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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...

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Spooksies on 2020-02-27
This game is great and very addicting I think I play it too much and i have some suggestions first off i think you should be able to play sports professionally which could be judged on what sport you played in school and in college and how well you performed and like have sponsors like shoe or clothing brands. also speaking about fame i think there should be more options/opportunities when you have fame instead of just the 4 i think you should be able to have body guards which would stop the risk of dying and get rid of stalkers and also i think you should be able to have en entourage of friends or other famous people and i think there should be an oscars/emmys awards for actors and musicians and you can win awards for certain things and you should be able to choose what type of music/movies you make and what the name of a movie or a song is and i think famous people should have a reputation which will go up if for example you donate a lot of money to charity or something overall just expanding the fame part of the game. also i think that in school we should have tests or finals like the drivers test when its just one and done question or something like that. also i think there should be a better incentive for buying cars and houses since theres a lot of grey area about where you live if you dont have a house or how you get around without a car. also i really wish you could enjoy the simple things in life and instead of going by a year going by a single day or a week or half a year or a month. i also think there should be an organized crime job or you can join a mafia or become a secret agent for a job, also other cool jobs like an astronaut (idk if thats already a job sorry ) also this is kind of silly but maybe you could become a vigilante and fight crime or get super powers in an accident and become a super hero also i wish there were politics jobs like president or vice president or mayor or be secret service also i think you should add tons more minigames for stuff like court cases working your case or small things like meditating or scenarios your run into the game and if some people dont like them there should be an option to them off also i think we should be able to have like high end apartment in cities and own other things like boats or yachts or private jets and stuff like that also in school i think you guys should expand the cliques system because it doesnt really change anything other than popularity for example if you were in the popular kids you would go to parties and stuff and the mean girls would have mean scenarios just to rise your social status and the social floaters could have a scenario where you have the choice to do something mean to rise your popularity like in movies also i think the clubs should be more intractable like playoffs, championships, chess tournaments etc. this is why the go by day or week thing instead of year thing would be cool because currently you go through high school days in just 4 taps. i also think you should be able to make money as a content creator or a streamer/youtuber, and social media should be more interactable with like a whole profile with random pictures of your bitmoji and a bio like on instagram etc. also currently when you get a hair cut or change your hair color it doesnt actually change your bitmojis look, so it would be cool if it actually did, and i think you should be able to change ur bitmojis clothing/style. another thing i thought of is if your rich you can have an art collection and bid on artwork. i also think if you committed crime there should be an event where you dont get caught but the authorities know you did it and you have to live on the lamb and do all these mini games to avoid capture and try to stay hidden and live your live accordingly, instead of just changing your gender and emigrating. my very last suggestion is the most ridiculous but i think it would be really fun and would be huge for the game. i dont really know how this would work but i think it would be really cool to change when you were born like what year, which would change your life and scenarios growing up for example it would be really cool to live in the future or in the 1970s or the 1800s or whenever. its a stretch but it would be super cool. anyways i love the game i cant wait for future updates keep it up
Update Ideas
thatonegirl504 on 2020-02-27
I love this game and I play it whenever I get the chance. But I have a few update ideas. Be prepared cause this is gonna be long! These are a few update ideas I would like to see in a future update: 1. Your parents could put you up for adoption or abandon you. They could also put you in foster care if you aren’t adopted right away. 2. There could be different types of foster care homes such as a good home, a poor family, pervert, creep, or one that uses you for labor. If you build up a good relationship with the foster family they could adopt you. ( I really want this one!) 3. The family you are born into could be abusive or you could abuse your kids.( I really want this one!) 4. You could have more than one older sibling or your parents can adopt. 5. It would be amazing if there were different time zones you were born into. For example, the Joseon era in South Korea. 6. There could be professional sports and if you played all throughout your school years you could play professionally. 7. You could be born as royalty or into the presidential family. It would also be cool to be born into a famous family. 8. As a teacher you could be able to interact with the students you teach.(I really want this one!) 9. It would be cool to have a full body customizable character for when you get your hair dyed or cut it. You could also buy clothes. 10. You could be able to live as a grandchild or your child without having to die. 11. I wish we could have a choice to move up a month or a couple days instead of a year. 12. If you don’t have enough money to buy a house or when your parents abandon you, you could be homeless. 13. More crimes! Some examples could be kidnapping and rape(where men and women can be raped). There could also be gangs. 14. It would be fun if you could cheat on your spouse or boyfriend/ girlfriend. 15. You could start your own business. 16. It would be cool if your kids or you( as a kid) could run away. 17. It would be fun if you could get kidnapped. 18. And finally, it would be cool if we had different types of parents(lazy, mean, creep, pervert, or one that doesn’t care about you)(I really want this one!) 19. Make it to where we could be adopted while in the orphanage I’m sorry if this is to long I just had a lot of ideas. I hope I can see some of these in the future! If all of these were added this would be my #1 favorite game!
