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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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So cute but incomplete
on 2020-10-29
Bitmoji is so so cute and there are so many sticker options. It has tons of thousands to choose from. I like that that the stickers have texts to explain the sticker. There’s definitely room for improvement. I have a few suggestions: 1. It gets annoying when I want to change my bitmoji. Like with Memoji, you can have a bunch of different faces and you can make more. You can make up to 50. But with bitmoji, you can make one and one only. Wouldn’t it just be more fun and much better if you could have a few different ones? My friend always asks me to make one of her and send her the stickers because she’s not allowed to have bitmoji, and it gets really annoying to change it to hers and then back to mine. Please listen to this one, it’s very important to me. 2. I have some ideas for more stickers. What would be amazing is: Jewish holiday stickers (I know there is a Shana Tovah one. But more then that), a martini one, gymnastics one, one by the grocery with a mask, disposable mask ones, and more coronavirus related stuff. Hope you get a few ideas! 3. I would love if there was a way for the app to detect faces and make a sticker of how the face looks. That would be so so cool. Like just imagine having one perfect for you just like ready! 4. There just needs to be more added to the options. I have crimped medium length hair and there is 2 options in between my hair texture. Can u make more hair? Also, I wear AirPods all the time. There isn’t any option for that! Also piercings and jewelry! No option for that! I need earrings on my bitmoji! There is very random clothing options! Like shoes! And shirts! I want very specific clothes that I wear casually! I would love a 3/4 sleeve v-neck tshirt. And also if we were able to put a photo on the tshirt of our own, that would be sick! This ones really important! Please try to listen to these suggestions! At least the first one! That would be awesome! Thank you for an amazing iMessage sticker app!
Clothing could DEFINITELY be improved!
QueenDuckyB on 2020-10-29
Let me just start by saying, I quite enjoy having this app, and I use it a lot. However, I’m never satisfied with the clothing! First off, the skirt options are... not good. I wear skirts and dresses nearly everyday, and Bitmoji does not accommodate for that! NONE of the dresses look very flattering, and all the skirts are the same unflattering pencil skirt at different lengths. None of them are long enough to pass as a beautiful hobble skirt from the late-Edwardian era though! The only exception for skirts that actually look nice is the pleated skirt, but I’m kind of tired of wearing that all the time! I’d like some fuller skirts with more variations in length! My next problem? You’re forgetting all about the vintage dress community! We may dress vintage, but we still have phones!! My favorite era is the 1910s, so I would absolutely LOVE to see a shirtwaist and walking skirt combination! I also enjoy the fashion of the 1860’s and seeing a dinner dress from that era would be amazing! Regency fashions would be quite elegant as well! The rest of the 20th century still has things to offer! One of the more popular eras is the 1950’s, so I’m sure a lot of people would get excited to see outfits from then! I also think seeing clothes from the 1920’s would be amazing, considering you did you research and at least got the silhouette right! If you decide to make some vintage fashion, PLEASE do your research! In the fashion world, there’s nothing worse than seeing a form-fitting 20’s flapper dress, or criss-cross lacing in a garment that should have spiral lacing!
Amazing but some suggestions
BubblesLover ;p on 2020-10-29
Bitmoji is definitely amazing especially with the new custom closet, no cost, the amazing customization, and the fun Bitmojis, but there is room for improvements. There are a Bitmojis for Star Wars so there should also be a Bitmojis for other shows and movies such as the trending Stranger Things and other popular movies and shows. Your users would really appreciate that. There are many people currently on TikTok right now, a majority of them following Charli D’Amelio. It would be great for the users of Bitmoji if you added the Charli D’Amelio hairstyle to Bitmoji; short straight hair tucked behind the ears with a few wisps of hair in the front. This final suggestion I have will definitely cause a lot of users to enjoy Bitmoji more. Letting us make our very own custom shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and over wear will definitely be great. Choosing designs, the text on the article of clothing (or shoe or accessory), the font and the color will definitely be a great improvement to the app. Thank you for considering these
Love it, but....
Myroseah on 2020-10-29
I love bitmoji, I use it all the time! But I have a few things I hope could be added... 1. I hope in future updates y’all can allow us to delete saved outfits, so we don’t have to scroll through a bunch of outfits we never wear. Also I wish there was an option to make multiple bitmojis. 2. I wish they could add jewelry such as earrings, piercings, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. 3. I hope y’all can add braces (for teeth) in a future update, so that people (like myself) can fully customize their bitmoji. 4. In a lot of reviews I’m seeing people asking for dresses, for holidays I like to wear dresses on my bitmoji, but there aren’t customizable dresses, there is just pre-made ones. Also with shirts I’m hoping y’all can add tye-dye designs, because I wear tye-dye shirts all the time. Thank you for reading this and I hope one day these requests can be added!
Sensitive info!
jejejsjek on 2020-10-29
This app is great but the amounts you need are too much. You need to show your face then before that you have to use your email and that some serious sensitive info. And they want FULL access which is crazy! Plus needs more bitmoji files since thier is only 1 space.Honestly it’s just has too much sensitive information and honestly it’s really just not the best out there but it’s still really good if I didn’t have to ask oh what is your birthday or what or like can you please just give us full access so we expose your credit card number on the Internet? I don’t trust this app enough but overall it’s pretty cool
Can’t Wear A Hat w/Curly Hair
Unruly Hair on 2020-10-29
Soooo this app is pretty dope, my only complaint really is how, if you have curly hair or hair that sticks out more at the sides, you end up looking straight-up ridiculous with most of any of the hat choices on, cause the hat just doesn’t fit right over the hair. And I know that ya’ll are capable of fixing this because there’s like one or two hat choices that successfully kinda flatten the hair out so that the hat fits better... but those choices are hats I personally would never wear. Sooo yeah, it would be awesome if you guys could fix that for all of the hats please and thank youuu.....
Bring it back
The unknown creature on 2020-10-29
So I’ve had bit moji for a while and I noticed the changes they added but you guys took away lots of the woman’s items and I’m a bit weirded out about the eyebrows because you guys to them away and replaced them with ones that make are character kinda look mad also the lips are like weird to since the options are very limited and idk if it’s just me but wasn’t there mate options of eyes to choose from and hats besides the fact that you guys are taking away lots of good things and replacing it it’s not that bad it works like it needs to and it has an amazing variety of stickers
Great App
camille6753 on 2020-10-29
Bitmoji is an amazing app I use it constantly and I noticed that it came out with new hairstyles and a pair of ripped jeans, and that got me thinking if you guys could come out with high-rise ripped jeans and if you could possibly come out with designer brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. clothing, shoes and accessories. Also speaking of accessories maybe you could add a section for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. Again I will say that this is an amazing and very useful app! Keep up the good work on improving the app!
reviewrighter119 on 2020-10-29
Hi! So far as long as i have had this app there is nothing that needs improvement. It is a good way to express yourself in your personal emoji. If you want to send someone a sticker for something you can send almost anything. And the best part is you can design your Bitmoji to look like any variation of looks. Also if you have seen those teachers with those bitmoji classrooms and you want to do that or you want to do something like that then you should totally do it. Its worth it.
Great app!!!
bluegiraffeHCD on 2020-10-29
I love using this app because my device won’t let me have Memoji and this is pretty close to it. Couple things though... sometimes the pictures aren’t too appropriate (talking to the kids here) but most of them are great!! It would be nicer if we can have more than one Bitmoji. The only way I can is if I loose memory of my old one. But besides that it’s really great . I would totally recommend it but just know there might be a few things that bug you.

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