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Misleading customer service re. cancellations
rtavares on 2021-01-25
I had a reservation cancelled very close to my stay and at first talked with a representative that stated that they would cover the difference in price for an alternative accommodation since at that time there were not as many alternatives available anymore. The representative also said I could go ahead and look for accommodation myself. I did that, on the booking platform, and the cheapest I found in the same area was significantly more expensive. First, it took me two weeks of back and forth about booking being able to receive an invoice for my reservation even though it was reserved through booking as well, clearly a way to discourage me to go through the process. After almost twenty!!! Messages, someone realized I was given the wrong email address to send the invoice to. Then it was about the format of the invoice and I had to contact the property, who was very helpful, to send directly to booking. It still took an additional two or three messages and miscommunication for the process to proceed. After all of this, I was told I would only get assistance for half of the price difference because the alternative accommodation was considered an upgrade. I was also told I should have let booking make the reservation for me even though that was not at all what I was told in the beginning. I felt extremely mislead, at first just being told something to appease me about the cancellation, and then the process for assistance was obscure, difficult, and clearly about booking not wanting to put the customer first and be helpful. A big unnecessary waste of time for me. Will not use booking again, will stick to other sites.
Love this hotel
Baggio!!! on 2021-01-25
Whenever I feel like heading up to the Finger Lakes to check out the many wineries, The Gould in Seneca Falls is at the top of my list of possible places to stay. I have stayed there the last 4.5 times, 3 times in 2020 (July, September, and December), and I can’t wait to return in 2021. The Finger Lakes region is a fascinating place to visit if you’re a wine enthusiast like myself. Not only that, this amazing area has its fair share of historical sites, shopping, outdoor recreation, and dining. If you’re looking for a clean, affordable, and centrally-located place to stay in the Finger Lakes Region, look no further than The Gould in Seneca Falls. Everyone - from the front desk to the cleaning staff - is so hospitable. I’ve always stayed in the King Suite which is huge and elegantly furnished. The Gould provides quick access to the wineries on Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. Venture out to Geneva in under 20 minutes for more restaurant and bar options, or stay home in the quaint little town for fewer, but still very great options. It’s also close to Waterloo Premium Outlets if shopping is the plan. Since the epidemic, the management has done a tremendous job to keep their staff and guests safe. Ample social distancing, hand sanitizers, plexiglass at the front desk - you name it, they’re doing it. I just can’t say enough about The Gould. In addition, this beautiful hotel offers very competitive rates which is very alluring to get away from home and relieve some of the pandemic stress.
Awful Customer Service-Security Breach
finkarola on 2021-01-25
My credit card information was stolen while I was booking a hotel with them, twice in fact. After searching for an hour to find their phone number to contact them (try to find it on their website, good luck!) I was told that they cannot do anything about it and that I should contact my credit card company. Evidently their website is not secured and instead of helping me to resolve the situation they decided to just ignore me and not do anything about it. How is it it possible that while I book a hotel in Hawaii I am also being charged for a hotel in Belize (that also partners with them by the way)??? Figure this out because I still can’t. Now I have to argue with my bank to credit $3,500 back to my account. Frauds!
Doesn’t save your searches.
Eurofrosty on 2021-01-25
It’s an OK app except when you use it seriously and then it really falls down. When you switch from the app to, say, Safari — which is pretty normal when researching trips — then about half the time it forgets your place and you have to start your search over from scratch, or even worse, from some search you did weeks ago. This is a pretty clear programmer error if you know iOS, it’s just failing to save state when it goes to background. Probably not a native app. Sadly, as a big time customer, I strongly recommend you use the web site instead of the app. Especially on iPad. cheaters of your money
ElyaqiymNehemiah on 2021-01-25
I rented a car for my trip to SAn Francisco, and the car company who I rented with did not honor my extention on drivers license, so used a rental next to them and they honored it, when I returned home from my vacation, I called to get a redund and they completely refuse to refund me my almost 400.00 for the unused rental which the car company canceled on the day I tried to rent it, that is the last time I will ever use them for car rental, didn’t even offer a partial refund, no customer service at all. will book you and then boot you by stealing ur money.
Worst Customer Service Alive
Peiyun Ju on 2021-01-25
If you wanna cancel a booking even with the valid reason, they will just “try to contact the hotel and email them.” What if they never reply, then you never get you refund. So they are just taking the money without actually doing anything constructive and responsible. One day they keep being that, one day I will write them the complain like this. Terrible service from the first minute. Conformation Num: 3106500351 Just consider this a donation already lol
Great deals/ Awesome
BRuiz900 on 2021-01-25
I would definitely recommend this app. If your an indecisive person I wouldn’t recommend this app. Cancellation is not an option. Other than that I love. They find the best deals for you at no cost and I’ve had to pay when I get there. So far I’ve used them for my local locations. I love it and I’m pleased with them. Hopefully you will to! I was recommend this site by a trip advisor, so there you have it! Download it now guys!
Feel disappointed
sjhehzh567 on 2021-01-25
I encountered a hotel with a high score and found that the hotel was not so good or even safe, there were police cars and prisoners. then apply for check out ,the hotel says ok,need to calling booking they said to call hotel, after 14days i didn’t receive refund back and forth,this accommodation experience is very poor! Poor ability to deal with problems,who can guarantee that there is no problem? Good bye,booking!
The absolute worst
Ahyoka16 on 2021-01-25
More than once now our booking had been messed up and they refused to help! This last one was the last straw though! Thanks to them we got charged 100 for an hour of holding our stuff, and then another 100 on the card, talk about robbery. If you pick a weekend stay it is supposed to be a weekend not one night!! And what happened to customer service?!
Yajis0611 on 2021-01-25
Been coming to this hotel for almost 2 years. Clean rooms, breakfast is delicious recommend to get breakfast included to your reservation. Next to a Soriana right around the hotel and attached a shopping center inside. Other restaurants around the hotel within walking distance. Totally recommend this place and for the price you can’t beat it.

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