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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



It’s time to see if you have the skillset to go from rookie to master blacksmith. Using ancient techniques passed down from elder to elder, can you craft the greatest blade known to man? Using the finest ore from the hardest to reach mine, you will be facing off against fellow blacksmiths! Once your opponent is selected, choose your mould and craft your sword. Beat the blade amongst the flames to temper the sword. Once finished, your blade must be tested against your opponents. Fail, and it’s back to the start to sharpen your skills. No time to be idle, we have work to do! Blade Forge 3D features: -Become a master blacksmith -Face off against opponents -A variety of blades to create -Unlock new tools as you play -Unique characters to unlock

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Ads ads and more ads PLEASE DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!
?.?.?.?.?????? on 2020-12-04
This gam would be a banger if the ads were a bit more chill. Look just hear me out developers these ads are driving me (and a lot of other people) ABSOLUTELY NUTS! Look, this game is fun and all but even if you refuse to watch an ad it still plays! I’m not trying to sound like a Karen or something but this is just wow and honestly I WOULD have given this game five stars if you people weren’t going STUPID with these ads and that’s why you have a 1 star
The game is good read the review
So I’m being honest with al of this so this is a overall great game the materials are hard to find and I don’t know if you press lose it you might lose it forever but it is a fun game and I recommend it you don’t have to download it but I think it’s pretty good feel free to play it if you want also the gameplay is good but one small thing The character holds the katana backwards for me it might be for everyone but yeah I recommend it that’s it
Ehhh it's okay
HuskyGirl1234 on 2020-12-04
So first of all it has way to many adds. Second it's really gross when you hit that poor dead cow. And that just grosses me out like a lot. And it pretty glitchy. Like I don't know if it does it to other people. But I have witnessed that it is rlly glitchy for me at least. Still I don't know what happened that makes it glitchy so much still might be bad service. But this has not happen in any of my other games so I don't know
Unnecessary Wifi Connection
Alex Inestroza on 2020-12-04
I am almost certain that this game doesn’t even need an internet connection to be played. They just tell you to use internet so that they can bombard you with ads. I’m sure it’s not needed. I’m giving you two stars because I said I’m almost certain, so if it REALLY does need internet you can take a star as an apology. I’m still sure that you don’t need internet however.
Garbage app and a even worse publisher
Papafrost119 on 2020-12-04
Voodoo is notorious for loading up their “games” with ads but this is too far. The common workaround is to turn off data so that you don’t get spammed, however in their infinite wisdom, Voodoo decided to make the game literally unplayable without data, and thereby ads. You get 30 second an ad after 5 sec of gameplay. DO NOT SUPORT VOODOO DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
If you’re looking for a game this isn’t one
yashty100 on 2020-12-04
This is literally an ad watching simulator do not play this garbage. There is no exciting gameplay. Every time you complete one small task and while you go to the next step they force you to watch an ad. These devs these days don’t care about their player base and only look to make a quick buck out of you.
No room to breathe!!!
GillyGotcha on 2020-12-04
There is an add every 10 seconds and between each task. I decided to buy the opt out for adds and I was extremely disappointed to find out that you still have to watch ads to acquire items. I usually don’t write reviews, but I am extremely angry at these scam artists developers. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
Game for 5 seconds and get hit with ads the rest
Criptic T on 2020-12-04
Literally every step there’s an ad at the end. Also if you want to progress and get the next tool you need to watch an ad. Hate how all games are ads anymore. The gameplay I was able to have was okay, didn’t seem hard or strict in alignments. Too many ads to be enjoyable.
Pls listen
123456789abcdedg on 2020-12-04
Y’all we know their ally of ads but it’s not like y’all probably could make this all y’all do is complain and complain but u don’t even know how much work they put into this so what if it’s a lot of ads it’s a fun game turn on airplane mode u will be fine god Lea
Horrible Game
Jennnunezxd on 2020-12-04
At first this game seemed fun, but as the time went on there were ads every single 3 second. I know that the games are supposed to make money but with the ads you can enjoy this game. I don’t recommend playing this game if you’re a very unpatience person

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