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May, 2020


May, 2020



The new BetterMe is now for everyone! We added Journeys specifically for Men, taking into accounts both the goals and the pains of a male half of the world. Enjoy tailored workout programs for distinct body zones or full body; nutrition plans to fit a busy schedule with minimal cooking; and useful tips and tricks on how to lose weight, gain muscle, or reach any other fitness goal you have in mind. And for those who find that exercising at home or with bodyweight alone does not float their boat, we are proud to introduce our Gym series! New Journeys, brand new content, and high-resolution workout videos to help you start exercising at the gym even if you don't know where to start, or build form and solidify your experience if you're a pro. Now, we’ve got also brand new Walking and Running workouts for weight loss and a built-in Calorie Tracker! Want to eat healthy, but cooking recipes is not always convenient? Worry not! Use Calorie Tracker to add any food item to your daily diary and track your progress even more accurately! Even though our app is already an ultimate solution for weight loss, we are tirelessly working to make it better. This update includes tons of brand-new content, improved user experience, and additional features for a healthy and effective weight-loss journey. You don’t have to worry about anything, we’ve got you fully covered with custom meal plans, targeted workouts, water and calorie trackers, step tracker and other useful quirks and features. The BetterMe app provides you with: - Workout journeys: personalized sets of exercises and nutrition to help you get in shape faster - All-new meal plans: dishes picked according to your preferences, and are easy to make thanks to video recipes - New community with daily articles, tips, tricks, and answers to all the FAQ’s - Personal coach feature so are always professionally guided and supported through your weight loss journey - Water tracker and step counter to make sure that you’re staying on track - Yoga and walking workouts. We strive to provide you with outstanding user experience, easy yet effective workouts, nutritious and healthy meal plans fine-tuned to your preferences (vegetarian, traditional, keto, etc.), as well as video recipes to make the cooking process a breeze. There is no need to go to the gym; every single workout can be done at home. The shopping list feature is super convenient: you don’t need to write down all the required ingredients, you can now tap on the recipe and instantly add all the ingredients to your shopping list. BetterMe app is also integrated with Health Kit, so that you can track your steps inside the actual app as well as log your water and calorie intake. You can see your workout and meal schedule on the main screen and set workout notifications so that we can remind you to work out at a suitable time. We’ve also added yoga journeys as well as walking and running workouts to make sure that we’ve covered all your daily activity needs. We offer a wide range of subscription options so that you can choose the right one for you (3 months access renewal, weekly renewal, etc.). You can cancel your subscription at any moment in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the terms. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at purchase confirmation. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Detailed information on our Terms of Use is available here - Privacy Policy -

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Wish I had selected the lowest option...
Gamebaby2 on 2020-06-05
I thought this would be a great option to help with accountability and extra guidance through my health journey. I signed up for the 3 months of fitness and food, totaling $50... however, cataloging meals is pretty nuts, everything defaults to the same ounces when scanning upcs, so u have to change everything, there’s no way to add recipes or extra nutritional information... I’ve had a lot better calorie counter apps and just wanted the daily workouts, but realize after only a day or two that this app isn’t really helpful at all and has very little customization compared to other apps. Also there was no option for a workout that couldn’t be done... for example, the workout today should have been a 10 min walk, but I don’t own a treadmill and it was pouring rain outside, there was no way to swap for something else. I wanted to cancel and get some money back, but unfortunately I’m stuck with the loss of my $50 until my months are up. Thankfully I know to go into my Apple account and cancel when the time comes so I don’t get charged over and over and using this app has caused me to research and download several other similar apps in hopes of finding one that’s got less kinks and will be a better fit.