TOO MANY ADS otherwise it’s great
OMG101 on 2020-02-27
( Edit: the ads are WAY WORSE then I thought. After I made this review it literally went up in frequency ‍♀️ PLEASE MAKE IT MORE PLAYABLE)(although don’t let that deter you) You’re a great app and really fun. This is the one game app that I always come back and that’s REALLY hard to do for me. I usually am tired of a game after a week but this one is great. After taking a short break(school & life stuff) I definitely noticed some changes. The new character icons are AMAZING and definitely better then the ones between the old one and these where the babies were low key terrifying but.... I’ve also noticed a lot more ads like A LOT (like every other time you want to do something my god)which is especially annoying cause they’re super long too (for an ad) 30 seconds (plus extra time sometimes) doesn’t seem long but it really is. It’s better when it’s interactive but it’s only interactive for the first 5 then you’re staring at the screen for the next 15 seconds which is the most excruciating part. Now I know you gotta make money somehow but if you could lessen the amount of ads that’d be phenomenal cause it’s getting to the point where it’s worsening the game. And you might be thinking well why don’t you just pay the $5; well 1.) I don’t want to and 2.)I don’t own my Apple ID it’s a family one so I don’t even know who’s card it would charge to or if that card is still even good bc we don’t buy stuff on iTunes often. So if you could just either shorten the ads or make them less frequent that’d be amazing. Also it’d be really nice if your spouses salary also went into expenses/ savings cause your basically raising kids on a single parents budget. And that’s especially hard when a player is trying to do a challenge or something. Also maybe a non-binary, gender fluid, asexual etc options perhaps. Anyway besides your ads everything else is great.
blurpr on 2020-02-27
First off I love this game and I have a few ideas such as religion which could cause problems if you are a NIHILIST or other odd faiths and your religion could change the way that events happen as well as your religion might make the BITGODS angry if you are unfaithful to your religions rules and they could cause bad luck which leads me to our second idea LUCK there should be more to karma than just a bar at death it should change the ways that the events happen and if you are mistakenly arrested (which happens to me a LOT) then it will be easier to get out of it and it might help with jobs, military, etc also it might help with fame and social media which should get an update BTW HOW DO YOU TAKE DRUNK PICS?! I still haven’t figured it out and you should add “photos” to social media which could make you gain or lose followers as well as the OPPORTUNITY TO BE A YOUTUBER (cough cough) which could make you money and cost you money for equipment as well as creating merch for your channel and you should add an arcade or something where we can play games!
K.P2£€ on 2020-02-27
I LOVE ❤️the new challenge update. It makes the game more fun than it was since I first found out about BitLife. With that being said I also think some fun things to add could be something like being able to do things on a phone. Like being able to call/text classmates, friends, family and businesses. Food/Product delivery is a big thing right now and so many people use it daily. I think a cool update would be to order something like Postmates or Amazon. And another big thing going on is global warming and being more eco-friendly. If there was a activity that gave tons of options to be more eco-friendly, like volunteering, stop using plastic straws, and stuff like that. Finally I think there should be more social media options like being a YouTube star, a Instagram star, basically any social media star but you should have like separate accounts not just an overall “social media”, like if there was a YouTube you should choose like what type of video you want to post.
