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How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...

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Dear BitLife,
KittyKat1400 on 2020-01-28
Firstly, let me begin by saying that I truly love your game, and look forward to updates in the future. Here are some of my ideas for updates, this is a review dedicated to requesting features which I haven’t seen mentioned in reviews before. (I read reviews sometimes to see what might be coming in a new update btw) Number 1: Foster Care. Sometimes I have a really rich spouse but they make me sign a prenup so I kill them and get sentenced to death. Then since my children are still young I decide to play as them, but there seems to be no parent figure in their life! I’m a 7 year old girl and nothing comes up for parent, I’m not even adopted!!! Now, I want it to be possible for both your parents to die in like a car crash, or some other accident or disease even when you are young. Or they could could give you up at birth, your living situation is really bad, or abandon you. Now to actually get into what this update would include. (Im so sorry this is so long) Well, you could be put into foster care if nobody automatically adopts you, as you get older the probability of adoption gets smaller and smaller. Adoption interviews, you would be asked multiple questions about your personality, no right or wrong answer but it depends on what the couple is looking for (random). If you are in foster care then there can be different types of homes, kind people, mental cases, creepy, super religious, just poor parents, helicopters, perverts, criminals, and even people who just use you for labor! Your foster parents could also use you to deliver, make and even get you started on illegal drugs. Or they could be abusive and stuff. Now, if you have a good relationship with a GOOD foster parent then they can adopt you and you can have a happy life with them. Or, if you have horrible foster parents they might adopt you so that they can keep you to do illegal stuff for them. Doesn’t that sound like a really juicy update? Number 2: Just at the end of your life be able to see if you went to heaven or hell. Just a fun way to see how your life was lived Number 3: I know people say this one a lot, but please make the characters look more diverse, you dye your hair it should be dyed, if you get glasses they should appear on your character. You should also be able to buy clothes, boats, decorations, land (not just houses), art, books, and other luxury items. It’s just that when im a billionaire I end up gambling and get even more money! Thanks! I love your game! Bye! Edit: ok, so I’m back. I recently downloaded the new crime update and let me specify that I am actually quite pleased. But I can find it a bit boring after a while. I was hoping that maybe you could add a mafia??? Or gangs outside of prison? I’m just saying that being a kingpin in BitLife would be pretty cool!! And there could be a lot of drama, like being threatened, or your spouse and children being threatened? I just realized how horrible I sound for writing this but it would be really fun!!
Hhhdkhdjdhbjrnjd on 2020-01-28
So now that we have pets and friends and stuff like that what if for the pets we could like neuter or breed them with are other dogs or even like pay someone to breed there dog with are’s and on ur house lot maybe u could like add kennels and other stuff like barns and garages and when u add kennels that would increase ur amount of pets ur aloud to have. Also with jobs u could like creat like ur own shop at ur house where u could like idk sell ur own crafts and like I said earlier u could sell the puppies or u could make a online store where u sell all kinds of stuff. Ok now with friends I find that by the time u get like really old ur friends start to die and it’s kinda hard for u to make new friends what if u could like get on an app and meet people online or go to the park or other places and make new friends also what if your kids can send u to a nursing home and u can protest and other stuff but like if u have a mental disease like altimeters and stuff. And then when u get there u can like befriend the staff and other elderly people and u could like get in a fight with the staff if they bother u. Ok back to the whole pets thing so what if u could get a exotic pet license and then u if u get it it opens like this whole other pet shop where u can get these pets and u have to pick there enclosures based on the places where they lived. Ok so to sum it all up bc it was kinda a big mess I’ll do some bullet points (might add some more stuff) 1. breed and sell puppies 2. have jobs from home selling homemade stuff 3. add kennels to ur lot 4. kennels increase ur max amount of pets u can have 5. kids can send u to a nursing home if u have a mental illness 6. pets can now be neuter or spaded 7. add barns and garages to ur lot 8. Create ur own shops and sell what u want 9. make an online store 10. make friends with elderly people in the parks or online and stuff 11. get an exotic pet license where they inspect ur home to see if ur qualified for it 12. If u get the exotic pets licenses it opens a new pet shop where u can chose the pet enclosure based on there environment and if u pick the wrong one u can’t get the pet 13. What if like very rarely u could be born into the royal family and u have to follow all the rules and when u get older u can have the chose to like make speeches and then u can like listen to the news and it tells u what people think of u. (Works almost like the famous part but like it doesn’t run out) 14. If u can fix up ur car to where it looks nicer like u do with ur house 15. Also is it just me or is the urn that u get when someone dies does it just go away if u already have one or is it there and just glitching out on me idk maybe but if it’s not that would be cool if u had like 5 urns of ur dead family. Ok that’s it thank u for reading and I hope u really consider some of these points with much love byeee
