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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited possibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and challenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win! Flashy exploding effects and awesome physics make each level a unique action puzzle.  Can you solve them all without crushing yourself with a bad shot?

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It may be useless, but it's consistent!
mynicknamewasstolen!!! on 2020-09-23
I tap the icon that causes the screen to turn black for a fraction of a second, then it returns to the main screen. One ⭐️ for not wasting my time showing a repetitive gif image of a clock or revolving arrow, as I experience withing that twenty-minute span of time: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance that I'll never be able to play this game. One ⭐️ for it's honesty saying, "I don't work, but I only waste a fraction of a second of your time, to figure that out. Go ahead! Try again! I still won't work!" One ⭐️ for not wasting my time by making me watch long drawn-out ads with anticipation, only to be greeted with a few seconds of play time before the next long ad sequence. One ⭐️ for not making me play a game that, although may be fun, is riddled with glitches that foul up my iphone. And finally, one ⭐️ for not trying to charge subscription fees (not on my corrupted version, anyway). Have any of the devs figured out that we only have a limited amount of money and can't afford to pay every single month for every single game we own? I miss the good ol' days where 99 cents lasted a lifetime! Anyway, ⭐️ No timewasting ➕⭐️ No dishonesty ➕⭐️ No ads ➕⭐️ No glitches ➕⭐️ No subscription fees =⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️‼️ Good job, Devs! I wish all useless games didn't waste so much of my time! Update: I still have that screen of black death for a fraction of a second after updating. It may be totally useless, but at least it's consistent!
Great fun
MaurokNC on 2020-09-23
It’s a great game and highly addicting. The frequency of the ads made me go ahead and spend the $3 to get rid of them though, and there are a few glitches, such as the ground disappearing after an explosion (like all the ground, not just what you blew up), or a projectile getting stuck into something forcing a reboot of the game, or it freezing and quitting to desktop but thankfully they aren’t that frequent and merely just an annoyance. I would like to do a feature request of being able to select a previous level to play as right now, it is a strictly linear game. I went to show it to my son, but since I’m on like level 50, I think the game was lost on him because there is so much going on by then. Another suggestion I’d like to make is to create a PRO version of this game where you can pay like $6 or so upfront and make use of the family sharing since in-app purchases aren’t shared with family sharing. Nice game though and I’d highly recommend.
Stupid Fun!
hydroped on 2020-09-23
This is stupid fun- it does nothing but it makes me laugh. Bazooka boy (I call him Orince Joey because there’s a 1/6 chance he’ll kill himself lol) shoots the bazooka. If he destroys the enemy he dies a dance but he doesn’t always survive his own attack so he’ll dance like crazy till he gets blown up or a building falls on him. It’s just silly and fun. One thing I wish- as you go up in level you can upgrade his weapon but you don’t know what the weapon will do till After you pay for it and then you can never go back to the old weapon- that’s the main problem! Up to lvl 150 and no idea how my weapon got changed - no way to go back. Bought 3 more weapons trying to get something like what I had- no dice. Had to delete and download again to start over
Fun game, but missing major features and too many ads
Matt Audette on 2020-09-23
Bazooka boy is hilarious and fun, but missing a few major features. Also, way too many ads and not yet worth the $3 to remove them. To get 5 stars out of me, the game needs some improvement: -I can’t go back and play levels to perfect a one shot kill on all the enemies -The only way to restart a level is to blow yourself up. Hilarious for a while, but I find myself wanting an easy retry button. -Dial back the long video ads to a third or a fourth the frequency. I don’t mind the banner ads and I understand developers gotta make money, but I think I’m going to drop this game because the fun to obnoxious ads ratio isn’t right. And not yet worth the $3 to remove them.
I am Hooked Great Game
Talkcampingnh on 2020-09-23
Level 63 Bunker Bomb stuck into the wood platform and didn’t explode. Level 65 and many others it totals out too quickly says I got a double kill but it was actually total annihilation. Guy is wrong about lazer everything, some things blow up and kick back to kill you. It’s a decision to know what weapon to use for what scenario. Some work and some do not. It’s a fun game. Update LEVEL 173 I have all guns and just building up tons of coin. Game is awesome strategy to find the right weapon for the right mission. Great game. Some repeats now but it’s still fun.
Good game, few bugs
Dks66 on 2020-09-23
This is a good game, I have played many games as time wasters but this one is different, I have played around 70 levels and I have yet to see a level repeat itself which is unusual and shows that it’s creators put in more effort than most, there are a few bugs, sometimes blocks will move before you start a level and kill you from the start, and once the map flipped upside down on me after I had completed the level causing me to have to repeat said level. Other than that it’s a great free game and worth the download
Annoyingly interruptive ads
MonkeyNigger on 2020-09-23
just like lost apps that plague the playstore this one has ads every other time that you play a level, win or lose it’s always interrupted by annoying ads, I quit the game every single time, they had the nerve to ask me to rate the game so that’s when I clicked one star, had I clicked five they would’ve sent me to the playstore to write a review, that’s when I took it upon myself to show my distaste in these common misuses of the review system.
A LOT of Bugs
Yeetus Rice on 2020-09-23
Sometimes when I’m using weapons a lot of things can happen to the level including some of these: The map gets inverted, the map falls for no reason, and the entire map gets cut in half. This happens VERY frequently in every level and it’s caused me to lose a level dozens of times. This game is fine but it could use more weapons or level variety. Overall the biggest deal is the vast issues with the levels constantly breaking.
Ad bait...nothing more!
WheatiesForBreakfast on 2020-09-23
The foundation of the game could be extremely fun, however all enjoyment gets sucked out at every opportunity. Ads literally after every 1-2 pretty much screams the developers want to make a quick buck without having to invest more into the gameplay. Only a handful of upgrades weapons to buy and that’s it. Levels and challenges are recycle to the point of nostalgia. Game deleted after about 30 min of playing.
Great game, eventually boring
Ethan. K. on 2020-09-23
I’ve had a ton of fun with this app. I do most of my mobile playing without internet access, so ads haven’t really been a problem. I’m past level 1200, and I’d probably keep playing if there were any more bazookas to collect. Once I hit about $2.5 billion my money rolled over and I had negative $2.5 billion instead. Some bugs but nothing toooo major. Overall worth the time

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