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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all times! Your goal is easy - Watch out for the obstacles, push them off and collect all jellies to become a GIANT blob! If you can’t escape from the deadly obstacles and lose a limb, or a few, don’t worry! Our friendly jelly can continue the running for you, no rush, just clash all jelly particles and sculpt your Blob from stracth! Remember, the price pool at the end will be determined by your ability to get your Blob bigger. Get bigger, stronger and super jelly to collect special rewards! We may also have some surprises as you slide on the roof :) Wait! Did we mention you can also make over your Blob with super cool hats and plenty of color matching skins?! Join this epic race and show your unique style by customizing your Blob Runner :)

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Too many ads, horrid gameplay
Mr cyaninide n happiness on 2021-03-08
These developers pay for 5 star reviews. Would you rather double your winnings by watching an ad, or would you rather not? Ether way, you’re watching an ad You have to watch an ad to make an item appear in the store after you already went through hoops in the gameplay to find the items The graphics are horrible, these developers have made more than 20 games, and their graphics still don’t even look textured. The gameplay is the exact same thing as every single free mobile game released these days. You press ‘play’, play through a 10 second level, do a special end-of-level feature (like point multipliers, in this games case), you’re offered an ad to double your earnings, you’re given an ad regardless of choice, then booted back to the title screen. All of these bad games have about 30-100 small levels, after that, the levels loop repeatedly until you uninstall the game, this game is no different. There is no effort, blood, sweat, or tears put into this game. They shill out the exact same product under a new name countless times, and somehow make a fortune from it. Greed has consumed their souls and all they care about is putting less effort into their games to get more money. It’s not even just these developers, everyone does it now. What happened to games like Jetpack Joyride and Plants Vs Zombies? They’re dead, and these games are dancing in their graves.
so cool man lic on 2021-03-08
The game crashes on me when it crashes when you have a few seconds of the app and I have a lot to play on my iPhone app I love the app and I have a great time to get the app and it crashes on me to get a few things and it keeps me up and I love the app and I have a great time playing this app I have a great app and it has a great graphics for the iPhone version of this app and it has a lot of features that are not easy to use as a game for a great app to have iPhone and iPhone version of this game I love the app and I have a great graphics for iPhone version of the iPad app I love the app and I have to play this app and I have a great app to use iPhone to iPad version of my iPad app I have been playing this app since the iPhone version of this app I love this game it keeps crashing when it keeps me up and it crashes when it keeps me up and it keeps me up for the iPhone and the iPad version of my iPad app I have been playing it since the iPad app and it crashes every time I play this app it crashes on me crashing on the iPad and iPhone app and it crashes every time it keeps me up and it keeps me up for the iPhone and the iPhone version of this game and I have a lot to play on the iPhone version of this app I have been using this for iPhone using iPhone version for iPad and iPad app I love the app.
Eehhh.. it could use a few changes! (My complaints)
anistayshai on 2021-03-08
Hello everyone ,here’s a review before or after your play! First off I don’t like the amount of adds..for every single thing (for example) like to claim skins, keep objects that you found..and just the amount of adds after rounds! Second complaint, these obstacles are very hard when you work for your blob bits (which you don’t get a lot of) the obstacles take like 30-70% of that away! Not fair.. Third and final complaint, the part with the little blocks with the amount of blob it takes away..(yeah that) when I go directly pass them...they still take away my blob! Also since we barely can keep a blob before we can get to that part it makes it extremely hard! Anyway, those are my complaints..but other than that it’s a pretty good game to play if your REALLY bored, or desperate for entertainment! (I hope that my complaints were helpful for a future update.. if you add one cause it needs one :/) oh and last complaint!..on my first round of this game IT WAS V.E.R.Y laggy! Major bug..please.fix.that. That’s all bye bye!
