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Love Bingo? You can test your skills in Bingo Clash to compete against other players in classic, fast-paced Bingo matches and win great prizes! Key Features: —Free Bingo games available at any time. —Get matched with other players of your skill level, play fair and classic Bingo games with fun buffs, and win exciting prizes and rewards. —No ads, uninterrupted gaming experience. —Tournaments, 1v1 competitions and multiplayer games of your choice. Various prize pools to choose from. Practice your skills before playing higher stakes. —100% safe and secure withdrawal via PayPal. 1V1 GAMES Match your skills against another player at your skill level to compete for prizes! TOURNAMENTS Play against multiple other players in bracket-style tournaments. Rank high to get amazing prizes! TONS OF PRIZES Test out your skills and win great prizes through Lucky Cards, the Fortuity Wheel, and other entertaining features! FREE TICKETS TO WIN PRIZES You can now use Tickets to enter Bingo Cash Games for free! Earn free Tickets every day by logging in and participating in various in-game events! Use these Tickets to play skill-based Bingo games and win prizes and rewards. If you have questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]

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Great game but has its flaws
swizzz973714 on 2021-06-17
Been playing for over a year, never deposited real cash up until a month ago and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse, deposit $5 and get $10 bonus cash so hey, what the heck. That day was my best day, with those $5 I had a total of up to $120 but with the bonus cash I had to forfeit I ended up withdrawing $96. I only withdrew because I went on a losing streak so hey, $100 off of $5 in one day, can’t beat it. I then started depositing more with the “deposit __ get __ in bonus cash”. After that day I withdrew, each time would always be win one game and lose 5, eventually losing more money than making. I then got suspicious after reading reviews and decided to watch gameplay. My opponent and I played exactly the same, had the same amount of bingos and identical scores so when we both used a 2x multiplier my opponents score went up 13k and mine only went up 6k. HOW??? After today, I’m just going to deposit $5 here and there. I played 31 games today, won only 11. Lost more money than won. Luckily most of it was bonus cash and only ended up losing $10 in real money. Also, the spin and go’s are ridiculous. Played 31 $6 game spin and go’s and every game except for two were +$1 with a guarantee of $8 making it a $9 game off of $6, if you win. I undertake the ratio is 75% of getting +$1 games but dude, out of 31 games only 2 were more than that?? I’m just glad I’ve only used a total of maybe $50-$60 and won near $100 so I still haven’t lost money but this game is designed to have you winning, wanting you to deposit, playing more games, and eventually losing the money you had before and after you deposited.
Honest Review!
tateshiono on 2021-06-17
Hey there! Make sure to read this review in its entirety! I’ve been playing Bingo Clash for two weeks as a trial run and if you are looking to get real money, don’t bother! The concept of playing bingo for cash seems nice considering that it 1. requires strategy by using powerups wisely and 2. luck by getting matching numbers. My best advice is to save up on tickets so you can spend in games for cash rewards tournaments that reward $1 and $1.5 but are multiple rounds). Unfortunately, the reality is you have to deposit money for bonus cash, which is needed to compete in cash games (seems dumb to spend money on a game that should give you money right? ) I have not spent a single penny on Bingo Clash and have earned $12.4 off winning the cash tournaments I mentioned and mini games such as Scratchers and Spin Coin. I played one cash game and lost, but it makes no sense to try again and keep losing. Of course, because all of my money is “bonus cash” and not real money, I can not withdraw it. If you are like me and saw an ad about this game showing the loads of money you can win, obviously they don’t show you what you have to do to get there. If you are still reading, congrats! Glad you took the time to do so. Simply put, don’t waste your time on a game that requires more from you rather than the other way around. Get a job, put yourself out there for once, because the hours you spend playing this game could be put to better use! Cheers
Understand how the game works
frostya84 on 2021-06-17
I’ve been playing about six months and had very positive experiences. I am probably one of the few who is several hundred up overall but I primarily ply for fun, not to make money! Few things I’ve seen in negative reviews which are just wrong: - money not being paid back out on withdrawals. All my funds have been paid out. They will refund as much as you have paid in on to the card you paid it in, any excess is then either sent by check or to your bank account depending on what details you have entered - people getting impossibly high scores. You get the same numbers and options, you can watch games to confirm this. Where it can vary is when you use a power up to pick a number, if your opponent picks differently then this can alter the following progression, eg you pick 5 and that was going to be the next number out. Your opponent picks a different number and then gets to hit 5 too, also means they are then closer to another power up. Just how it goes. - free bonus money. Of course they aren’t just going to let you deposit and then take all your money out but keep the bonus. But every game does convert it to real money which is better than most and also mitigates losses slightly as 10% entry fee is bonus if you have it. I always try to keep a little bonus cushion for this reason. If you are going to get super upset that someone beat you and you lost a little money you probably shouldn’t be playing but it’s a good company and fun game!
NOTHING, and I’ve only included a few Nothings, there is more!
