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Bigo Live allows you to live-stream your favorite moments, and make friends from all around the world. We enable people to showcase their talent, discover, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way. We have over 200 million users around the world. Say no to FOMO, share your life, gain fans, receive gifts, make money and live in the moment. Bigo Live is a new way to experience life. --Why Bigo Live?-- * GO LIVE Sing? Dance? Have any hidden talents? - Show off your talents. Get followers, gain fans, receive gifts, make money and become an idol to many. * WATCH LIVE-STREAMS We have an active community, and millions of talented broadcasters, dancers, singers, foodies, comedians, and more. Your favorite moment is here. * LIVE VIDEO CHAT & VIDEO CALL - Invite a friend to start a 1:1 video chat. - Create a group video chat or video call with up to 9 people in our Multi-guest Room. - No more loneliness. Want to meet new people, make friends or meet new people? Bigo Live can match you with locals around you or with people from all around the globe. - We bring the fun. Check out our video filters and our unique stickers! We have tons of cool filters to choose from. Level it up! * VOICE CHAT ROOM - Talk in real time with people nearby or from all over the world - Make use of our live voice chat with interactive voice emojis to have fun. - Talk about life, sing along, or simply chat in different languages with people from all around the globe. * LIVE PK (LOL) Remember PK? Same. It’s time to dare your friends on BIGO LIVE! - Broadcasters with the most points will win, and losers will be punished. Dare or not? ;) * VLOG (Video Blog) Share your life, show off your talents, and become a popular vlog star in BIGO LIVE. * GAMING? YES, WE DO. Connect, stream or watch other’s live-streaming popular games, such as PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and more. SAY HELLO: Instagram: @bigoliveapp / @bigolive.usa Facebook: @bigoliveapp Twitter: @bigoliveapp Instagram: @bigoliveapp YouTube: Your feedback helps us improve BIGO LIVE. Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

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No respect for talent or itself
Natalie Gelman on 2020-01-29
Bigo recruited me to be a contracted broadcaster for the app. I’m a musician and singer and put on quality broadcasts on the app. In my second month working with them I hit the targeted 30hrs according to the time log within the app. They pay contracted broadcasters a base salary plus bonuses depending how many gifts you receive. Well, when it came time to pay me for the 2nd month they only paid me 1/2 the salary saying that I hadn’t met my hours. The agent I was working with went in to check and found out that I was 17 seconds short of a full 30hrs. I want to mention here that anytime you go over 2hrs in a broadcast day it doesn’t count. And on numerous occasions that month I had broadcasted for longer than the 2hrs. My agent agreed with me that Bigo should still pay me in full especially since it still said on their time log that I had fulfilled the requirement and that’s what any normal person would go off of. Bigo refused and I think it’s terrible business to treat your talented broadcasters/employees like that. I worked hard to put on a quality broadcast - none of the cam girl bs that this app is now known for. It’s almost a year later since I wasn’t paid but this still sits so wrong with me that I had to share my experience and warn other talented content creators to stay away from Bigo. They don’t respect you or even their own platform and it’s data.
Steal your diamonds that you actually buy
TAHALKAAA on 2020-01-29
The app took my diamonds while playing yummy(game that is inside bigo). I buy diamonds and already spent a lot buying it. I found it takes diamonds while playing yummy game. I usually bet 9 diamonds and it been taking around 200 diamonds at a time(happens frequently not all the time and shows some kind of error msg). Customer service is worst possible. They asked me for screen shot and its not possible to catch with screen shots unless you take them every single time before your bet. I even asked them to check my play/bet history. They act like they do not understand a single think. BE CAREFUL GUYS. THERE ARE OTHER SIMILAR APPS. if you really wanna use this app NEVER SPEND REAL MONEY TO BUY DIAMONDS IN HERE. I WILL NOT REMOVE THIS REVIEW UNTIL THEY FIX MY ISSUE AND RETURN MY DIAMONDS.
Bullying A Major Issue
Ree*Ree on 2020-01-29
I joined the app summer of 2019 which i loved it then but now not so much. There is alot of bullying going on... bigo gives you a report button however it doesn’t cover the basis of every issue. Even after reporting the people those bullying are never reprimanded.. How could such a great app be diminished by its lack of monitoring the live broadcasts or failing to deal with said people doing the bullying. There’s already been incidents of self harm and suicide due to this issue. I feel that along with updating their policies it should be taken into action as well.. HOLD THESE BULLIES ACCOUNTABLE‼️ would give 4 stars but this issue serves a major concern for me.
Amazing app... However
MamiiCash on 2020-01-29
There is definitely a problem, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I recently got banned! For no reason. And now I cannot enjoy the app and become apart of BIGO. Banned for life? Like really? Besides the banning of wrong people. I love the app and if there's any way, I'd love to be unbanned so that I can fully enjoy this app. I've also reached out in Feedback to be unbanned... Haven't gotten a reply or ANYTHING. It's a bit upsetting.. I also browsed through these reviews.. Seems like everyone is pretty upset about the same issue.
Not Responding To Emails
GuttaGutta1010 on 2020-01-29
Bigo itself a great app but the response on emails about family information is horrible. I’ve been emailing bigo and haven’t heard anything back. I’m waiting on family badges that I got approved for and still haven’t received anything yet! Like how are we suppose to help the app make money if nobody don’t respond to emails. Fix it and respond back to emails! Overall it’s a great app but need more workers or something idk!
BANNED ?!??!?!??
tj_tbp on 2020-01-29
I had a bigo account that I used just to watch lives and get on lives with friends and the other day I try and log on and it says I’m permanently banned for pornographic/improper content and I hadn’t been on bigo for two days before I checked and got wrongfully banned for no reason and just wanting to get back on because I didn’t nothing explicit on my account !!!
BIGO ban for nothing takes money
Poptart Watts on 2020-01-29
BIGO is nothing but a undercover money scam. I spent money only to get banned and for nothing. Then they banned me for 10 years but only after they took my money. First time they banned me it said it was because I was topless and I was fully clothed. They ban you for nothing to take your money for nothing. Highly Don’t like this app. Live Me App treats me better
Love it but....
King1sin2p3 on 2020-01-29
I love the app but you have to spend a lot of money to use it. The host want gifts gifts equal spending money and some of the host will kick you out when you can’t afford to send gifts. Also it’s so hard to earn beans if you aren’t going live and trying to become a host. I love the app though but it’s just a lot of spending... still trying to figure the app out.
BIGO Review
Inspire on 2020-01-29
BIGO is a great app that has a lot of opportunities of making friends and getting a job. It’s a great app and I enjoy talking to a lot of the people on there. One thing I suggest is getting rid of the “trolls” and “bullies” on there as they are ruining a lot of people’s experience on the app. Besides that, I’ve been on for 3 years and I’ll be on for much more.
Friend list
RickyCano on 2020-01-29
Hello my bigo ID Ricky_cano everyone follow me please.... I have nothing negative to say about this app I Love it and I recommended to everyone. The only thing I will like to be put in the app, is the option of selecting everyone in the friend list at the same time and not selecting one by one. Atleast I think it’s a good idea. Regards: Ricky_cano

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