Cured my depression
mimehdhfhfh on 2021-03-08
So it was another boring day and i was on tiktok then i got an ad for this game, i click it and OMG i got on email saying that i’m not failing school anymore, how could this be!? All i did was open the app :0 i didn't even play it yet. So I finally open the app and i’m having a blast! Next thing i know my doctor calls me and tells me to go to the hospital i get there and she says my Brocken leg is now cured even though it was a really bad car accident and i was supposed to have a brocken leg forever! Next thing i do is play the game and then i get enough confidence to come out too my parents! I tell them mom, dad i’m lesbian and they’re here for me! How could this be!? They have always been homophobic and before i even played the game i told my parents im voting for BIDEN and they were always so against biden and they loved trump so i thought to my past self saying YASSS QUEEN this game gave me good luck before i even played it i 100% recommend! Tysm for curing my depression
micmapwirm on 2021-03-08
Omg!!! The end it’s a great game!!! Why could u rate this a 1 rate? It’s litreally fun instead of the jelly app and my parents love this app so much! I have a lot of skins,hats,and more!! I love this app so muchhh!!! This came up on my ad and it’s so fun!!! I wanted to rate this because it’s Wednesday... I should’ve be in school because it’s not short but it’s longer for ever.. if u don’t like this game please leave and delete all your apps because it’s super fun and I should be in school but in January I played this and I was winning and it’s wonderful !!! amazing app screenshot to your friends do they can play it!!! and it’s relaxing relaxing on my bench on zoom but I’m on Highschool... and I’m not on class just in zoom... but anyways I love this game play this game now!!! Love it so much!❤️✨
the shogen og but not og on 2021-03-08
I will be talking in number so number 1 I see there’s a lot of updates and thanks for trying to improv on stuff but honestly myself would delete it but I work soooooooo hard and got about 3% percent of the get thru gameplay stuff 2 the adsssssssss I get it u want us to get stuff on there but Jesus I go in the game bam ad first lvl done ad then it asks for us to do another ad 3 u see our reviews and hide them if we have hard truths then say hey we got a lotta ads and were working on more stuff 4 I know people are us slime apps and all (but really game devs u thought kids and tweens are gunna be like oh cool watching some guys head get CHOPPED of maby I should get this game ) I have some simpathy but not for u so everyone go play like dragon city or kick the buddy good day
Funny but...
CamiCat on 2021-03-08
Ok so first of all the game it’s kinda fun... we could say... and how the person gets cut, it’s really satisfactory, I would read before download if I were you, but wait. I’ve had the game for a week and the game is only fun like 5 or 8 minutes, then you get bored. Only when you are the most bored person in the world maybe you would play it . I like a lot the colors of the person, I’d love a update but whatever. I think I did waste my time downloading but if we see the positive it is a lil fun. I won’t say I would give this 5 stars. Or 4 stars. Or 3 stars. I would give it 2 it’s not really good. Try it yourself
Great game love it super fun
Salma the Reviwer on 2021-03-08
I love this game so much but let me say the pros and cons first pros first you can play this game offline even without WiFi next you can unlock skins and hats and save your gem/money I forgot what it is called there is lots of levels it is super fun it’s like you are doing a obstacle course now the cons it is so annoying when I play offline and I unlock skins but I have to watch a ad and when I am offline I don’t get to unlock those skins or the hats next a lot of time I unlock skins and hats I have to watch ads and it is so annoying overall it is a fun game I recommend
Cash grab
brand0n555 on 2021-03-08
It is pretty obvious from gameplay that this games entire existence is to trick you and make money off the dozens of ads you will watch after only a very short time of playing. The game has no other controls besides left or right. Which sounds ok but many of the obstacles are obviously designed like things from games like fall guys where you need to be able to at the very least slow down or speed up accordingly to pass them but not this game. No care or effort put in. Just out for ad rev. Steer clear of this game
Love it, and not that many adds!
bella rosey 8 on 2021-03-08
I think that this would be a great app if you like adds! When you finish a level, you can choose if you want to watch an ad to get 3x what you hit or 1, or get 3, 4, 5, or 10 times the gems you got without the ad. I am having a blast with this game, and it is probably unlimited levels! The people that made this game deserve a lot of thank you’s. Those of you who want a game that is unlimited, this is the game for you. You can skip the level with an ad if you die, or do that level over again. Thank you creators!

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