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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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I used to LOVE THIS APP.... make some improvements tho...
Fitwithnicki on 2021-04-19
This is awesome but I really have struggles with the hair. There are plenty with bangs , but I don’t think any of them have side swept bangs with STRAIGHT hair. Please add this. Otherwise, great app totally get this ! I have no regrets! It doesn’t make u pay for anything on it( which I ❤️) ok y’all in case u didn’t underused this make it STRAIGHT hair with side swept bangs!!!!!!!!!!! come on y’all u made side swept with wavy hair but not straight, pls consider this .okkkkk I have really been adding on to this review... every time I ask I will take a step off. PLEASE Add straight hair with side swept bangs STRAIGHT hair with bangs to the side!!!!!!!!!! Please it would make me so happy now I am saying please please add it. Also can u put more things on there with side swept bangs? Sorry if that a lot to ask ,but hey this app is great and I think it should have what u suggested.also can u add braces please consider this review btw this used to be 5 stars not its 3!!! Okkk thank you Bitmoji people! Finally ! Yayayayay this is now a five star review ! Thank you! Hi me again ..... so could u add braces and more side swept bangs? Just a suggestion. Also will u put some cute dresses on their where u can like pick out cool colors and the shoes that go well with it and all that Sry I know it’s a lot to ask but u could really make me happy P.S. sry but I took a star off.... last time it was the only way to get your attention! Haha but sorry anyways it’s a really cool app and if u are thinking about buying it, totally go for it! Me again : Pls add braces. ! Sorry I keep asking do more and more but will u also add more hairstyles with side swept bangs and straight hair ( long hair) such as pony tails and braids . I really think if u do this it could make more and more people want this app! Thanks for considering this. Also one more thing... I’m not gonna take a star off yet because I just asked for it and u probably get a lot of requests! ok you’ve heard my request.... same things ...I gotta take off a star. Sorry . Ok so I’m down to 2 stars sry bout that! But.... please please please please please add more hair styles with side swept bangs! I literally have one option . Like thanks for adding it bc before that I had a hairstyle that didn’t look like my hair! So please add a high ponytail or something like that with side swept bangs! Yep thx.this should be a 5 star rating but ya know ...
Needs some customization improvements
lemon-poppy on 2021-04-19
Every time I see an update available for Bitmoji, I hope they’ve added more options but usually they haven’t. Here are some of my suggestions: 1: piercings and jewelry! A lot of people want this. It would be even more awesome to have options for multiple piercings, so you can pick and choose which ones you have and their color/style. I’d love for my Bitmoji to resemble me more with my septum ring and nostril stud and multiple ear piercings! It would also be awesome to have earrings, and stretched/gauged ears with that. More options for the alternative users. 2: more hair options. The hair options that exist look really strange most of the time, and a LOT of them, especially longer/female styles do not mesh with the hats well and look strange. Would love it if they were slightly altered to fit under the hats when you put them on. There are very limited styles with bangs; I wonder if it would be feasible to be able to pick and choose separate sections of hair to piece them together and create your own style? 3: a color wheel or more colors instead of the existing color options, so we can make it even more accurate!
positivepuppy✌︎︎345 on 2021-04-19
Hi! I feel like overall Bitmoji is a fun little app, where you can make an avatar of yourself (or someone else or a made up person) and then a bunch of little layouts with the avatar come up that you can send to friends!! I really enjoy Bitmoji and a lot of my friends have it! But one thing I don’t get is that when I turned on Friendmoji, only one of my contacts showed up that had Bitmoji even though I had like 3 other friends who have Bitmoji as well. That’s not a big issue, but I don’t know if other people are having the same problem? Anyways, another suggestion I have is that there should be a way for you to make your own Bitmoji templates. I think that would be really fun! Overall it’s a great app, and very funny! Another little compliment is that, for example, if it’s the morning the automatic Bitmojis that will pop up will be ones that say “good morning” or have pancakes and such and same with if it’s night or a special holiday
The app is so good!
Shotgun4Evr on 2021-04-19
I LOVE this app so much, and it’s amazing how accurate you can make it. Now obviously, I’m not going to add comments to any of the options for the avatar because they keep adding more so frequently! So I’m pretty sure it’ll get better as it goes. Though, I don’t know if this is a bug or my confusion, but after they did friend-moji, it didn’t include all my snapchat friends with bitmoji’s anymore. Me and my friend tried doing the invite friends, but it gave a link to the appstore for some reason. But then after a while a banner showed up at the top of the app for inviting, and that worked for some reason. So I’m not sure how to get my snapchat friends again in my bitmojis, or how to work out the friendmoji thing, but who knows, maybe I’m just clueless. So, I give it a 4 star because well, there is still a lot of room for even more improvement, but I think they’re also doing a great job at that too.