I love it
meme991001 on 2020-01-28
I love the game but I would like it if the player are able to either able to open up their own workplace or be able to work from home or get jobs that are in the government like the secret service or CIA or even have the chance to become president. I would also like to point out that parents should choose what types of schools they can attend like private or public schools or if given the chance prep or even boarding schools and children can attend these types of schools via scholarships which are offered for anything like academic or sports or even arts and they should pick what type of college/ university they can attend like Ivy League or studying abroad which many people do now a days. I would also like to point out that many people can be born with/ develop difficulties like autism or needing hearing aids as well getting glasses or contacts things like that can happen in life suddenly which are great way to help others understand what it’s like with difficulties and it’ll be great if we can pick different vehicles to drive other then cars like bikes and be able to upgrade them and improving them I also would love it if you can be on dance committees and attend dances like homecoming and prom and be able to win homecoming/ prom queen/king or even be student body president or class rep and get into school spirit and dealing with schools rivalry and pranking the other schools or teachers. And finally it’ll be awesome if you have hobbies or activities outside of school like dance, gymnastics, karate/ martial arts, sing/ music lessons, etc. which a lot of parents put kids in for their clumsiness or their energy or even due to their interest and as well as attending things like summer camps or fairs and adults can attend PTA meetings or school plays as well as town/ city wide stuff like carnivals or even a date auction and charities and finally I would love to see we can use our phones for texting or planning staff or basically using electronic devices in our everyday lives like phones, laptops, and tablets and even getting punished by parents by grounding them and taking their devices away.
I absolutely love BitLife and i’m unhealthy addicted to it!! Here are some suggestions I’m sure everybody will like and hopefully they’ll be added! It would be cool to interact with our friends like another person said having a phone to hit classmates or friends off. I think we should have more options to interact with friends or family cause it does kinda get boring doing the same thing over and over again. I wish we could professionally play sports because on majority of my bitpeople they’re really athletic and I would LOVE to get famous by playing sports. It would e soo cool if we could see what our character looks like when you get plastic surgery and stuff. It would be cool to see what our bitbody looks like, like getting breast implants or the buttlift or even a facelift or nosejob. And when we get famous I wish there was more interaction with fans or something. Oh and maybe like a little place where you can hangout with bitpeople (not nessacarily other humans) but where you can meet people to be your friends, girlfriend boyfriend or spouse. That would be really cool. I would love to see one of these suggestions in the next update if you guys could if not, Ill still play because I love bitlife! Another suggestion, maybe your parents could be famous/rich and stuff like that.
Great game!
Soap bar Squirrel on 2020-01-28
This is an awesome game, besides the excessive amount of ads. I have suggestions for the game. I think there should be a multiplayer BitLife. Like a bunch of players are all in the same BitLife world, like servers. And you can affect the other players, date them, etc. You know, you could start in the same school, grow up, get jobs, and basically just live your BitLife. I also suggest that we can do more things when we’re famous, and also have more things be able to happen to us when we’re famous. Like people recognizing you in public, commenting on your posts, crowing you, and more. And you should also be able to become famous for more things, such as singing and more. Then you could perform at concerts and such. Another thing I would like to see is starting your own YouTube channel, which is also just another way to get famous. Then you’d be able to lose subscribers, gain them, collaborate, and more. Those are just some of the things I think should be added. Anyways, thanks for your hard work on the game! I love the updates all the time, but it’s okay to take breaks if needed. Thanks for reading.
