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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Discover God through beautiful Holy Bible stories, verses, and music. Receive personal, relevant verses for inspiration and sharing with loved ones. Each day a new verse is sent to your device - it's like receiving a message from a dear friend who loves you and wants you to be happy. Join the #Bible movement, share the Word, and fill social media with grace. You may use this app in perpetuity for free, but if you would be delighted to support our mission of delivering thousands of moments of grace, love, and wisdom each day, there are patronage subscriptions available. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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Canceled Subscription.
LashDaryn on 2020-02-23
I deleted the app as soon as I got it because it was going to charge me because somehow I had “subscribed.” Even though I deleted the app I was unsure of how to actually unsubscribe and it still charged me $21! I’m little upset because $21 is a lot for a college student who has to rely on waitressing to pay the bills. I would like a refund but anytime I got the refund option, it says that my request is invalid or something.
Nice app, but please correct pronouns
kristin224 on 2020-02-23
I love the app: the verses, the music, the background.. all lovely. Thank you for developing this app. Though please consider capitalizing the pronouns that refer to God. For instance, any and all references to Him, most definitely in scripture, should be ‘Him’, not ‘him’. It’s cringeworthy to see these errors, but hopefully they are merely errors and not a choice that was made to refer to Him in that way.
Queen of the Elves :) on 2020-02-23
I love this app! I get one every day at the right time. It gives me hope when I’m lost. It also inspires me. You should definitely try this app. It gets you closer to the LORD the god of Israel. And it has stories, that you can read at the right time. It also gives good bible verses, it gives me the right ones, DOES IT KNOW MY EVERY MOVE?!
Absolutely Amazing
Terribly Addicting on 2020-02-23
This app is so good to get fed scripture! I love that it takes what you save and uses that influence future scriptures given by the app. The music is wonderful and great for quiet time and soaking. I love this app and I’m glad that God is using it to grow my relationship with Him by giving me scriptures that are always right on time.
What an inspirational app
candlejoan on 2020-02-23
This is my first review of an iTunes AppStore app. Actually any app at all as a matter of fact. This app is so wonderful and heartwarming I set notifications throughout the day so whenever stressful moments or fearful anxieties pop up these notifications take me right back to the mind frame I need!! Great Christian app!!
Deleted it.
Michrauhl on 2020-02-23
Is this app free? I downloaded it and then it asked to pay $19.99. I don’t like the music either. How do u shut that down without having to turn your phone’s sounds off? I actually deleted the app within 5 min of downloading. Hope I wasn’t charged. I just wanted something with daily images.
Real Peace.
KimlivesforGod123 on 2020-02-23
I love the pictures, the music, and the scriptures. The music and Word brings peace to my heart. Highly recommend this app. I play the background music in the car, while at doctor’s appointments... to bring God’s glory to that place. Thank you for this free app. Kim
1stpage02/2020 on 2020-02-23
Such a peaceful experience! It sends me notifications that act as little pick me ups at the toughest points on my day! This app is simply designed with such beautiful pictures & and background music to let you just enjoy each verse.
2Corinthians 1:20. For all the Promise of God in Him are Yes Amen To the Glory of God to us
mariestahli on 2020-02-23
All things are Pissible with God so keep our Spirit up to the Lord & have Faith in the Holy Trinity God The Father God The Son Jesus Christ & The Power of the Holy Spirit Amen & constantly pray Sizzlingly & Focus on God
Perfect for Daily Verse Day or Night
Walker - Texas Ranger on 2020-02-23
I love this app! I look at it each night before bed and meditate on a verse. The background music is also very soothing and helps you achieve an uplifting mindset. Perfect way to end the day with God’s beautiful scripture. Thank you!

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