A Good Game Possibly On The Brink Of Ruins
FierceFunnyReveiws on 2020-02-27
Hi! So I wanted to talk about the Bitlife update. So, in my opinion, I feel like BitLife was a good game until the whole new update. First of all, the characters are not good looking. I came to this when I saw how the kids looked. So please, bring back the old emoji-characters, they looked way better than these new ones! Next, the sicknesses. I feel like all of these “Search the Symptoms” and all of that is pointless. Just say what sickness we have. An idea I have is maybe say: “After eating chocolate covered chicken nuggets, You’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer.” (or diarrhoea.) Then the bar for the instensity of it could be it’s original, red orange or green. Or maybe just say you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and the level of intensity. Please take my ideas into consideration. -Update!- I lost both of my parents after a fire, but i had no orphanage. What?
Awsome game
kennedy.knighton on 2020-02-27
Honestly I love this game so much I play it all the time. But there is one thing that would make this game more interesting is if like maybe that there should be parents who are drug addicts or alcoholics and they would act differently, like they would insult and abuse there child, or they can ask for money and the parents can like get mad at there child for asking, and they can have the option to report them or not. Or like you have the option to abuse yr own child or yr partner and like be in gangs at school, and just be a bad child and maybe even like have really toxik or unhealthy relationships. And if tour parents get a divorce there can be like a custody battle and like you can develop trust issues and stuff like that. I hope some of my ideas come up into a update maybe. But I mean it’s up to yr Choice, and keep up the good work!!! Love yr game❤️
It’s fun but I have a few suggestions
ladyred1089 on 2020-02-27
This game is super fun, and I enjoy it a lot! But I feel these are a couple things that should be added. One thing I think should be added is making a design menu so you can create your character. Because sometimes when I make my character, it does not look at all like i had wanted it to. Another thing I think you should add is different jobs like being in The Senate, or the Government if the character lives in the USA. Maybe after 15 years in these jobs and being over 35 years, it could make them eligible to be president. Also, maybe sports jobs such as Professional Athletes or Sports Medicine? Also when if your character goes to College for Education, let them decide what type of teaching career they want such as Health, History, Science Etc. That’s all I have currently! I really enjoy this game and can’t wait for the new updates to come!
Love the game and ideas
bakhan22 on 2020-02-27
First of all, I’m in LOVE with you’re game. I play it all the time and am a loving blitzen, I play for at least 10 minutes a day. I’ve been playing for a very long time and would lie to say you guys have done a mighty fine job!! Anyways I do have some ideas that would make the game even better. 1.) you should be able to cheat on you’re boyfriend/ girlfriend ETC and have another boyfriend/ girlfriend. 2.) you should be able to pick what parent you live with why they get divorced. 3.) you should be able to have more choices for getting grounded (or grounding you’re kid) making more choices for kids rebelling. 4.) when you go on vacation make more choices for things you can do. 5.) you could make an orphanage option, or foster family’s where you get to make desions within. I have many more that could help but I’ll wait for a whole! Thank you
Favorite app!!
Lindo on 2020-02-27
One thing I would like to see the game do is organize the family differently. Instead of having all your family from oldest to youngest, starting from Husband, Parents, Children, Grandchildren and Nieces.. I would like to be able to click on one of my siblings family and have access to them. For example, if I have five siblings I can click on my youngest sister and have access to interact with her husband, and my nieces and nephews etc. Same for children, click on their profile and have access to their partner, and my grandchildren. This way it’s more organize and less of a hassle especially if someone is doing a challenge such as the alphabet challenge.. it would also be nice to be able to play around with the way character looks and have new places where to meet people.

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