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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...

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Best mobile game ever
lansl ms on 2020-03-28
This game is my favorite mobile game. They always are coming out with new updates it only gets better. I think there is so many ideas to be added. For example homeless update where there is things to interact with such as homeless shelters begging and other homeless people. Also they just added a new update. it’s called god mode you can change your own and others appearances and attributes. which that can vary depending on the situation. I love this game I miss cheat codes I think having cheats in the game would be amazing. Also I’m not sure if there planning to upgrade the god mode update with more to do I wish you could decide when and how someone dies. And attacking someone with lightning would be awesome! And being able to change your own stats and maybe even your money. There is endless possibility’s in this game. I would love to see these ideas in the game it would be sick. Also did I mention the bitizen ship is only 4.99$ and god mode is 2.99 it’s all worth it. And you know what’s amazing as well? It is a one time payment! Most of the apps on the App Store are reoccurring payments but this is not. also when I say THIS IS THE BEST MOBILE GAME EVER I MEAN IT IS THE BEST MOBILE GAME EVER! This game is 20 out of 10 I mean it I strongly recommend trying this game out.
BITLIFES NUMBER 1 FAN on 2020-03-28
Ok so basically I’m in love with this game but there’s so many things I want you to add to this game! You have the witch doctor but you don’t have the choice to actually be a witch! Like that would be amazing to be able to cast spells like to become a millionaire or spells to get good grades or even spells to live for as long as we would like and stay as young as we want! It would literally be amazing! Also have the choice to become a vampire or a ware wolf. And become president and not only that but I’ve earned 100 million dollars from being a singer and I married a singer as well but when he died I only inherited a million dollars. Why don’t we have the choice to marry an extremely rich person that has a net worth of over 1 billon dollars or even just 100 million dollars as well! Also I would love to have the choice to become a princess or a queen if we lived in the U.K. ! And also you Should definitely add it to where we could even be a ghost haunting our own family and friends ! Also I love the idea of being able to donate money to charitys as well! ❤️ so please BitLife creators add any of my ideas in the game!!! I would love to see a choice of becoming a witch or even a vampire !
Really great game
Thedivinemizm on 2020-03-28
I really love this game it’s one of my favorites good at passing time and giving you something to do also the developers are always trying to add more to and try and get what the people want in the game. Some idea, like most I think it would be a good idea to add professional sports and ways to get there through college and that stuff. If you are able to add professional sports in then you should also be able to get to become a coach some how. Also what if you could become a politician and get jobs in the court or even become the president. Also add ways of gaming and eventually become a famous YouTuber. Maybe more life choices when your younger that effect your future self we’re hanging out with the wrong people can get you in trouble or things that can change your stats for good or bad depending on what you pick. What if you added ways of going back in time or to the future and live in the old times like medieval stages or western or in the future like times of Star Wars or something like that. I think that would be hard but a cool idea and endlessly possible things to do.
Love the game
Pjrrecords on 2020-03-28
I would love to see update where u can buy business and stocks Cars Also could u add more cars also could we customize our cars and crest more value.i like old school cars and new school cars . Love to have a collectible section for my cars lol Business Wouldn’t mind owning businesses in the game where we can make our own income anyway we want . And also hire people to work for you . All depends on how much money you have in the game . And we should be able to pass the business down to a family member Stocks We would definitely like to buy some stocks to where we as the people can earn extra income in the game if we decide not to go to school or anything of the sort . Family I love the new update where we can give our friends and family money and other things . But I feel that if we have kid and they have a kid . They kid so be able to be apart of they grandparents or grands will when they die . Just in case they don’t want they kids to take over they asset or business
Just some recommendations...
bonbon_shooter on 2020-03-28
Hey!!! I love love love this app and I totally recommend it! I love all of the fun challenges and things to do but I have some recommendations- Like if a relationship between a friend or family member is getting low and you don’t know it, can you guys notify us with like a, for example, “Katie wants to talk to you about your friendship and would like to rekindle it,” or “Your Mother isn’t talking to you because of the way you etc.” I’m just asking because if a friend wants to not be friends anymore and you can’t salvage it, it make me feel sad because I feel like I didn’t do something right. Also, I have a crime recommendation- Can you guys please please add Kidnapping? There’s just all these different crimes but I just think it would be complete with it. Thats all!! Thanks for reading this. ❤️❤️
Mly1029 on 2020-03-28
So I purchased the bitizen extension for my daughter on her old phone and when she got a new phone we switched her from an Android to an Apple phone, and now it wants me to pay for it all over again!! The app has a restore earlier purchase option, but it’s connected to her Apple ID and we bought it on Android so it obviously wouldn’t be under her Apple ID. I understand it’s just a few bucks, but I don’t see the point in buying it again when I’ve already bought it for her once. I told my daughter to just delete the app mainly because she was so frustrated that I wouldn’t pay for this again, but under quarantine money is tight and I can’t work right now. Not asking that this be a pity party for her, just that it’s fixed for us and people who will have this problem in the future.
Froglvr2208 on 2020-03-28
it’s super good! Love the new update! Though there’s something I’ve wanted for a while. You know when you’re an angsty 4 year old in bitlife? Your parents moved to Australia, you don’t like it. Run away! This could be a whole new thing of catch and release for the first 18 years of life, basically, or even get sent off to adoption centers by an angry parent, or abandoned by your horrible stepmothers! But I agree with some of the other reviews. God Mode should come with bitizen. There are new people to buy it, and people who don’t pay for bitizen still give ad revenue, so asking for more is basically unnecessary, (sorry if it’s a little different, or you don’t have enough money, I think of you as the type to earn a lot.)
Ideas for the game
SNMarks on 2020-03-28
I really like this game but I would really like for people to start their own companies if they wanted to. I also think that you should add crushes or even side lovers if you are married, dating or engaged. I think that you guys should add date spots and make different choices during that date and if it goes well, maybe you can ask them out or they can ask you out. I also think that you should add professional sports and you can become famous in them if you are really good at sports in your time at school or in general. But I think this game is super fun and I would love to see these things in future updates. Thanks!
some suggestions
Alexys Ibarra on 2020-03-28
- get rid of ex step siblings once your parent gets divorced from step parents - you know how your spouses ask you for houses and cars? you should be able to ask them, and pay for the houses and cars together. and if you get divorced, they go to one of the spouses - take friends on vacation - once you’re 18 or done with college, you need to get a house or you’re considered homeless unless you live with parents. - wayyy more jobs!!! - more college majors - categorized jobs based off your majors idkkk but i love bitlife and i play it everyday so i love new things on the updates! i hope i see some of these soon
About BitLife
Upsetted child on 2020-03-28
You should launch an online for this game for free. You should be able to invite your friends and not be able to move a year until both parties press ok. You should be able to add them into your friend group and if one friend gets in the popular group you can be added through them. Or you can be siblings ,partners In crime, or enemies. You can send each other money ,give gifts, live with each other while paying for rent, or even pay for each other colleges. It should be a separate option in single player but I don’t think it should cost money please fulfill my request Thank you

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