What is the point
Hprokopek on 2020-06-05
I got this because it was going to have meal plans... but riddle me this. WHAT is the point of having the plan if when you make it, the food doesn’t go to the food log? AND why can’t you search the recipes when you are trying to log the recipe. If I’m responsible for logging each item in the recipe, then that is something I am already doing and don’t need them weird recipes. Also I think it’s ridiculous there isn’t a way to change you meal plan and select from a favorites menu or something. Clearly it’s not rearranging the meals based on other selections and your macros. If it did, it wouldn’t have selected me to have 3 meals that supposed to have a max of 50g fat but really was 76g. So to sum it up... the meal plans are in fact planned, but you can’t log them, they are not curated to your specific “plan”, and you can’t even search or find things you favorited before. What happened is I was duped into a 3month plan of 29.99 and all I have to show is some weird recipes that use measurements like 1/5cup. Who is the heck uses that? Use grams or oz like a normal person. No one has a 1/5c measuring device. It’s just dumb. Ugh. I’m so mad at myself!
Love but could be better
hfidbdjha on 2020-06-05
So when I started using this app (more routinely) in March I was 160 lbs now I am 146 so it works. I love the exercises and the meal plans it’s honestly an amazing app but it could be better. I don’t like that the exercises just jump from one to another. It would be really cool if somewhere in the corner you put “up next: ______ exercise” with a photo or video of the next exercise so I’d be a little more prepared. Also sometimes I can’t see my phone when I’m exercising so some type of ding when you switch workouts or a “3,2,1” kind of count down or something to let me know we’re switching exercises would be helpful. Another thing is I started the sugar free challenge and I’ve been clean since I started but I forget to mark down that I had a successful day and it automatically puts me as failed and it can’t be changed. That’s a bummer and it really brings me down because I know I’ve been trying. Other than that I really love this app it’s honestly helped me so much to change my lifestyle. Another suggestion is I would love if this app could remind you to drink water as well as workout! I really think this app can go places.
Blongirl220 on 2020-06-05
While I want this app to be great it is not. It looks pleasing to the eye but the ease of use is poor. The calorie tracking is off, they offer you recipes with the option to press “log” but pressing that does nothing. You still have to manually log in the meal. It’s very frustrating. I like the fitness training portion of it but it’s not guided by voice or ANYTHING. so you have to stare at your screen to see when the time is up and you move on to the next exercise .rearing your neck around to check the time is counterproductive. Plus you have to manually press next through a lot of the warmups . So basically you kind a need to hold your phone or have it so close because you need to touch it to proceed. I’m super disappointed . I paid 60$ so I’m using the app but most def using Lifesum app for my food calculator. If they could make the fitness portion guided, and update the food tracker to reflect the content that they put into the app logging wise it would make this app much better and user friendly. The exercises are good and I do feel like I’m getting a good workout. Also the recipes are good too.
Could Be Great But Lacks Basic Functionality
Ms. Planet on 2020-06-05
This app could be great, but it lacks one important feature. I signed up on my iPhone with my Apple ID as my login. However, I like to work out with my iPad because the screen is bigger. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered there is no way to login to the app on my iPad with my Apple ID. There is only the option to login with my email. ‘No problem,’ I thought. I’ll set up an email login in my iPhone so I can login on my iPad. Reader, you can’t. There is no way to set up an email login if you signed up with an Apple ID login. I reached out to support and they said that even if I could login on my iPad (which I can’t), my workout info wouldn’t sync. What?! My other workout apps all sync across devices. It seems like that should be standard for any workout app these days. I really like this app. The workouts are great and it has many cool features, but not being able to change my login so I can use my iPad and not having my info sync across my devices is a deal breaker for me. I’m canceling my subscription. Until they fix these issues, you’re better off choosing a different app.
