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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Take charge of your finances with Budget Boss! Budget Boss automatically predicts your balance into the future and graphs it for you. This unique cash-flow visualization is very useful for short-term balance predictions, and the long-term trends help with budget planning and setting savings goals. ► Automatic balance prediction - Propagate your budget model up to 2 years into the future and see the potential savings you can achieve if you stick to your budget. ► Powerful visualizations give you a complete picture of your finances - Balance prediction graphs - Monthly calendar view - Pie graph summaries and margin graphs let you to quickly analyze your bottom line. ► Integration with Apple Watch - Get a quick balance forecast graph and a listing of scheduled transactions on Apple Watch ► Create customizable PDF reports of your budget plan ► Calendar app integration for creating bill reminders ► Intuitive interface for quick and easy budget creation - Define your income and expenses and schedule their transaction dates and frequencies. Organize your expenses with the predefined categories, or create custom categories as desired. ► Track how well you are following your budget - Budget Boss uses your budget model to predict your balance each day. Manual adjustments to your balance can be made at any time whenever you stray from your budget. These adjustments are saved to help you track how well you are following your budget or to identify any expenses your forgot about. ► Credit card payment and savings calculators - Calculator tools for savings accounts and debt payoff. Calculate how long until debt will be paid, or compute the required payment plan for a specified payoff date. ► Save your budget model or adjustment history to iCloud to backup your data or transfer to another device. ► Additional features - Password lock option - Export data to Excel - Currency based on your device's region settings - Supports English, French, German & Spanish languages Questions or comments? Visit the Budget Boss Facebook page: Or email at: [email protected]

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