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Oct, 2021


Oct, 2021



The best candle making simulation game. Dip the candle in many colored wax layers and then carve it in amazing shapes! It’s enough of just watching videos where they create these amazing candles - now you get to experience it and be the artist!

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Ads Are Practically Inescapable
🐱Cat Lady🐱 on 2021-11-29
First off, the app will not let you play without an internet connection, and if you attempt it, the app will force you to either connect to the internet or pay them for ad removal. If you’re looking for an app you can play to kill time somewhere without internet, then look somewhere else. Second is the ads themselves. They pop up every 5-6 clicks, and are wildly inappropriate for what seems like an app for kids/a younger demographic. First ad was for an app called Weed Inc., which is exactly what it sounds like: grow a weed farm. Second ad was a cartoon of two people making out. Not very kid friendly, considering this is rated 12+, for kids. Again, you can’t cut the internet connection to avoid these ads, and the only way to get rid of them is to pay these stupid developers. I play these games to kill time and boredom, not to have ads—adult ads—endlessly shoved down my throat against my will. I will be deleting this app because I feel as though these developers don’t even deserve the ad revenue from my use for forcing this to be a non-offline game. I don’t recommend this app and strongly suggest you look elsewhere.
More shapes, color mixing?
Qwertylh on 2021-11-29
This is such a relaxing app! It’s easy and immediately gratifying. I love smoothing the nearly finished item🔥. I think it’s very good for what it is: a basic crafty app for kids. I would like to be able to mix new colors. At the very least, add a grey? I’m a grown up interested in being more creative than the app currently allows. The repetition in customers & patterns is a little tiresome. I’d love to have a free-form option…to create patterns and colors at random, regardless of customer or ‘profit’; since I’m an adult, I maxed out the ‘shop’ fairly quickly and have been through all the customers and patterns at least twice. Highly recommend this app if you like color& crafts without any mess! Also, buy the app to get rid of the ads. They make the free version almost unplayable, 10 seconds of play to 30 or more of ad interrupting at unpredictable intervals.
Not enough shapes
Kelly_love on 2021-11-29
Im rating 3 stars because I really enjoy this game…. but, it gets boring really fast because we run out of shapes and we get stuck doing the same ones over and over. Also you guys should have a type of candle for every tool. For example, I really like the tool where it dips in the middle but you guys literally have like one candle that uses that tool and I’ve seen it ONE time in the month I’ve had this game. One time. It’s ridiculous. Why have a tool that is never used? Also for the ones we can customize ourselves you should save shapes so we can pick from whatever we want or do it free handed. But doesn’t matter now because I’ve decided to delete this game because I’m tired of doing the same shapes. It’s not worth all the ads we have to watch anymore when we’re stuck with the same shapes
very nice but crashes my phone
camryn loo hoo on 2021-11-29
I got the game as a joke and found that it is actually very nice to distract myself. I had a high stress day yesterday and would have random outbursts of just pure anger. Every time I felt one coming on, I would just stop everything I was doing and go make a few candles. The only downside is that after carving three to four candles, the app would stop working and overall slow down my phone for a few minutes. There are also a ton of ads and that doesn’t help with my angry outbursts. But I still say get the game, it is an awesome distraction.
Quite a bit of problems here
Beautiful Game beautiful on 2021-11-29
OK first of all I was on YouTube watching my favorite Youtubers and then it’s suddenly clip to candle Craft it was really confusing for me because I was just in the middle of watching my YouTube video and there’s no ads or anything at the point where I was watching it and it takes up way too much space for what it is end it messed up my iPad I recommend you don’t get this game if you do only try it once or twice and then delete it that’s what I recommend after this review I’m going to delete the game
Like it but…
Polargeist geometry dash gamer on 2021-11-29
This game is just 🤔. I watched an ad to get a VIP customer and I didn’t get her so I tried again and it said ad not ready, so I think you should fix it so if you watch and ad you get the VIP customer. Also just the other day I clicked x2 money of whatever it is and it didn’t give me it, this game and it’s ads aren’t the best. I’ve seen better games like this one. But this game is also really fun and I enjoy it(except the ads they make me feel 🤬).
Won’t let me
Nekaa26 on 2021-11-29
So I wanted to give in and staying at five but I was since the new update it will not let me submit the alarm candles also I wanna really hope they give us my tools and if you are paying right now then you should not have an ad to get the sparkle thing I wish I could what colors to get rid of the brown because I was making more money on accounts before the update our making 1000 something to make it on here 10 200
Typical ad-loaded and inconsiderate “free” game
LoverofMusix on 2021-11-29
Can’t play the game for more than 10 seconds without immediately getting hit with an ad. Also discovered that, despite that the game clearly doesn’t need an internet connection, you cannot play the game if you don’t have connection. Connect the dots, desperate devs trying to maximize profit on a free game by loading to the brim with ads and not letting you play if you’re in a position where you can’t watch them.
This game is not worth downloading
ffcccdsscb on 2021-11-29
This game is a waste of time glitches your phone when an ad loads every time you finish a step there’s an ad it gets Boring after five minutes because there’s so many ads and you can’t go off line to skip them either you need to have internet to play the game Lags at times and makes you mess up and if you try to rest you need to watch an ad all they want is your money by watching there ads don’t waste your time
Please fix this issue
♥︎♠︎♣︎Brownie Lattes♣︎♠︎♥︎ on 2021-11-29
I don’t know if it’s only my device but the game freezes WAYYY to much, I cant even finish one candle without it freezing. Overall, it’s quite great but to many adds which I’m surprised about. Please fix the issue tho!! And also, It gets really boring fast. The fact that there’s many games like this is similar but different, it’s basically like copies of this app but except it’s like wood, candle, etc.

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