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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Download the highest-rated travel app to join thousands of people finding deals on hotels, motels, and vacation homes. Find a stay for your vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip – anywhere in the world! Search for hotels, motels, and vacation homes • 27 million hotels, vacation rentals, homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay • Search by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name with just one tap • Filter by price, review score, amenities, and other things important to you • Find your stay last-minute or book it far in advance Find a great travel deal • Daily deals for every budget • Free cancellation on most rooms • Browse over 135 million verified guest reviews Manage your booking on the go • Get paperless confirmation • Make changes wherever, whenever • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages • Contact your host, view check-in times, and write reviews • No booking or credit card fees

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Pro_dinko on 2022-12-06
I received emails about booking canceled flights to my last destination, so this forced my hand to cancel my remaining flights since they couldn’t find me connecting flights anymore. Booking inc has gave me wrong confirmation numbers, gave wrong phone numbers, and Hang up the phone each time I have called. Singapore airlines tried hard to process my refund. They needed phone number from booking (which booking was unable to provide), they needed email address which they gave me incorrect one. Ultimately booking stopped giving me updates on the refund status. The money is gone, since it first has to reach Booking inc hands before, so if Booking inc doesn’t report it to me it’s their money. Highly unethical. I tried to escalate the case and they didn’t give me a supervisor. You will get a guy from India, so their wage vs your time it’s profitable to keep your ticket money.
Оставили ночевать «на улице дважды»
oksidant on 2022-12-06
Гораздо надежнее бронировать отели напрямую у отелей. У меня и моей семьи было 2 неприятных случая, связанных с бронированием. Первый раз мы забронировали отели на Ниагаре. Приехали в 5 утра, отель продал нашу комнату. В городе проходила игра и не было ни одного свободного номера. Мы ночевали в машине. Никто не позвонил, не поставил в известность, ни спросил приедем мы или нет. Мы были полны уверенность, что с номером ничего не случится. Второе, я забронировала отель на горнолыжном курорте и совершенно случайно обнаружила что бронь снята. Оказывается деньги не списались. Со мной вновь никто не связался, не попытался повторить оплату. Моя семья вновь могла остаться на улице. При этом мы уже забронировали авиабилеты, билеты на подъёмник и тд и тп. Сейчас альтернативных цен нет. Платить на 3 тыс $$$ больше или жить в худших условиях, я не собираюсь. В общем, будьте аккуратны.
Ok until you need customer service
Fantasy fantic on 2022-12-06
I had used this app many times to book hotel rooms with decent results. However when you rent a car watch out, their sister site is used. They have zero customer service!!! When I went to pick up my car in LA, Dollar rental told me my reservation had been cancelled two days prior by booking. I had to rent another car from another company. When I called customer service they told me to enter in a ticket online but only after the original car rental return date!!! Even though I never got a car!!! I entered the ticket then went round and round with them for two months. Dollar rental even emailed me confirming the car was never picked up and that I should not have been charged. Even after I forwarded these emails to booking they did not care. They are based overseas so there are some communication issues with service reps as well.
Editing bookings
Jumpin' Joe Hernia on 2022-12-06
Booked 2 nights in Florida for U of Florida football game . ( Friday /Saturday ) Contacted to edit reservation to 1 night ( Saturday). Was told “ they’re on it “. Never got a response so called back next day — they said they contacted the Hilton & we were good to go. ( got an email confirmation of this). After the game Saturday , we showed up at the Hilton & our 2 day reservation was canceled on Friday & we were billed $218.00. So we had no reservation at all / ended paying again to spend the night / and CANNOT get my $218 credit ... Have talked to them multiple times / seems like an easy fix to me / it’s always a lame excuse for this not being taken care of . This is not how you retain customers !
Why is Google asking me to I stall their app?
George Orr on 2022-12-06
That turned me off from this site. They want me to install Google, then send me a check. And with all the data these people want, should also send you a check. No privacy what so ever on this site. And they make it as hard as possible to contact them. They need to do a better job. You are unable to contact these people without signing in and creating an account. There is no other way that they will provide customer service. Not a user friendly travel site at all. Again they demand you register to even talk with you about any concerns. How can you provide a confirmation number if you do not have one? And they will not answer any questions without one. Not good customer service.
Great apartment rental
D's ventures on 2022-12-06
I made reservations for a couple weeks here and soon after arriving I went to withdraw some money to complete payment for the rental. I was upset to find out that I had a fraud alert from my bank in the US and my bank froze my account. I explained this to management and they adjusted my unfortunate shortened stay and kindly refunded the difference. The apartment was very clean an we’ll appointed, everything you need in both inside and outside kitchen’s, linens, fridge microwave etc. I’m not happy about cutting my vacation short but was pleased I choose to rent the apartment, it’s really close to all the action, just right down the road to Tamarindo beach! Thnx Oriana an Don
Terrible Customer Support
IkaFrzn on 2022-12-06 is ok as long as you don’t need any customer support. I have used them many times to book flights and hotels, but this last experience has been a nightmare. I needed a refund for a flight that never made it to the arrival city due to weather. When I called, I was told “all it shows here is the flight wasn’t cancelled and you were marked as a no show”. Are you kidding me? They didn’t even attempt to look into this issue so I ended up dealing with the airline directly and they helped me get it resolved. So, what is the point of using if you can’t be helped by them? I advise everyone to avoid them if at all possible.
Mr. Perkins owner on 2022-12-06 allowed us to book King Spa rooms and when we got to the hotel they would only give us regular rooms. I spent over an hour on the phone with a rep from with him finally promising me I’d get a call back or an email within 40 min. That didn’t happen. I ended up having to pay an extra $80 for one room to get the spa. The other room I left regular as I couldn’t afford to upgrade both. I’ve been told by both Booking and the property it’s the others fault and NO ONE WILL HELP!!!!! I thought this app had people in place to stop this from happening!!! BEWARE THEY DON’T CARE!!!!!!
Taxes & Fees
Yayffrogs on 2022-12-06
They say taxes and fees are included, which is why I started using this app. I like knowing how much I will be paying when I click on the advert on Google hotels or the price in the app. This site will add taxes and fees and remove any discounts as soon as you go to pay on about half of their listings. I have alerted the site twice to this happening and have pictures of two bookings with added taxes and fees well above the price that ‘includes’ them…. This is a class action suit waiting to happen and an obviously predatory practice of the company.
StumpNC on 2022-12-06
Overall, easy to use. My only concern is that twice hotels have tried to charge us more than what said the total cost should be (including taxes). The first time it happened the hotel backed off and removed the extra cost. The second time the hotel did not. It only amounted to about $9, but the employee could not explain why that was added. We are relatively new to, but it makes me wonder how reliable their “total cost” is. And, of course, we did not incur extra charges like drinks or snacks charged to our room.

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