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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Braindom: Brain Games Test allows you to know how genius you are and improve your brain skills. It is a great brain test. Braindom: Brain Games Test has many trivia questions to boost your brainpower. The perfect combination of knowledge and creativity, exercise your mind with the triple test of EQ, IQ, and dumbfounded challenge. Please mind you will be tricked in every question, don’t think in an usual way. Braindom App requires you to use your mind in a logical way only. It’s an addictive and fascinating game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring you a unique brain-pushing experience! Ready for brain out? Each of the brain teasers in this game is unique, original, and creative, designed to push your thinking limit. You can enjoy this addictive and funny free IQ game it by yourself or with your friends. What a great brain test! Braindom: Brain Games Test sheds light on your IQ. It assesses your ability to think logically, react quickly, accurately, improves your memory and creativity. If you don’t want to be a fool, then don’t answer the questions in the usual way. Take the tricky brain test! Breaking conventional thinking to solve problems is the most exciting part of this game. We bring you different game experiences, creative thinking, and unexpected solutions. Challenge your mind. Get ready to take the tests! Ready to brain out! Take the brainstorming challenge. Let your imagination run wild now! Features: • Different brain teasers! • Increase your creative thinking! • Imaginative gameplay! • Think outside the box! • Find the differences in the boxes • Attention, use matchsticks carefully! • Apply real-life logic to beat the challenges. • Try different mechanics, think bigger! • Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills. • Focus on the details and boost your brainpower! • Use hints if you need a clue. • Find solutions to the riddles! • Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked! • Great exercise for the brain. • Simple and highly addictive gameplay. • Fun for All Ages • Great time killer. Braindom: Brain Games Test App has a premium feature package subscription: Braindom: Brain Games Test App has a premium feature package, and that is a subscription-based service, which enables users to use the app without advertisements and with extra features. That is an auto-renewable subscription. The subscription period is weekly. Payment is charged to the App Store account at confirmation. Subscription is renewed unless turned off 24 hours before the end of the period, and the account will be automatically charged for renewal as well. You may turn it off in your Account Settings anytime. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication where applicable. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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To many ads and puzzles are so simple
shyguyslayer on 2020-07-15
I recently downloaded the game and quite frankly I flew threw it. But not to my surprise on the second level of me playing it an ad popped up l was like ok just one ad nope 3 ads back to back apart from the apps creepy mascot dude who looks like mr.potato head and baby Bret from cloudy with a chance of meat balls had a baby. Game was quite simple and I flew threw it made it to level 225 and it said more levels coming soon. I’d rather have wasted 3 days of my life putting my nutts threw a wood chipper just to catch it on fire than play this game for any longer if you came from a different game and thought maybe this game would be fun I don’t recommend it so there for I give it 2 stars only bc it kept me occupied for 3 days in and out of boredom.
Boring and tons of ads
Earthly rose on 2020-07-15
I completed level 36 before deleting this app. First of all, the app is a bit glitchy, and sometimes won’t respond to your touch. (Yes, this is the app, as I have no such issues with any other functions of my phone). Second, there are a TON of ads. Every other level is an involuntary ad, which yes, you can “skip” forward, but you’re still watching at least 5-10 seconds of an ad, without any benefit! Lastly, the levels are extremely easy. The only level I genuinely struggled with was putting the wallet in the purse. Otherwise the questions had painfully obvious answers. Not stimulating, not worth my time, especially with all the ads.
Iycmhdiekydkhoiglucmgssngx on 2020-07-15
I’ve never written a review for an app before but this is just ridiculous. I constantly get this game as an ad in other games and it seemed fun so I downloaded it. Little did I know I would even be able to play the game. It’s 99% ads and 1% actual gameplay. I understand free games need to make revenue somehow but this is insane. I get 3 ads in a row (of which I can not even skip) to answer one question only to be bombarded by 3 more ads. Of all stupid trivia mind games, this is the worst. And I’m not wasting any money to play a game that already shoves thousands of ads in other players faces.
Kinda good
a cute bunny lover on 2020-07-15
BAD SIDE I just got this app 10 minutes ago and I all ready have some glitches. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s that and also adds its one of those 30 sec ones but this game is good but another problem is that your tapping play like 20 times and it doesn’t respond until a lil later but then another add pops up! ( But that’s just the bad things I will give you the good side) GOOD SIDE I like how this game gets you to think and what the whole concept is. The best part is it doesn’t scream give me money it’s just a wonderful free app
So Disappointed
694928595732 on 2020-07-15
Normally I find these brain tests to be stupid. They have ridiculous answers that don’t “strengthen your IQ” as they advertise. But when I saw this one I thought it looked similar to the riddles you see on YouTube, so I decided to give it a try. The first few levels were easy, as I expected. Then I got to level eight, and it froze. I’m stuck on a white screen. And I wasn’t very impressed by the first few riddles, either. I do not recommend.
It’s too laggy and buggy
Gamer_chic on 2020-07-15
Not sure if cause of the ads lagging the game but if you try clicking on the next level nothing happens or the level will be blank. So your force to quit the app and restart it. Only really it’s not one star. I think the levels are fun when they work. I would love to give this game 5 stars but lags and bugs make each level hard to play. Plus another thing is watching videos I notice doesn’t always give you hints if your stuck on a level.
I need answers
Trugeminii on 2020-07-15
So I started playing this game to see how it was and I actually liked it despite the ads which became highly annoying after each game you have to watch an ad. So I paid 2.99 to remove the ads which was NOT removed so now I’m out of 2.99 and have to keep watching these ads which are very annoying. I would like a refund or remove the ads like I paid for. My review is based on my experience.
To many ads
KitKat5683 on 2020-07-15
Honestly this game looks fun but there are ads every 10 seconds. These aren’t long puzzles so why are there ads after every single one even if you don’t collect the reward. When you do want the reward it gave me two ads. I’m really ok with seeing ads but at least spread them out so we’re not watching ads 80% of the time instead of actually enjoying the game.
Ad after every... single... question
Celeca7 on 2020-07-15
It would be helpful if you explained your answers. For example, when you have a picture of about 9 colored balls, two of which are green, and the question is “How many green balls?” I answer 2. Wrong. Change it to 1. Wrong. Change it to 3. Wrong. Change it to 4. Correct! No explanation. Doesn’t make sense. Then i get to watch ANOTHER ad. No thanks
Not happy
kate0418 on 2020-07-15
When I first started playing the game I love it. After this last update and added levels, not so much. Some of the added levels are repeated and some of them I get even do (clean the window) it won’t even respond to what I’m trying to do. Some of the other levels like that are that way too. Actually ended up deleting app bc of this.

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