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Download the highest-rated travel app to join thousands of people finding deals on hotels, motels, and vacation homes. Find a stay for your vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip – anywhere in the world! Search for hotels, motels, and vacation homes • 27 million hotels, vacation rentals, homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay • Search by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name with just one tap • Filter by price, review score, amenities, and other things important to you • Find your stay last-minute or book it far in advance Find a great travel deal • Daily deals for every budget • Free cancellation on most rooms • Browse over 135 million verified guest reviews Manage your booking on the go • Get paperless confirmation • Make changes wherever, whenever • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages • Contact your host, view check-in times, and write reviews • No booking or credit card fees

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micdea55 on 2020-08-08
I have had the privilege to enjoy the team for work for a number of years now. I’ve NEVER failed to be dissatisfied by these people. They are quick to solve any issues or difficulties, you actually get a live person when your need them! They are literally my travel agents! I typically started out using the service for work as the ease in finding any type of place you are interested in is right here! Seeing the ease our human relations Dept had with them, I began using them for personal use as well. The hotel & apartment homes that are rated by their service is right on spot! The hotels have been obviously screened well as I’ve NEVER been disappointed! Even if by chance I had to cancel or reschedule a booked stay, it was handled by them with little issues. They & their recommended hotels realize that things happen in & out of the business world and often cannot be avoided. If you treat them as you would wish to be treated ie: re cancellation or reschedule a trip contacting them as soon as you become aware there could be a problem; they go above & beyond assisting you as well do the establishments they represent! I’m extremely impressed by their service and am so very happy to have had experience with them through work as I found my go to outside of work as well! This is 1 group you can trust even though based in the UK. They’ve phoned me back immediately after contacting them with any difficulties! They speak clearly and are easily understood unlike some of out of the country services, & have a great “leveling up” system or Genius, which offers variety of different discounts depending on your travel, recommendations to friends etc. All in all a class A app and service! Kudos to you all for the excellent service and wonderful work you do! Definitely will be a loyal customer! DeAnn Maurice RN SANEC BSVM PA
Highly recommend
Sandee lynn on 2020-08-08
This was our first trip to seaside, we normally go to Wildwood every summer. I was looking to stay in a motel that was clean and well maintained and the Hershey did not disappoint. We were accidentally double booked for one of our rooms but the Hershey made up for it and accommodated us for the situation and it actually worked out better! The rooms were very clean and there were plenty of clean towels. Housekeeping was fantastic and provided everything we needed every morning! We were there through Isaias and had one day without power (not the motel’s fault) but everyone there was so friendly and fun we didn’t really mind it and power was restored that night! I’m so glad we did not let the storm stop us from going! The pool is as beautiful as it looks in the pictures. One block from the boardwalk and good parking. If there was no spaces in front there was plenty in the back. Overall it was a great stay and we are definitely returning next summer... or maybe sooner!
I will try to avoid this app
i.33 on 2020-08-08
This used to be a great app for hotel booking but not anymore. They try to sell you everything - the last push notification I've got was abou taxi booking from my location. After searching for my destination and spent some time to find a cab I've got the message that "area is not covered". The WHY are you bothering me with these notifications??? I'll try to avoid booking for the next one year! I know they don't care about my opinion but avoiding them is a such a great start.
S Ford
Crazyrain10 on 2020-08-08
Booked a hotel in Winchester (The Hilton) last minute.... got to the Hilton and the registration lady Erica was expecting me... greeted by my name and stated she was glad I had arrived safely... she also had everything ready! And I had just called 45 minutes prior because we were tired of being on the road all day... Excellent customer service ... I will DEFINITELY use and also come back (and recommend) this hotel! does make things easy!
gildon123 on 2020-08-08
I normally do not write reviews, but I have used quite a bit over the past 12 months and they have been really helpful, especially when cancellations were necessary, because of the virus. They have a good selection of hotels, they make it really easy to book the hotel, and on those occasions when it was necessary to cancel, that was also incredibly easy. I use all the time now in the US and overseas.
Bad vibes
pay when not stay on 2020-08-08
No number to call and remedy or discuss issues with booking. I booked then canceled my reservation over 30 days ahead of trip and did not cancel correctly so I paid $500 for rooms in a state I wasn’t in. The reservation charged for was not in my name and for the wrong amount of people. So they went in and changed the reservation instead of canceling. Don’t book through them
Poor booking and customer service!
forshitzsake!! on 2020-08-08
Horrible experience with Booking.Com.Birthday plans were crushed and left picking up the non-sense of trusting this websiteNo respect! And totally left charged and without on birthday day!:( Will never support this app or any followers of will speak and discredit all and any claims this App and it’s credentials has( will review on Joticle and google very poorly!!
Booking USA and Europe
NonnaDonnaHD on 2020-08-08
With ease, I have searched for and found properties that met my requirements for lodging, be it in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Vicenza. It’s also been the best for finding great properties in the USA. Whether it’s just my husband and I or a group I am planning for, this is the best. I do check others to stay on top of options, but I always come back here to book!
Never use this app
cassie8119 on 2020-08-08
When booking asked for my credit card said it was going to take a deposit took $100.69 then when checked into the hotel was booked an additional 200. And now I have to fight for my deposit back would never recommend to anyone will never use again might as well just call and book the hotel directly there’s no reason for this dumb ass app! -10 out of 10
Fraud transaction
mony ansy on 2020-08-08
I booked a rokm for night at nyc went to the hotel stayed there for one hour to check in the hotel receptionist told me they haven’t got a confirmation number yet I didn’t receive the service and i booked a second hotel find a charge on my credit card with the full amount i will cancel my membership and never deal with them again

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