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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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WelcomeTo_Jumanji on 2020-05-25
I just got this app the other day, and so far so good. I ABSOLUTELY love all the things that the Bitmoji’s can be pictured doing! I have liked for awhile now the Memoji’s for the iPhone, but being able to portray my ACTUAL reactions with my Bitmoji is waaaaaaaay better than just showing my feelings with a face. There ARE some things that would TOTALLY make this app 20% cooler though... Pigtails. I do my hair in pigtails A LOT. So being able to put that on my Bitmoji would be awesome! Especially if I could do a double hombre effect, like Harley Quinn’s. Maybe you could consider more hairstyles that are like that? Braids, ponytails, buns, etc. Fancy-shmancy dresses. I’m not saying, like, ball gowns. But a little something that looks nice, other than a romper, you know? And another thing, SHOES. Maybe some high heels, cowgirl boots, and stuff that sparkles? And I can’t forget about the shirts. SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO WEAR FLANNEL! Nothing really has any patterns! That is definitely a BIG disappointment. (Even my mom thought so and she doesn’t even care about this kinda stuff) Also jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, and more Cat Ears would DEFINITELY be appreciated.
Great App... plus some difficulties...
Cami_Chip_4ever_8 on 2020-05-25
This app is great! Me and my friends love communicating through Bitmoji, and the stickers are super cute and fun! But… Sadly right now I can’t log into my app. I used to have it, and it worked fine, and then all of a sudden it was being weird, and I couldn’t edit my outfit, and I couldn’t change my avatar. So I deleted it, And then I got it again. But this time it wouldn’t even let me login to my account! I don’t know if it’s about the app, or about the settings on my phone, but it’s not right. Now I can’t use it at all. But then again, that could not be the apps fault. It could be my phone. Overall I highly highly highly highly highly recommend this app. It’s fun, interactive, and all-around awesome! I love Bitmoji!
Developers please read!!
lady rates this app on 2020-05-25
I love Bitmoji I tell all people I meet to get Bitmoji! It is so much fun to message stickers to friends! Every thing in add is true! I do have some requests because I can not really make a me. I have lots of freckles over my nose only though not all over my face. I would like if there was a option for more freckles over nose. I also am so exited when there is new hair so can u just add a few more options? Thanks!! I think it would also be amazing if you add in more graphic tee designs but not emojis. Thank you so much! I love this app though and totally recommend! Thanks again!!!!
Bellabooh001 on 2020-05-25
i love this app but i have a few suggestions to make it more enjoyable regarding avatar customization. so i’m kind of sad that there are no hair treatment options for certain hairstyles such as the messy bun. i have red tips on my hair and i can’t add them when i put my avatar’s hair in a messy bun (like i do in real life). i also wish there was an option to have an eyebrow slit because my bitmoji doesn’t exactly look like me without my slit. and my last suggestion would be to add jewelry so i can add my piercings and some necklaces. thanks!
Love it but add more hair options
sdj2004 on 2020-05-25
I’ve been using Bitmoji for quite some time, I have loose but curly hair. Bitmoji has many options for tighter curls (which they should) but I have loose long curly hair and there isn’t a option for that. Many of the hairstyles are older and I’d love to see more trendy hairstyles, like French/Dutch braids. I always feel like my Bitmoji doesn’t look like me because I have to use the ruler straight hair which I never have even when straightened! Love the app though but I think it’d be nice to be able to use my hairstyles on Bitmoji
My Creation
ngeLyritufplu on 2020-05-25
Maybe If Bitmoji updated every one day a week then it would be more of a fun app!!! Like new hair styles and new shirts and paints and ways you can put a pattern on the clothes like strips or poke-a-dots!! Now it’s fine if you don’t like my idea because it’s kinda hard to do an update every week but I think you can pull it off But if you do trust it will make your app so much better not that it’s not already good. Sorry I’ll stop talking‍♀️ Ok if you see this, Thanks for reading and I hope you get inspired by my idea!!
I love this app but there could be room for improvement..
Upset.Teenager on 2020-05-25
I use the bitmoji ALL the time not only on snapchat but on group chats. I just have two “problems”. The first problem is the closet feature don’t get me wrong I love it, but I wish we had an option to delete things off our closet. The second thing is the lack of clothing styles, hair styles and accessories. I wish we could have more options because I feel like the don’t have a lot of curly hair options and the clothing is a little boring. That’s all but overall I do love this app.
whaleskj13 on 2020-05-25
Although I love the app, I have a few recommendations. For clothing(women), there should be tops which are cropped higher up that are more detailed(in the mix and match part). Another idea is to make the regular given clothes customizable as well so we have access to jewelry, cute outfits, and more. For the mix and match pants, I feel there should be high waisted sweat pants instead of the low waisted ones already there along with a wider variety of jeans and shorts. Thank you!
verybadv on 2020-05-25
I take my bitmoji outfit VERY seriously. You will never catch me behind on anything. It has been brought to my attention that the male bitmoji gets athletic shorts and the female does not. This has greatly upset me due to the fact that there is no reason the female should not also have access to said shorts. I firmly believe you should make them available to both the male AND female bitmoji character so that I can feel as if my bitmoji truly represents me. thanks.
Come a long way but still needs more
cococourtneyann on 2020-05-25
I’ve been around since the beginning and the Bitmoji have evolved greatly. BUT y’all need more curly hair options!!!!!! There is nothing that matches my hair (deva cut on a biracial woman) 70 + straight/wavy hair styles, but it’s the ethnic people with the curls, braids, locks, and textured hair that have the endless hair styles!! NEEEEEED more diversity for us minorities and just people with fun hair, it’s extremely frustrating we don’t get represented enough

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