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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends. Everyday at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes. Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to. CAMERA • The special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously. DISCOVERY • Share your BeReal publicly and discover what other people are doing around you. CHALLENGES. • Some days, the BeReal comes with a unique challenge. COMMENTS • Comment on your friend's BeReal and chat with all their friends. REALMOJIS • React on your friend's BeReal with a RealMoji, your own emojis representation. MAP • See where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal. MEMORIES • Access your previous BeReal in an archive. WIDGETMOJI • See your friends right on your Home Screen when they react to your BeReal with a widget. iMESSAGE REALMOJIS STICKERS • React with your RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats. /!\ WARNING /!\ • BeReal won't make you waste time. • BeReal is life, Real life, and this life is without filters. • BeReal will challenge your creativity. • BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once. • BeReal can be addictive. • BeReal might frustrate you. • BeReal won't make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram. • BeReal doesn't care if you have millions of followers or if you're verified. • BeReal may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes. • BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol, it’s like B-Real from Cypress Hill. • BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us. Questions, ideas? We would love to hear what you think and we could even integrate some of your ideas on Be Real.

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Great app but buggy
Niggilet on 2022-10-07
I’ve been using BeReal for a little over a month and it has slowly become my favorite social media app. I love the concept, and everyone who I recommend give it a chance also ends up loving it. The only reason I could not give the app 5 stars is because it is still super buggy. I have a permanent notification symbol on the app, it has the little red circle with the number 1 and there is no way to make it go away. Sometimes it goes away by itself, but then comes back randomly. Also, when you are looking for new friends on the app, and you see people who might be in your contacts or have mutuel friends, there is a button to add them, or a button to ex them out. When you ex someone out from the list, they go away, but then randomly reappear? The bugs are not game-breaking but it’s quality of life things that should be fixed given that the app has went pretty main stream. This is the first review I’ve ever given so if anything, I hope this gives some feedback to the developers. Keep it ad-free!!! We love that there is no marketplace. It’s simple, it works, don’t break it PLEASE.
im not an babysiting alian on 2022-10-07
BeReal is so freaking fun i never thought i would enjoy it as much as i did HUGE NO NO i get it some of ur friends or possibly ur crush may or may not take a rlly good BeReal and you wanna keep it for yourself DO NOT SCREENSHOT. they can see that you did unless you wanna be in the clear i would suggest screen recording or sum if you wanna take it to the next level. Also question, why is the back camra so hard to figure out like i will take a picture of a background but it shows something else like whaaa but yeah anywho Great app highly suggest!☺️
Glitchy and difficult to navigate
zickerVW on 2022-10-07
I had a lot of trouble adding my friend and then more trouble adding my own daughter as a friend. It took forever for us to figure out, and we're still not sure how we finally got it to work. There's no "home" page...and it doesn't take you to the posting page immediately when it's time to post. I thought there was a count down or a way to retake your shot but now I don't see that anymore...third day in. The app needs a lot of work. Fun concept...just difficult to use.
Great concept!
jojosmith97 on 2022-10-07
I think this social media app is a great idea. You can’t doctor your photos, you have to literally capture you as you are along with what you are doing. You can’t always show off the cool things you did that day because it prompts you to photograph at random times each day. One downside is, because you don’t know what time it will prompt you, sometimes it’s really early in the morning or really late at night.
Awesome ngl
Armadillohehe on 2022-10-07
I love this app cause it’s so fun whenever I get to see peoples BeReals and whenever my friends and I do one together. My only suggestion is more emojis to when you react to someone’s Bereal but I love this app and it is a app that can respect your privacy like for younger people and this app has had me dying to wait for when the next bereal goes off
Good concept. Lots of bugs.
Soooo annoyed on 2022-10-07
Ever since I added a friend in a different time zone (I’m in USA they’re in Switzerland) the app has been super buggy. Takes forever to load once I click on the two minute notification. Sometimes I miss the “window” just waiting for the app to load. Also, the notifications are messed up specifically for that friend.
Great Idea But Glitchy!
sara11191 on 2022-10-07
Love the idea of the app but I can’t stand that I always have a red badge icon showing I have a notification when I don’t have any. I’ve checked every area of the app, uninstalled and reinstalled, turned my phone on and off, to no avail. I know others with this same issue. Otherwise, fun app!
New Features !
imagirlrightingareveiw on 2022-10-07
I love BeReal ! But it would be awesome to have a feature that you could only see the BeReals in our country & then a feature where you can see a different country or around the world! like a switch that goes to BeReals in your country/ BeReals around the world!
Aaron canestrare jr on 2022-10-07
I think that this app is very fun I personally give it five stars because who doesn’t want to be reminded to take a daily picture and a cute one at that it’s really fun to do with friends BeReal if y’all need someone to be in an ad for you I’m ready
Cool idea, needs work
23tylbril on 2022-10-07
Great idea. However, I’ll often get the notification that it’s time to post and nothing will happen for a while. There was one time 5 minutes went by before it actually had me take the picture. Some consistency is needed. But overall, pretty good.

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