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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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More Clothes, Hairstyles and Accessories.
SurpremeLoyalTee on 2022-10-06
I think I’ve been using Bitmoji for 2 years now and it’s a great app. You guys perfected details, quality and animation. But there are some things I want to point out about the app. 1. Hairstyles I love the fact that there are many hairstyles too choose from. But I would love it if you guys added more African American hairstyles like braids or some such. When I say braids I mean like box braids or braids with curls at the end, make it unique! I would like to see braids for boys and girls because I use bitmoji to make my own characters and I would really like for the boys to have short box braids and the girls to have unique braids so they won’t have to look the same. Also not just braids, buns! I love buns but with bitmoji there are not a lot of options. The girls would look lovely with buns. 2. Clothes I really love how bitmoji collabs with big businesses such as Jordan, Off White, Addias and More. I love to see that, and I know you guys just added some new sneakers with Jordans but It would be awesome if you guys added Jordans 5s and 6s because that’s what people wear now. I also miss the Nike outfits you guys had, they looked nice so can you guys please try to add them back, and can you guys please try to collab with Champion because I see a lot of guys whering Champion and there outfits are really cool. One more thing can you please try to add more clothing companies for girls. Maybe designer outfits like Gucci or Dior. That would make the app a 10 star rating. 3. Accessories Please try to add Jewelry like necklaces and chains and bracelets. Because that would make the characters look so good. Conclusion I would hate to sound like a critic even though I think I may have crossed the line but I believe my ideas will really help this app grow and I’m not forcing you guys to make the changes it’s just I would really appreciate if you guys added them. I’m from Brooklyn so my style may be different than others but that’s why app developers need to listen from different perspectives. To make their app grow. Plz don’t take any off this the wrong way because this is coming from a positive note, I love this app!
Love it but suggestions
quifann on 2022-10-06
I love bitmoji. My avatar is cute but it doesn’t look like me. Please make the selfie thing for everyone. Thanks. I have more suggestions. 1. Add more accessories like bracelets, watch ,ring and etc... 2. We should be able to put braces on our avatar. 3. More clothing options. Like more dresses and more shoes. We should also be able to change some of the dresses color. Like the one that are in the outfit section. 4. We should be able to put skirt over leggings. Add leather jackets. 5. Add more pants like jeans and leggings. 6. More colors options . 7. Add special outfits like ballet,cheerleading outfit ,gymnastics , Disney princesses,overalls , flannels, and more. PLEASE ADD SUPERHEROES OUTFITS. BITMOJI X MARVEL OR BITMOJI X DC OR BOTH MARVEL AND DC. WE NEED SUPER HERO OUTFITS. Please add some trending 2022 outfits like the flory shorts, air max 270s, Air Force 1 and LULULEMON. Overall I love this app. Great job!!!
10/10 must have
@nonymous 🥸 on 2022-10-06
hi there This app is amazing and is definitely recommended. I love creating my emoji and sending cute and funny stickers to my friends. The styles in the Bitmoji app definitely are relatable to me. I love all the stickers and how you can make your character represent your personality. I love Bitmoji and cheering my friends and family up with a sticker. Or even just something to smile about. I have some suggestions… First, I think there should be low pigtails( just my opinion). Second, long baggy overalls are elite. I would love to see shirts with emoji or random pictures. Also, if you could get a friends (the tv series) category that would make this app the best app I have. And lastly, why don’t we have jewelry. Like I know we have earrings and piercings and that but stuff like necklaces bracelets and rings would be cool. Also those big clips.~♥︎♥︎♥︎~
More ideas
chsndhx on 2022-10-06
I really love this app already but I would love it even more if there were some more options! For instance more makeup colors , I really want some more browns like dark brown lipstick since I wear it all the time in real life , and more eyeshadow colors like different shades or designs. Another idea is more piercing jewelry options, for example the nose piercings need more options, I use the pointy septum jewel and one nose stud and I wish there was a triple nose ring for the pointy septum because I have one in real like and one stud but I have a nose ring on my other nostril an I really wanna match that so more options for that would be good !
Great but one minor issue…
RainbowKat24 on 2022-10-06
So I got this app for the whole friend thing. So I set up friendmoji and I realized that my picture and my friend’s pictures were swapped! I clicked on my friend and there was two of me. I clicked on myself and it was me and my friend. So I thought maybe I changed my avatar but I didn’t! This is very annoying. Even worse, my other friends see that it is swapped and now it looks like my friend has hair highlights when they don’t! Can somebody please tell me how to fix this?
Great app!
ILikeStrangerThings on 2022-10-06
I love this app and its super fun, but for some reason I can’t change my avatar because it says there’s a network connection but when I click on “Merch” or “Keyboard” it lets me on immediately. I’ve also tried typing in the link to the avatar editor but it just won’t load. I tried deleting and downloading it again, but that still doesn’t fix it. It is a great app though, with lots of different stockers and styles, and I would use it more often but I can’t.
asmray on 2022-10-06
It’s ok but there needs to be some updates to the eye color option. My eyes are a brownish green. iPhone Memoji has the option to mix colors with a slider. Please consider doing this. None of the currently available options match my eyes. Same for hair. Not everyone has ombré hair. Some have highlights or balayage. Jewelry. Please make it so we can have wedding rings and necklaces. Freckles too please!!
“Connection Error”
JustTrynaDoStuff on 2022-10-06
It’s a good app. My Bitmoji was even cute… I just can’t use it anymore for some reason. Whenever I open the app and try to go to avatar or fashion it says “Connection Error. Your network connection is down or there is a server error. Please check your connection and try again” I’ve done a lot to try to fix it too. Updated it, deleted and reinstalled it. Pls help I want to be able to use it :(
monk55555555 on 2022-10-06
sooo I love BitMoji butttt after a while of having it, I would not change my BitMoji, it would always say “connection error” no matter where I was.. And I tried looking it up, but all I could find was stuff about fixing the keyboard, I tried deleting and re downloading it, it still didn't work, and I tried restarting my phone but thag didn't work either. any body got any ideas on how to fix it??
Animated avatar
lovely,just lovely on 2022-10-06
I notice on a couple of android phones that some of the stickers of the avatar has movement. For example the avatar’s eyes move side to side or the avatar dances which was all so cute. I have an iPhone and I keep my app and phone updated but my avatar has no movement ever. Is the avatar movement an option only with an android ? I really do enjoy using this app.

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