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Mar, 2020



It's time for refreshments! Take a minute and blend fresh fruit into delicious smoothies. Be careful and try not to hurt yourself. Don't try this at home! Juice it! WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE

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A racist Hispanic stereotype in an ok game
Rabid mermaid888 on 2020-04-09
I actually have somewhat enjoyed this game, it can be a fun distraction. A way to eat up time. However I was extremely upset when I was going through my customers and a “special” one popped up. The other special customers are a witch, a yeti, and an alien all fun and quirky. However this special customer, was a man wearing an oversized mustache, a comical sombrero, and a poncho. The smoothie you can make him was jalapeño and cactus and it’s charged with fire. Really? The caricature of a Mexican man gets jalapeños and wears a ridiculous sombrero! This characterization is offensive and humiliating and reinforces the 2d view of hispanic people that is often portrayed in America. Making the culture of others an inappropriate gimmick is upsetting. Also by putting the Hispanic stereotype into the special customer category where every single other one is inhuman is othering. When he shows up in line it’s like “oh all the other people were normal but this Hispanic guy isn’t the same” Love, a Latina who doesn’t play mobile games to be mocked
winterskiss❄️0308 on 2020-04-09
I saw a complaint from a person who downloaded this app and she is WRONG the Mexican guy with the sombrero and poncho is hilarious this is how Mexicans or at least my family celebrate or joke around I think it’s cute and funny but I CRINGE when the arm goes in the blender...but it really doesn’t matter I love this game overall it’s hilarious and the graphics are really cool don’t know what she means by humiliating I really love this game and u guys would to!!!!! Love, a Latina who can Take a joke
Jeffbillybob45678010 on 2020-04-09
Ok it’s a good game and in the reviews The First thing I saw people complaining about was the ads but all you have to do is go into the control center and disable the WiFi and data usage and boom no more ads. People were also complaining about the gore which personally I do not think is that bad but if like a five year old just wanted to play a cooking game or something and saw there hand be blended in front of them that could scar them pretty bad. But the game overall is ok it’s kinda boring just the same thing over and over and over again.
My personal view of this game
Game reviewer 1011 on 2020-04-09
This game is pretty fun in general which is pretty much the only reason I gave it a review. But this game is one of the most ad related games ever, what I mean is that everything is basically you can get it if you watch a ad and also pretty much after every customer it’s an ad and then once your done with like the days thing your supposed to get a prize but you have to watch an ad for it. I personally wouldn’t recommend this game because it is fun but there’s too many ads its stressful and annoying. I would recommend any other game than this.
sara the agel on 2020-04-09
excuse me it says 4+when it. Is ment to show 20+ this game shows you cutting off ur fingers kids could get nightmares and who would do that just throw the flipping fruit in what could be better is how long can u blend it the faster you go to more points you get this is so messed up my cuz might play this and this is to bad fro an example for kids FIX IT KIDS ARE GETING NIGHTMARES
Good game but get rid of this one add
mila on 2020-04-09
It’s actually a really good game but there is one add it particular that is almost always at the bottom of the screen and it has a little flashing message box that tries to get you to click on it. It CONSTANTLY makes me want to just delete the app because it’s always blinking. I know it’s kind of petty but I really really bugs me. Thanks
Carrot juice problem
GO EPISODE on 2020-04-09
I was having so much fun playing this game and it turned into one of my favorite games, I was playing for a week or so then all the costumers started ordering carrot juice. Then I thought that if I kept playing it would go away but it didn’t. I hope that someone can fix this so I can keep playing....
So much ads
Patchez27 on 2020-04-09
If their were not so much ads I would of gave this game a 5 STAR RATING. Other wise this game is super addicting, it’s also very fun you guys did great on making this game. Maybe to make this game even more enjoyable you can take out most of the ads. Thank you for reading this message.
Not a kid friendly game
bro game'r on 2020-04-09
It’s not a kid friendly game. So much gore and blood shed. I’M ONLY 8 it a bad game. I’m at LEVEL 100 and I GOT SO MAD BECAUSE I WACH 299 ADS YOU GOT TO BE Mad ABOUT That. And the ads are so gore. I’m more of a gun game fan and animi fan. Anyways it’s a terrible game.
What the kids with this bleeding stuff huh uh
Ill rate these games on 2020-04-09
So this game is some what fun but when I give the kiddos my iPad they play it and don’t understand how to and then they make them bleed it happens to me sometimes I bleed then I feel bad that they are sad I’m hurt now they see it so many time they get nightmares.

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