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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Download the highest-rated travel app to join thousands of people finding deals on hotels, motels, and vacation homes. Find a stay for your vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip – anywhere in the world! Search for hotels, motels, and vacation homes • 27 million hotels, vacation rentals, homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay • Search by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name with just one tap • Filter by price, review score, amenities, and other things important to you • Find your stay last-minute or book it far in advance Find a great travel deal • Daily deals for every budget • Free cancellation on most rooms • Browse over 135 million verified guest reviews Manage your booking on the go • Get paperless confirmation • Make changes wherever, whenever • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages • Contact your host, view check-in times, and write reviews • No booking or credit card fees

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It’s a fraud
Saharioo on 2023-02-03
I have used and I thought it’s a reliable app to book my trips till My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Salt Lake city, Utah from Dec 24th to Dec 31st and at the time we were booking this trip we were able to cancel with full refun till December 23rd. We got sick with Covid a week before our trip and when I tried to cancel our trip it showed that it cannot be canceled and we will be charged the whole amount. I tried customer service and let them know about the situation and they told me I have to call the hotel and ask them to send an email to and say they are ok to cancel our trip free if charge. I called the hotel and they said they already gave verbal consent to cancel our trip and they replied to the email that it’s ok to cancel. I called again and they said they didn’t receive any email and they can’t cancel with verbal consent. We had to pay the full amount because we were sick and couldn’t go and chraged us for the whole amount. I recommend not to use at all or if really wanna use it make sure you take pictures of everything when you are makings your booking so you won’t get scammed like us. P.S: it has the worst customer service ever
My first option for rooming
allnicknamestakenwth1 on 2023-02-03
I have used booking for about a year now and I must say if your aren't using it you should be. I like to get out of town sometimes at a last minute notice and booking always comes through clutch with better rates than I can even find on the actual hotel websites. On the trips I do plan its great because I can use the pay at hotel option and save money how I want until I arrive for check in. Once you start reserving you almost immediately get genius discounts on your rates, like we know how airbnb and hotel prices are, who does that like discounts. I recently did have an issue where I was looking over rooms at a hotel I booked in case I wanted to upgrade and accidentally spent $600 on a room.. Booking customer service helped me square it away so I can get a full refund and to me that sets them apart from any other travel site. Have a upcoming trip for an all inclusive out the country im looking forward to and of course booking had the best rates so no lie this is your wallets friend.
Expensive but has the needed if you’re transiting
rose-beauty on 2023-02-03
You have to go through customs and follow signs to “Jewel” (a beautiful mall within the airport), hotel is on 4th floor. Has its own bathroom, bed, TV. No windows so it’s a little stuffy. Very tight if you’re two people and suitcases. Price was 206 USD for one night (Jan 2023), for a hundred more you can stay at the Crown Plaza with pool and closer to customs. Might be worth it if you have big suitcases…this hotel is ok for carry-on as it’s a bit tight. Bought take out at “Mama Mia”, it was delicious and fast. When you come out of the hotel go right on the same floor, restaurant is on the same side. I recommend it if you are in the mood for Italian food!
Horrid Navigation
Catbert61 on 2023-02-03
I signed up for an account last night. I booked a room. I got an email about an hour later that a “bot/desktop” logged into my account. The email recommends two factor authentication. I click the link. It takes me to Safari and starts a login. Okay, I’ll play along. I cannot find how to turn two factor identification on. Nowhere. I wasted a half an hour clicking different possibilities. No help. No search function unless you are searching for a room. Horrible. And since I just set up the account last night it may have been notifying me about my search and cooking of a room. Which is why I never store a credit card on these type sites.
floyd8888 on 2023-02-03
I get to the hotel after driving 9 hours to check in and the reservation was cancelled by the hotel due to water damage from sprinklers. I didn’t get a notice from the hotel or that my reservation had been cancelled. It was booked well in advance and the hotel sent the money back to booking 2 weeks prior to my check in date. After being on the phone with three employees for 2 hours I was finally able to get a refund. The manager of the hotel was just as frustrated as I was and even though I finally got refunded the inconvenience of this will prevent me from ever using ever again.
Discriminated for being disabled
discriminated senior on 2023-02-03
I called Booking .com and reserved a hotel with special accommodations. First floor wheelchair access. Went to check in and the reservation was on the 2nd floor WITH NO ELEVATOR. I was unable to access the room and had to sleep on my car . Discriminatory attitude toward a 70 year old woman , very I’ll and disabled!!!!! Booking .com has not been able to resolve my issue . The motel don’t have any rooms downstairs. I’m on the streets. They are saying that my reservation is non- refundable.
Awful service
Brinniss on 2023-02-03
Awful service from booking, when we arrived ( 8 people), the hotel inform us that we could not check in because they were full. I contacted several times customer service and they send the link to another property that was not available either. We have to travel almost 200 kilometers to Santo Domingo City and change our full schedule for the weekend because every time I contacted customer service I had to repeat the issue to a new representative and never resolved the problem.
No longer my favorite
Storm.ball on 2023-02-03
I loved this app. Until they would not allow me to book with the credits I earned. And the “priority customer service” perk from booking thru them is an absolute joke. I was told I was not booking correctly, I was not choosing “pay now”, everything was something I was doing wrong, absolutely no chance that could have any bugs or glitches. After this I won’t use this app. I’m sleeping in my car tonight cause they’re unable to fix their mistake.
Outstanding quality & service!!!
Swonder! on 2023-02-03
We have considerable experience in both domestic and European service and accommodations. We were gratefully and pleasantly surprised by the warmth and very high quality and attention to detail provided by the staff and facility. It is uncommon to experience this level of attention to detail and quality of service for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you one and all for your hospitality and caring service. Steve & Judi York.
Be aware
TyIsMe14 on 2023-02-03
I usually have good experiences with these guys. But not this time. I got a booking with a hotel, was on the way to the hotel and got in a car accident because of some ice. They wouldn't help at all, no refund, no rebooking. They just claimed they couldn't do anything when I do know they have ability to make bookings. Very unfortunate but now I'm the only one out of money

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