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Do you love to crack trivia and quizzes like a trivia star ? Cool riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: Who is who? Who did it? Who’s the father? Guess who? Can you solve it? Put your logic and brain to the test and quiz-up, if you’re a genius, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Brain Game will be an easy game to crack for your smart brain ! If you want to give your mind a little brain out, this is a great place to do that. This popular online game consists of multiple brain games and riddles, with clues hidden in the words, photos This free trivia game is full of tricks, so be ready to play the role of the clue hunting detective to crack the riddles and beat the tricky puzzles. One part trivia, and one part detective game, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level. Its brain games are suitable for all ages: kids games challenging even for adults, and trivia quizzes fun even for kids. The levels are challenging, you will navigate between fun word puzzles, brain tests and iq games, while having a fun time. Not every brain game is an easy game, in fact Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game offers a playful way to crack challenging questions and IQ tests. Unlike most IQ games, IQ tests and brain games, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is a unique concept for improving your brain. This mobile game elevates your IQ, tricks you, challenges you brainwash thinking habits in a funny and ludic way. Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game has several tricky puzzles, many free brain games and mind games to sharpen your mind, and it's totally a free game. It’s one of the high ranking free mobile games. This is one of the best games for mobile. It includes small games to improve your memory, boost your brain speed, flexibility, and also attention. Brain out while playing, what a good idea! You will not get bored, it’s like a trivia quiz or a charade party that you play with friends and family, when everyone is competing to be the trivia star or the master of the riddles. This brian game encourages you to train with tricky puzzles and trivia tests to become the riddle master amongst your friends. It's a brian test full of challenging puzzles and brain teasers. While playing Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game, you can train your brain with various tricky puzzle games, by challenging the brain across numerous riddles and teasers. Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is one of the best free games for mobile that provide hundreds of fun games, riddle games, tricky puzzles, brain tests, IQ tests, word games, and a wide range of trivia cracks. This game is an IQ based brain game that offers tricky quizzes to check if you are a genius. With original puzzle games and tricky brain teasers, your IQ level will boost up. Important Features: Unique and tricky brain teaser to boost up your brain. Hundreds of tricky trivia quizzes to solve despite their trickiness. You can also use the brain test to test your friends’ IQ. Solve the mysteries, find the clues and have fun. You will be brainwashed to think out of the box. Tricky games that you will love to challenge. You must have a super star IQ to be a riddle master. Easy game, brain test & tricky mind puzzle all at once. Relaxing games, the trivia questions will take your stress away. Tons of trivia quizzes to boost your brainpower. This game has a subscription-based premium feature package, it enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. It's an auto-renewable subscription. The subscription period is weekly. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24 hours before the end of the period, and the account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Hints, brains, ads
ayrtime on 2020-12-04
I have had this game for about a week and love it so much that I am on level 60. Brains? How do you get them? In the top right corner it shows a brain with a number next to it. Let me tell you something, the game is so super duper fun and perhaps easy. I just don’t get how, when and why I get these brains per say. Matching-ham games, don’t be mad, just improve the way brains and hints work to get more brains so I do not have to watch videos constantly when I ask for a hint. Another thing is the ads. When I complete a riddle it comes to the little “Braindom 2” guy saying something and I press next. Of course I have to watch a video. Like just crazy. I would recommend to get this game but if you don’t like watching videos don’t get it. I am just keeping it because it is fun. Bye bye little Braindom riddle kids I love your game!
It’s okay...
SWAGGER_FOREVER on 2020-12-04
I’ve had a good time with this game, but there are some things about it that are just a joke. There is an ad between every single riddle and a lot of the riddles are very easy and don’t take long to get through so most of the time I’m just watching ads. Another thing is that like the third time that I actually got stuck on a riddle, I didn’t have enough points to get a free hint; so I clicked on the thing to watch a video to get some free points and it wouldn’t work! So I’m forced to watch ads between every riddle but when I actually want to watch an ads for free points it doesn’t work! Don’t get me wrong I don’t totally discourage you from downloading this game but the developers should definitely make a few changes to make it more worth while.
It’s great but...
1azurebird on 2020-12-04
Love the game. A fun and simple time killer that helps keep your brain thinking, even if some of the questions seem too easy only to find out it was something completely different. It gave 4 stars because some of these levels are nearly impossible to answer, and that’s not in a good way. For example, I’m on level #282 that involves a hair dryer. The answer to the question is obvious, but trying to make the answer WORK is the problem. I’ve tried each and every move to trigger the hairdryer, but to no avail. It might be a bug in the game, I don’t know. But it’d be great if someone could look into that. Despite all that, still love this and your other game apps.
Fun game
1azurebird on 2020-12-04
Love the game. Keeps you busy when you’re not busy or just plain bored. It gave 4 stars because some of these levels are nearly impossible to answer, and that’s not in a good way. For example, I’m on level #282 that involves a hair dryer. The answer to the question is obvious, but trying to make the answer WORK is the problem. I’ve tried each and every move to trigger the hairdryer, nothing happens. Tapping, sliding, bumping my phone, upside get the point. It might be a bug in the game, I don’t know. But it’d be great if someone could look into that. Despite all that, still love this and your other game apps.
Good and bad review.
uhdyhy on 2020-12-04
This is a very cool game because you can solve riddles and use your brain, but there is a few cons. After you finish a game, they ask you if you want to double your money, but you have to watch a add. I personally don’t like adds so I press no. But they give a add anyway. I can’t even skip and it was very boring. I had to watch it for like 25 seconds before I can skip. All the adds are boring and annoying. If you want people to download this game, you better fix the cons.
Bought 3 packages, never received items or ads removed. No way to contact customer service.
Heather Crystal on 2020-12-04
I purchased 2 of the $4.99 packages that are supposed to remove ads and give brain points. I didn’t receive anything for either one of those packages. I just spent another $2.99 trying to remove ads and the ads are still there. There’s no way to contact customer service. The website it sent me to was a shell website, it wasn’t even a real email address or phone number to contact someone for help. I want my money back please or give me what I purchased.
Terrible Game!! Ad after every level!!
69HarDEr DAddY on 2020-12-04
This game's concept is quite fun but how they made this app is terrible. It is too complicated, there is an ad after every level, to open the "gift" you get after completing a level you have to watch an ad. Very obviously only made as a platform to get people to watch ads. Again, the game's concept is a good idea but it is only made to trick you into watching ads to benefit the creators of the game. You should not download!!
bdkdds on 2020-12-04
Thus game would be fine if there were ads after every 3-4 rounds but no. There is a 25 second ad after every single round. One round takes maybe 30 seconds to 2 minutes usually. The round to ad ratio is terrible especially when it only takes a few seconds to get the answer and then have a 20-30 second ad right after. Please fix this because I am about to delete this it is very annoying and frustrating. Thank you-
hhhhh16 on 2020-12-04
Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads. I downloaded this app and immediately got bored of it because I couldn’t even play the game. There is an ad after every. Single. Level, and they all last about 30 seconds. It’s less of a game than it is a just one long advertisement. That said, the levels were pretty good, but there were just way too many ads.
Not finished?
K80Dixon on 2020-12-04
Either there’s a glitch or this game isn’t fully finished. Some of the riddles aren’t even logical, forcing you to use a hint. Others stick and can’t be solved. Brian also stops saying anything at the end after so many levels. I paid for no ads, and played until I couldn’t get through anymore, so the concept is fun enough, but it needs some work.

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