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May, 2021


May, 2021



Experience the exciting life of a Beat Master! Remember to keep your lover happy! Fantastic graphics & animations Fun mini-games

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Plain out boring, repetitive and just weird
F0xanimati0ns on 2021-06-17
I downloaded this game and played for a few minutes and it’s just the worst not even a rap game. You rap once and then the rest of the time you are sorting, fixing or matching stuff and the rest of the time you get a bunch of long adds for other games. Not to mention the “get a girlfriend” part it’s just really weird on what you can do. You get three options to pick to do but before that you have to buy the girlfriend things to make the “love meter” go up and once it’s up you can do one of three options. 1. Kiss her 2. Undress her 3. She twerks at your character This is plain weird considering your aiming this at 12 year olds I highly suggest you do not download this game. Like I said it’s boring, repetitive and plain weird
Sweeth1235 on 2021-06-17
This game was entertaining for about 20 seconds until I figured out what the game was actually like. This game looked interesting on the ad but actually is not. The game is not that bad overall in some parts the mini games are entertaining and interesting to play but when you finish a level they force you to have a girlfriend and there’s this thing called love points you have to pay coins in the game or you have to watch an ad to get them with the love points. You have to pay 100 love points for a kiss 200 for her to wear a bikini and 300 for you to look at her butt? That is very inappropriate I would not recommend this game.
It’s barley even a rap game
h on 2021-06-17
You only get to rap like every 25 levels- you play a bunch of mini games that are boring and repetitive in between and get a long ad after every single one of them. And the best part is by the time you get to the 2nd rap it’s literally the same as the first one. And then it just repeats and says it’s the next level. This is genuinely a terrible game. It would have been more fun if it was actually just doing the rap battles but they took that outta the picture and ruined it. It has so much potential if it takes the mini games out and just makes it a rapping game like it was intended.
absolute trash.
unicornzzzzzzzia on 2021-06-17
Why after every level, you build more and more to get a girlfriend? It’s just sexist. By the time you do get a “girlfriend” there comes an option screen we’re you could do weird things to her, not something you’ll want to teach children. This “getting a girlfriend” is just another way of saying that women are trophies men have to get, and flaunt. Has anyone her learned that women are much more than that??? Therefore.. game's absolutely horrible, another way for misogynistic men to get what they want.
Worst game ever
Crane_172 on 2021-06-17
Here are the 2 reasons I don’t like this game. 1. I saw the game ad, and thought it would be only raps so I downloaded it. Then when I got to level 5, and 7 there was no rapping! I kept on playing level after level, and all there was were mini games! 2. The girlfriend options, are wayyyy too older for kids at age 12 and under! Do u think parents, are gonna approve of this game?! No!! They. Will. Not. In conclusion, u really need to fix this game.
Copying games and the game is weird
proguy at fortnite on 2021-06-17
Anyone that see please don’t download this game because there only one level of beatbox not only that those mini game are just copy of others games like when I was on my first it is just that car game where you got to move those so your car can go and on my second mini game it just that game where jump in front of your boss to save then this is just weird so I recommend you not to download it just a copy of other games.
Worst game ever
gg reese on 2021-06-17
This game is horrible because it’s so boring and the game Iitarly tells you the answers so why get this game while you can get other games (that are much better than this and it’s so easy and i hate it so do not download it because I just downloaded it today and I’m only on the 10th level and there was soooooooo much ads so DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!! it’s terrible so delete it NOW!!!
Terrible, misleading
purplehippos on 2021-06-17
There was only one level of rapping. The first mini game you play is rhyming, the rest are unrelated and stupid. This had so much potential but it is wasted and constantly plagued with ads. Why advertise the game with rhyming when it isn't prominently present in the game? Also the girlfriend subplot is completely unnecessary and objectifying. Gross game.
Racist sexist and homophobic
the full and honest truth on 2021-06-17
This app is appalling you have to have to do it with your girlfriend and buy her things so she would do it with you there is not an option to have a boyfriend instead you’re carecter can not be a girl and the body guard is a black man who has to throw himself in the air so your carecter a white boy won’t get hit my a can DO NOT PLAY
Very annoying
Toxic Cheetaaz on 2021-06-17
This game is straight up stupid. Like u don’t even get to rap and it says it’s. Rapping game. And u have to do all these stupid levels that are nothing related to what the games title. Like u can rap again after many levels. Very very stupid. SCAM!!!!!! Very dumb. Who made this game. Who ever did. He/she is dumb. Like no cap.

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