Great idea
Bawnquisha on 2020-06-05
This app would be excellent if it was executed a bit better. I paid $20 for a year membership and would not pay a penny more. I feel bad for those who have paid $120. The calorie counter is not at all user friendly. Half the foods I search for are not there. I can’t log that I’ve eaten one hard boiled egg, I have to log the exact grams or ounces of egg I’ve eaten. Honestly, that’s way to much work for a full day of meals. I wish that when adding in calories you could add the macros from that item as well. The workouts are good, but there is no timer or beeping so that you know when to switch to the next workout. It’s annoying to constantly look over at my phone so that I know when to switch exercises. It’d be nice if there were like 5 seconds between exercises to change positions. That way I’m not wasting time going from a squat to laying down for sit ups. You also can’t restart the timer for a set once it’s started. There are lots of little things about this app that just make it not worth it to me.
Funciona!! Só peca em alguns pontos de usabilidade
rneto_95 on 2020-06-05
Amei essa aplicação! Recebi um plano personalizado de exercícios e alimentação de acordo com as minhas medidas actuais e o meu objectivo de perder peso. Já consigo ver resultados no meu corpo e me sinto muito mais saudável! A aplicação em si também é muito fácil de usar. Mostram exactamente como os exercícios devem ser feitos e põem um timer no ecrã enquanto se fazem os exercícios. Outra coisa que gosto é o facto de fornecerem as receitas para cada refeição que eu tenho de preparar em cada dia. Ajuda-me bastante a poupar tempo na procura desses detalhes! Só não consigo pôr as calorias exactas e a quantidade de água que consumo. A app usa um botão que desliza numa escala e não um espaço para pôr os números exactos. Isso dificulta no controlo do meu progresso com precisão. Tbm acho que os preços podiam ser um pouco mais baixos para me motivar a continuar. Mas enquanto não houver melhor alternativa com preço mais acessível, posso fazer esse sacrifício porque funciona, especialmente durante a quarentena.
xjd2020 on 2020-06-05
I don’t see the value of the app if you cannot update or change your plan as you move on and get to know what works and what doesn’t. I tried to change my feeding schedule from 2 to 3 meals a day, but the app only shows me options for lunch and dinner... It doesn’t allow you to search meal options based on specific criteria (as for example a particular ingredient) so it makes it long and boring to scroll down to see if you find something that fits your needs. The food and calorie login option is not complete enough... there are to many pantry staples that the app does not have registered for nutritional information, and there I no option to add it your self. You cannot add a recipe that you prepared for the app to calculate the calories. The workout plan that the app builds for you is nowhere to be seen as a whole, you just get access to the daily workouts it decides you should do and you cannot change it, if for example you have more time or more energy... Just a waste of money...
Great idea, bad design
zeweirdogrl on 2020-06-05
This is a great app. I really do love it but there are some major flaws. When I first got it I was really looking forward to the exercises but when I started doing them I realized that there was no time to change positions. You’ll be standing doing one exercise and they expect you to already be on the floor and ready for the next one in less than a second. Also it says that this app is supposed to be for people who are trying to lose weight but use who are out of shape and not ready for all this bendy stuff it’s really hard to keep up. I personally am not able to pretzel myself up because I’m not very flexible. It feels like it’s more geared towards people who are already in shape. And some of this beginners stuff is just crazy. Maybe you could tone down the beginners exercises so beginners can actually do them and put some time between the exercises so we can get into position instead of just going right into the next one every time, just like 5 second or so would be great.
Over priced
Arcyy7 on 2020-06-05
Paid $30 apparently for a free trial. The app said I wouldn’t be charged and all of a sudden a 30$ charge for 6 months was on my account and I had to cancel for a subscription that was going to renew in 6 months. Okay fine but then I find out the meal plan isn’t even included and is an extra 30$ when trying to see food tips. Already paid 30$ for an app and I can’t even use all its functions or even choose my workout plan. It gives me an automatic one based on my weight and habits but if you want to do other workouts they won’t be added to your plan. It shows in your plan that you haven’t even done your workout which is unsatisfying when you have finished a workout. You have to remember which challenge you were doing. The workouts are cool but I wish there was an audio option so you can tell when a stretch or set is done. You don’t always stare at the screen when you are trying to workout. Hopefully you guys can improve these areas

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