BitLife is amazing
ajuftsjsgdhduehsjsovk on 2020-01-28
First of all, I’d like to say BitLife is just so cool! I love how the developers keep adding new stuff because it makes the game so much more entertaining! It would be cool if there could be more options for clubs in school. It would be so cool if you could be a professional athlete or famous YouTuber. It would be interesting to have religions like Christianity, Buddhism, etc. or be an atheist. It would also be interesting if you expanded the details on a housing situation, for example: being kicked out of your parent’s house for something bad, living in your spouse’s house, living with a relative, etc. One thing I would really like to see in the next update are really bad things happening. Ex: being abducted, natural disasters, being robbed, being targeted, etc. It would also be cool if you could be a spy to prevent bad stuff from happening to other people. I would want this game to be a bit more realistic so you could see the consequences of your actions and learn not to do these things in real life. Overall, BitLife is just an amazing game and I can’t wait to see what the developers add next!
Please respond to this!!
Bitlife Rules lol on 2020-01-28
I honestly have loved this game since the very beginning, I started watching YouTube vids about it, then I realized I could get it on my phone. I almost died of excitement and it was the only game I had for a while on my phone, because I was to busy playing it to download anything else!!! I have gotten other games now, but I still 100% play this one most of all, it truly is the most amazing game I’ve ever played. I do have one suggestion, though, but don’t get me wrong, I love it no matter what. My suggestion is that you maybe make it a little more likely to win the Lottery Jackpot, since it’s always fun to do, but really hard to accomplish. But other then that, I have nothing but love and support for this outstandingly amazingly perfect game, and like I said before, it would really mean a lot if you respond to my comment, because I’ll probably be checking everyday now Thank you so much for this great game, and I hope you keep up the good work!!
Great App! A few Suggestions.
Anuxui on 2020-01-28
This app is THE BEST, and you guys need to change the preview photos of your game on the App Store because they’re outdated and give new players the wrong idea!!! I have only two suggestions. First, I’d like for there to be some way for a single man or a man who’s married to another man to have their own biological kids. I’ve heard about a couple things in real life and I feel like that would be a great addition. Also, I noticed that you can publish a book about yourself when you get famous, but that should not be the only way to do it. I know there’s the writer career, but the truth is going full-time author before getting a different job first is highly unwise. There should be an option to do things like write books or songs while you have a different job, and if they’re a big hit, you can do it full-time. But don’t get the wrong idea if I sound picky, because this is an absolutely outstanding game!
Really fun
Lilly.22.87 on 2020-01-28
I love this game! This game is super fun, but I have a few suggestions. I think you should be able to play sports professionally. I also think that you should be able to make love before age 16, which would be really helpful for doing the 100 baby challenge and would be cool to be really young mom. I also think you should be able to play on sports teams outside of school, like club teams. It would also be nice if you could go to preschool, and play sports in elementary school and preschool. I think you should be able to go to summer camp, day camp and Sleepaway camp, and make camp friends. It would also be cool to have a hobbies button, where you could start singing at an early age, or like art. I also think you should be able to run away from home. I also think there should be more jobs. Anyway, this game is so much fun. I’ve been playing for about a year and I LOVE THIS GAME!
GamerofGlory on 2020-01-28
I overall really liked your game! I just have a couple, just a couple, ideas. 1. Your sexual preference could be chosen at the beginning with your gender and name 2. You could make options to have days, weeks, or months go by 3. You could customize your character to make it look more like you 4. You could have Your own options to buy certain things when YOU want to. Likes houses, cars, clothes, pets, and other things 5. This might not be the best idea. If you don’t like how the bitlife is going, and your happiness is low enough, you could commit suicide 6. Life is unexplainable and unexpected. You could add random deaths from a shooting, a car accident, etc. 7. Make a tinder app so you can find love when YOU want to find love AND find the perfect person That’s about all the ideas I have sadly. I hope this helps you~

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