know your playing someone and you can tell that only when a situation happens where you know that someone playing like they throw it to the wrong base. But I’ve spent money on this game because it’s fun to play and if I owned a baseball team I’d have to spend money on players if if I wanted to win so same here. So reguardless if the play to win concept it’s a great game to get into.
Same Garbage
TTL255 on 2022-12-05
Tonight was interesting. The win streak addition was good. Unfortunately two of my losses were because of glitches. It was still fun. But they want gems to continue, and if it was an honest game I might go on, but I know it’s fixed so why would I give anything to continue, it makes no sense. That said, most of my losses today were glitches, 75% to be honest. This game is one long glitch which they refuse to fix. Bad calls, outs turned into hits, hits turned into outs. Regardless, you’ll always be on the wrong side. One game I had one out against the opponent, man on first. A slow runner is at bat. They hit a grounder to shortstop, should be an easy double play….nope, error. Next pitch is hit to second, I’m thinking another double play. Nope, error. Now they hit single after single to the same spot until I’m down 4-0. At this point I just give up. 3 errors in one inning isn’t strange. I’ve had that on multiple occasions today. The same players on the AI team make no errors. They need to fix, it’s bad. It’s sad actually…
Sick and tired
Tobin Frost 2 on 2022-12-05
I’ve been playing this game for the better part of two years now. When I first started playing I expected growing pains. But after 2 years, I’m still experiencing the same bugs/glitches when I first started. Game freezes, games lags, lost credits even when I win, not being able to score more runs after I’ve gotten to a certain total in a game, especially against lesser opponents. When I contact tech support, I get the same exact messages. “It’s either my internet or gaming my platform or it’s my opponent”. I play several other games and not one of them have the same type of bugs over a long period of time. And, when I contact them, I at the very least, get a response that’s not generic and they make me feel they’ve looked into my issue. Most times I get a resolution in the way of some type of compensation since I spend money on their product. With MiniClip it’s the same ole crap. “An apology and deflection of who’s responsible”. There’s better products out there that’s worth my money.
New Christmas Update- Same Garbage
TTL255 on 2022-12-05
Wow, I have no clue what bugs they’re fixing because they’re all still here. The AI opponents are as bad as ever. Ruth constantly gets on base. Pitches the tail into the strike zone if you take them, tail away if you swing for a weak out. The AI’s don’t swing at balls, even borderline pitches. Bad calls, glitches, it’s all still here. The infielder delay in throwing is painful. The AI fielders don’t have that delay. I have an outfielder with a throw rating of 218 that can’t throw home from short left field. He could at some point. The AI opponent outfielders can all throw home regardless of rating. I actually lost a game where I had a person on first and second, one out. I hit a foul ball into the stands that somehow was caught by the first baseman. He doubled me off second to end the inning. I also predicted 6 home runs against me today, you know when they’re going to happen. Typically after something dumb happens in a game you already should have won. Unplayable at times. Enjoy.
Luv the game but some glitches
Somethingnotalreadytaken on 2022-12-05
It gets a little frustrating when the game locks up and you have to restart the game and hope you didnt lose while rebooting and reconnecting to the server. Sometimes I get a chest to open and it freezes and dont know if I received the perks or lost them? Some of the players don’t unlock at the once I reach the specific level. Recently I added Ruth to my lineup due to his skill of avoiding be tagged out at home. Twice now he has jumped over the catcher, the run shows on the scoreboard during gameplay, but when the game is over, the run either doesn’t count or is actually given to the other team when the game summary appears and I find out I lost despite outscoring the other team?!?!?! Fun game, so still gonna keep playing tho.
TheDubnah on 2022-12-05
Have been playing this game for a while. Started out great and fun. Then a few updates ago I got very frustrated because it seemed impossible to win. Didn't make sense. I couldn't fig out if I was playing real people or a computer, because I couldn't imagine that other players could win so easily and I couldn't. I wrote a bad review and said I would delete the app. Turns out I gave it one more shot and didn't delete it. Then I found out I never hit send on the review I wrote, lol. But now I'm frustrated again. Seems like announce can hit against me, but I can't hit. Something ain't adding up. Has potential to be great. I'll Prob keep playing for a while but I'm pretty much over it. Won't be long before I delete it.
2 Pop on 2022-12-05
The game will show the ball as foul hitting the lines and then called out. Line drivers that go to center miraculously get erased and get thrown out by the pitcher from the mound. It seems when the game is on the line. Boom a glitch in the system that cost you games, points and money. Glitches to happen the other direction where I pick up a win. It is always a game losing play . Sounds programmed to get more bonuses to me. The only way to make it up to to credit my account but it does take the fairness out of the game. I was a 5 star fan now questioning if I even want the app. Frustration is the only emotion I receive from this game after the past 3 software “downgrades”
Skip this one unless you’re pooping
Buddah_70 on 2022-12-05
Look. I love sports games, and I honestly hate bashing stuff. There is no rhyme or reason to this game. No skill involved. It’s all just pre determined outcomes. One game your pitcher will be Nolan Ryan and then the next game you’re down 5-0 with no outs and even tho you’re intentionally trying to throw balls wayyyy outside….they are knocking them for doubles and triples….so then you just say “F it” and throw heaters down the middle…3 outs in a row 🤦🏽‍♂️ On top of that…base hit? LOL na, thrown out from the outfield. So many bugs that make people safe that are out and out when they are safe. No disrespect to the people who make the game….but it’s just annoying after you get to stadium 9/10
Love the game but?
ejames1369 on 2022-12-05
Love the game. Unfortunately, it crashes constantly on my iPad which results in game continuing to play while trying to recover. For example, game starts and loads opposing team then says I have lost my internet connection when I still have an internet connection. Then when I restart the game it sometimes loads a different team in addition to registering balls, strikes and outs when the game is trying to reload. Also, I purchased the “Black Friday package” and was charged twice for it. I only received one “Legendary” box when I should have received not only more “Legendary” boxes but also multiple “Epic and Rare” boxes. Any suggestions to resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.
Great game
blahltimore on 2022-12-05
Honestly, it’s a great game. The best mobile baseball game that I have played. The pitching mechanics are superb. The hitting is basic but requires skill. I like the physics of the batting experience. Base running could use some improvement, though. Takes the runner too long to turn around on the base path. There is no opportunity for pickles, which I feel like would make the game more fun. All in all, I’m having fun and I’m sure they will make some improvements to the game this brought updates. Oh, also, I wish it was easier to start a game with someone from my club.

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