Love it but things added
Kittythedogo on 2021-04-19
Bitmoji is one of my fav apps ever!!!! (Other than Insta, Twit, Facebook, all those social media apps :)) I have been using this app for about 3 years now (soon to be four bc I’m turning 18 this month!!) and it’s amazing! I do have some suggestions tho: 1. Can you make a “Bitmoji studio” so we can creat out own memes? It would save u guys a lot of time by not having to refresh them and then we can add some Attitude ones or happy or crying etc. 2. Do u mind putting in some jewelry? A lot of people have piercings: Brow, Nose, Ear, lip, tongue, belly, etc, that would be really good, also they’re r a lot of people who wear necklaces, bracelets, braces, chokers, rings, (including me sense I got engaged last month!) scrunchies etc. This would be deeply appreciated! Thx for taking the time to read this review and plz take my things into suggestion!!! BYEEE! -Ally
Improvement Ideas.
RookIsTrash on 2021-04-19
so bitmoji literally has been the same since you guys first added it, the fact that you can choose tops and pants is refreshing but 1. skin tones need to be looked over as well, or at least give us a color wheel for that because alot of the skins i see look pale,dull or too dark, where do albino people fit? or people with vitiligo?? 2. we need more bodies and sizes for heads because the heads are so huge id probably want to scale it down a bit. 3. where is more makeup options? eyeliner??? under eye makeup?? 4. definitely need more face makeup like scars, eyebags, extreme freckles?? i noticed that our bitmojis can smile so what about people with braces, gaps? anything?? this app needs major improvement as it’s been the same since i can first remember it!! let us adjust height and so on, add more diverse hair styles too! thanks for coming to my TED talk.
Love Love LOVE
lovebugz29 on 2021-04-19
Bitmoji has become a big part in my texting style. I absolutely love this app but I have a few suggestions! I loved the new “name brand” shoes/outfits that where recently put into the app such as the Nickelodeon outfits the Jordan outfits/shoes and obviously the Adidas and Nike outfits that Bitmoji has pre made! So my suggestions start by making more of those “name brand” outfits! My next suggestion is with the hair there are some styles of hair where it looks like curly hair but if you want that hair style and you have straight hair that’s kind of hard to chose (specifically the 2 braids) but my biggest suggestion is to add highlights! I love the option hair treatment option but a lot of people have highlights. If you haven’t found out already this is from a girls point of view. So my overall review is AMAZING!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oh, it’s “Ok”
camogirl77 on 2021-04-19
Yeah, I guess this app is ok. I totes think you should get it. But It needs like scrunches, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and some people don’t like the pineapple cap, like me. I think I’d be cool change it so like you can change the color⚫️⚪️ of the accessories. One more thing, I wear glasses and it doesn’t have a “large selection” of glasses so please could you change that. And the color of the glasses as well. Tysm . I love the app but needs accessories and more crop tops for Visco girls like me. OH, I ALMOST FORGOT! Could you also add like, SUPER CURLY HAIR I’d love that cuz I have to go with the wavy one... plz change all that. ✌✌
Hair - Girls (Sorry boys)
jdkckdoxkx on 2021-04-19
I love this app! I like to be able to customize my avatar on snapchat so people kind of know what I look like. My biggest complaint is the hair. Yes i do like the hairs but my only suggestion is different hairs another person says looser curls. Here are some hair options: 1. Looser curls (side part, middle part) 2. Shoulder length (side part, middle part) 3. A little below the shoulder (side part, middle part) I understand you already have some of these but not in both part options! Please make more options of the part! Thanks! Overall opinion on the app: Get it! It’s free! Instead of someone seeing your real face you have a bitmoji!
Awesome!!! But One Bug
Realistic Person on 2021-04-19
I luv Bitmoji it is just awesome. It’s a fun, free way to express yourself when texting. I’ve been using it for months and I love it! I just have one thing though . My bestie, my first friendmoji, has a super cute avatar that I love and adore. But her avatar for me is saying that it’s my old avatar. I would really like an update to fix that. All of my avatars for my other friendmojis’ are theirs that they made, but it’s just the one person’s thing that is glitching. I would really like that to be fixed so that way I can make a message with her avatar in it. Thank you so much ☺️ ❤️

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