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May, 2021


May, 2021



In Bounce and collect you have to drop balls in the right place to collect the maximum and unlock the next challenge. Enjoy!

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horse girl2224 on 2021-06-13
Okay let’s start it off, I love this game, it is such a good idea. I have been playing forever and I have been trying to get to the top of the leaderboard. I will say some of the levels are really overpowered... some of them I have to wait about 5 minutes for all the balls to go through. I know the doesn’t sound like a lot but in a game like this, I just really love this game just how it WAS. That brings me to my second statement. The new update with the different “visuals”, the hand, 3D..... I absolutely HATE THE UPDATE. It makes the game look like one of the crappy games you see in adds and they cost like nothing to make. The old one was so much more calming and wasn’t an eyesore all the time. I’m just saying I miss the old one..... before i end this review, I can’t help but have to state the fact that NONE OF THE MATH IS RIGHT like c’mon something that would be nice about the game is that at least they can GET THE MATH RIGHT. But on a quick change I can’t wait to see what else this game can offer though. I’m sorry for this tough review but it’s true. The leaderboard is really fun and cool, there might be fake people but still. Anyway if you have read this review to here I would like to say this game has good potential and you should totally download it if ur looking for relaxing distracting game.
Brandon Ortiz on 2021-06-13
So, this game is by no means supposed to be intricate. It’s very simple and easy to pick up. Most levels last about 30 seconds or so, which brings me to my first complaint. Every each and every single level there is an ad. It’s ANNOYING. I’ve learned that I can disable ads by going into my settings app and disable cellular data from the privacy menu. (That might hurt their profit but they shouldn’t be greedy with the ads.) I’ve also found inconsistencies with the vibrations. The game about half the time freezes or gives me a black screen and then crashes. With all this being said, you can earn a max of three stars a level and I’m currently sitting at 1,553. So it is fun and addicting. There is potential. I wish they’d add different skins for the balls or something, maybe different color schemes or backdrops.
What happened?
RYPOD80 on 2021-06-13
I really loved playing this game every night before bed. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and it was the most perfect, relaxing thing to help me fall asleep. Even playing mostly just at night I’ve managed to place in the top 200. Now with the tacky red and gold throne-like background and super bright colors I can’t even stand to play it anymore. Hope that you will either change the look back or at least offer different skins so people can choose to have the old look back. If not, I guess I’m done with this game
Fun Concept but Lazy
174772848&64 on 2021-06-13
The game itself is fun, but the developers were pretty lazy with a lot of aspects of the game. The leaderboard is fake, the “better than % of players” is also fake. Some levels are impossible to get 1 star on. Many levels are impossible to get a 3 star on. The star scale is 50,100,150 for every single level regardless of what is actually possible in the level. Overall, I’ll give it to the developers for their “easy” cash grab with this game, which is what Voodoo is good at anyway. Smart move on the devs part.
Narwhal1214 on 2021-06-13
I updated the app today because it said it needed to be updated. I didn’t think I needed to worry. UNTIL I OPENED THE APP. It’s a hot mess, the graphics are no where near as clear as they used to be, the colors are so bright you physically cannot see and it’s even laggier than I ever imagined possible. I literally couldn’t even play one level looking at how bright and weird it looked. I deleted it so fast. I’m really sad cause this was my go to game but now it’s ruined.
WAY TOO MANY ADS! And gets boring quickly!
RainbowPugicorn on 2021-06-13
I get why games would have ads at the end of each level, I still think that’s a bit much though. I would say probably just have ads at most the end of each two levels, but this game USUALLY HAS 2 ADS EACH LEVEL! Usually for the same game! And this game quickly gets boring! This is only fun for 5 mins, AND there is usually around 3 mins of ads! I’d say just skip past this ad, and continue playing you actual good game!
Love the game
dexth on 2021-06-13
I love this game, it’s awesome and I love the concept of the whole game. I played it so much that I made it to the top 700 which I find pretty cool but if the developers read this imma give you a couple ideas that I would love to see in the game -Customizable cups and balls -Make your own obstacles -Game modes And any other idea you think you should add, overall it’s an amazing game
Most recent update
Jezzie S on 2021-06-13
I have been playing this game for a while, but in the most recent update with the integration of the new visuals, the game breaks. It might just be my phone but the screen goes black and you can only see the two cups, the walls, and nothing else. This game is fun and is nice to play if you don’t want to think too much about strategy. I hope they patch this soon.
Keep Trying…
Nehdiensyc on 2021-06-13
You play a few levels and then the math legit cannot add up to 50. By this I mean some levels you cannot complete- Absolutely not possible. So you try again until it randomizes the multipliers so that you can reach 50 by the end. Kind of crappy to set someone up for failure, the ranking is fake and there’s LOTS of ads too. Just another money maker app :(
NatThWiz on 2021-06-13
So... I just got into a run where I got over 1.2 million, but in the end the game just crashed and didn’t save anything. To suggest, they should put a button that will immediately end a run and save the score that you had at the moment. Then when you saw the game start to glitch you could just end. Tip: Tip you hate the adds just turn on airplane mode.

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