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Jul, 2022


Jul, 2022



Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters. Join the adventure with more than 1000 levels that contain mechanisms such as sliders, trampolines, zip-lines, ladders, and elevators! Collect blocks of your own color and build bridges with them. The main features of the game include: ● Customize the Color of the Character and Blocks: You can play with more than 80 different types of characters, choose more than 30 blocks, and more than 30 colors! Customize your character skins but also the color of the character! ● Bundles: You can also get bundles containing exciting characters, blocks, and unique character animations! ● Road Map: You can see your road map and get back to the same level in order to get better results maybe even perfection! You can play all around the world in different cities! ● Leaderboard: Be faster and collect more and get more stars in order to climb up in the leaderboard!

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You know what
trmaillet on 2022-08-18
I’m high ok, yes. But they don’t tell you that you fall off so easily as soon as you start. And they don’t tell you that you have to build off other people’s stairs so then you learn the hard way falling off an empty staircase. And they also don’t tell you that you have to watch 10 minutes of ads per second of the game. And then just went you start to get the hang of it, AD!!! like literally right in the middle of the game, not even when you die. I think it’s like two ads if you die, two ads when you press play after you watched the two ads from when you died, and then you know how in an ad you sometimes have to press next & then exit? Well after you watch the ad and press “next”, you get an ad in between “next” and “exit” & I’m not exaggerating. You’ll see what I mean. If this game were like without ads at $1.99 it’d be dope. But it’s not worth it for free
It’s to easy 😕
Hosnest on 2022-08-18
This is a very fun game don’t get me wrong, but... It’s a little to easy to the point where it’s just not catching my interest after a while. And I like how they give you the option to customize your player but that takes me into something else! The amount of adds in this game is way overboard. In the game if you accidentally step on something it plays an add, and even if you win or lose there will be an add waiting for you. Also the main way you get to customize your player is to... Watch an add! I tried to be completely honest, I have not lost hope on this game but they definitely need to make some changes if they’re looking for more viewers.
I love this game! ❤️
Cool J Fraze on 2022-08-18
I love this game because it is so fun. At the start you can make your own character with a name. While you play bridge race and win the game you get a costume for your character and color. I gave it a 4 star review not a 5 because, it just has lots of ads. After every game there’s an ad then maybe another ad. But what I do is after a game I exit it then go back on it then the ad goes away. Because there are 2 ads after a game I have to do that process every time which gets annoying. I still absolutely love playing this game. It is so fun and not boring. So I recommend Bridge Race to you. 👍🏽👍🏻
Ads ads and more ads!
stupidgamestupidegame on 2022-08-18
I gave this a five star rating so I cld be heard. The ads are outta control I spend more time watching the ads then playing the game! The game is easy and I play it just to pass time. But the levels are so short that it makes no sense to be watching many ads. You spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game! And I’m not exaggerating you watch an ad before the level starts and then you watch an ad or two that Interrupts the game then when you reach finish line you watch an other ad! Then an other ad before the next level! It’s stupid. It’s an app of ads not a game
Good game, but not colorblind friendly.
ROBUCKS... on 2022-08-18
I have slight red-green colorblindness, and it can be challenging to differentiate your color from someone else’s. I can change my character’s color, but you need to watch adds or have a lot of coins to get it. For someone with a more severe case of colorblindness, this would be a bad experience. The game also has adds after every round. It just seems like too much after a while. I’m not saying the game itself is bad, it’s just the adds that make it feel like it’s not worth playing. If you’re not colorblind and don’t mind adds, then this game is good for you.
To Much Ads
sgxfsbfbajsngxnwbsjjdnd on 2022-08-18
This game is really fun but their are WAY to many ads. I usually don’t care but this has gotten outta control. There is a ad every 30 seconds. I can’t go one full round without have a ad. It is a really fun game but the ads are really annoying. I was reading some reviews and there is a lot of complaint about this issue. Please get this fixed soon. I don’t want to delete the game because it is fun but I’m at that point where it is getting close, these ads are really annoying. Their putting ads on there like there is no tommorow.
Fun game but ads are too much!
Borediniowa on 2022-08-18
This game is fun but the ads are too close together and I keep getting stuck in the zombie survival ad; the x to get out of it never shows up and I end up having to completely close out of the game, losing progress on the level. Please either add an option to purchase ad free or make time between ads longer. I might have to delete this game if this isn’t fixed.
Too many ads
Yoyodallas on 2022-08-18
Fun game. Ads are just nuts. I didn’t click to start the run fast enough, ad. After that ad I clicked to start and another ad. Then mid race another ad. Then 2 more ads after the run. 1-2 ads per run I could handle. Maybe a 3 star game but ads make the experience a 1. How it has a 4.4 rating is mind blowing.
Wasteland Walker on 2022-08-18
I paid to “remove ads” their words and my niece is still complaining about ads. FALSE advertising! If you push a button that says “remove ads” it should do just that! The game is only “ok” so they have steal your money by lies to remove ads! If you like this kind of game, look somewhere else.
The best game
happy GIREL on 2022-08-18
I love this game it is so much fun to play I play all the timeI could play this forever. You should get this game youWould have so much fun you have to stack the blocks. You can pick your name it doesn’t cost money you can get it for free you will either come in first‘ second‘ third

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