Sweetshelby68 on 2021-06-17
So I begin by saying, “Thanks!”, to Aviagames, a.k.a. Avia Games! Thanks for giving me Bingo Clash, which is fun to play but don’t expect cash like advertised. NO answer in my “Ultra Player” support. That might have stopped a negative review NO “DAILY” bonus as advertised. It comes and goes. Mostly, it’s gone. Recently I was knocked down from L7 to L6 for NOT depositing cash. WHY would I deposit if I’m NOT getting same games to play? I earned L7. If I do not have additional funds to gamble one month, WHY NOT let me enjoy free games and keep progress I earned (or paid for?). Not like I’ll be cashing out with any money so why take my Level? NO Tournaments!! It’s Wednesday night Bingo, NO EVENTS for me to play. NO Speedy Skirmish to enter with tickets. NO upgrade for “chance to get up to $45”. A popup has offered this to me about five times to “upgrade now”. When I try, it takes me to a blank screen with an arrow pointing left at top left of screen to let me leave with more nothing! Oh, and I’ll still be playing, at least for a while. Mostly just as a time killer, which I gave the one star for. It’s a time killer. Yes, it sure is killing time.
You win so money so easy and so fast.
ummlexii on 2021-06-17
So I downloaded this game a year ago, and so far I’ve won over 1000$.. I’ve currently been saving my money on the game just to see how much I could get and so far within a week I have 800$ so far and yes that’s just in one week…it probably would have took me a while to actually start making money if I wouldn’t have found this code, this code practically gives you 100$ for free just by entering the code and playing a game, and you can cash it out, it’s not bonus cash or coins it’s actual money that you can either cash out or play games until you have enough money that you was wanting and cash out fast and easy.. And if you deposit money into the game you instantly win 200$ plus 60$ in bonus cash and 10,000 coins. This is literally the easiest way to win money, I’m a single mom and this game makes my life so much easier, this isn’t a scam I swear this is 100% legit!!I just thought I’d share this with y’all, I hope I helped someone out there out. have an amazing day. ☺️ ( Also to enter the code all you do is click on the shopping cart and click where it says {Code} and just enter the code there ) ☺️
Negative 10 stars
Chineesta on 2021-06-17
This game totally cheats. When you win 5K it gives you 1K (“tickets” not $) when you win $it doesn’t credit you. There is a time allowance for games and there is always a fake player way exceeding max time allowed for game so that you leave the game expecting to receive just rewards after all players scores are reconciled ….. even if not possible to be removed from your place in game regardless of theory score you would have at least 2nd….you never receive your prize. And if you just sit and wait instead of starting a new game, you’ll wait hours (I set phone down and did my work and came back hours later still “waiting” for the fake player to finish game that had max 3 minute allowance to finish) this never reconciles and only option is to back out of that game and receive 0 credit I have not lost a ton of real money, only lost unjustly a few dollars and gobs of points (also the spin rewards & lottery tix never credit rewards) I just am saying before anyone else loses much that this game is a prank
A little upsetting
sinner1369 on 2021-06-17
So I love the game itself but when I decided to see if your able to withdraw your money was just curious wasn’t gonna withdraw but.. they don’t let you take all of your money first off. Second they charge you a fee so out of $87 they only allow me to take $39 then they tax me $22 of that 39 I would withdraw. Now I am guessing they make a good amount of money off the players and for them not to allow us to withdraw all of it is sad. Even if they offer a bonus it still your money. Sad thing is I wasn’t really gonna withdraw just wanted to see if the option was there if you ever won a big jackpot. So just a word to the wise don’t add to much and don’t expect to receive anything extra you win on this game. Other wise it would of been a 5* game but there is always a scam in these games
Scam! You can win but good luck actually getting the money you win
julmos5 on 2021-06-17
So I actually thought this was a cool app to start out, but then it was harder n harder to win! I finally cashed out and chose to have my payout via the Amazon gift card since it said it would be delivered to my email within 3 days verses 10+ days! WRONG!!!! It’s been 2 weeks and still nothing ! Ive checked my spam and emails over and over and nothing! I’ve tried contacting support and no one replies back to me! It’s a total scam, they surely take your money out of your bank super fast but they don’t pay you when u choose to cash out! I will be sure to make friends aware that I’ve recommended this app to! Customer service is non existent apparently! SMH ‍♀️
Sally2232 on 2021-06-17
I have had the game for less than 3 weeks and have already won and withdrew $100! I just won $111 more I’m about to withdraw! I see a lot of people saying it’s a scam because they lose by so many points but if I get a full house and a x2 I get 60,000+ points! It is not a scam you’re just not as skilled as you thought. I have also lost a lot but I’m not crying about it! Before the $100 I won I lost all $60 I had then got a lucky winning streak and won all that money! It’s a fun game to play and you are able to win!
anush a on 2021-06-17
So after my first deposit I won a lot of money. Beware...once you withdraw you suddenly lose every round and if you win and don’t withdraw you still start losing. Play the same way all the time, but all of a sudden when I win too much I start losing. There are these power ups and one of them is where you get to pick a number and when it wants you to lose every number you pick is called right after. It’s a rip off, don’t waste your Money

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