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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Welcome to a new and fun challenge! Try to break the candy from its right parts in two stages! There are also other levels which you can enjoy! Be careful with your moves. If you don't pay attention you might fail!

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This game literally saved my life
Cre mate on 2021-10-23
Recently I have been diagnosed with terminal LMBS (Lick My Balls Syndrome) also known as ligma. The doctor informed me I have very little time to live before I die from this terrible disease but then I discovered the one and only cure to this. This cure is called Candy Challenge 3D. Cutting my dalgona cookie instantly took away the feeling of wanting to lick my balls. As I played tug of war, I wanted to tug my meat less. After playing the game for a couple minutes, I leveled up from level 1 ball licker to level 100 AlphaMwatcher. I owe everything I own to this game (7 billion dollars) that I have gained. Since I started playing I have won 17 national Candy Challenge 3D competitions and hope to win even more someday.
Shawsawesomegamer on 2021-10-23
Hey, this game is one of the funnest mobile games I’ve played in a while! Since this is one of the games I actually like I was wondering If you would sponsor one of my YouTube videos! I will also shoutout your game and tell my audience to play it with my honest words(don’t worry their good words). Thank you for reading this. Bye! By the way my Channel is called: Shaws ASMR.
Candy challenge 3D
anakamavinny on 2021-10-23
This game is really fun and I love squid game I just don’t like all the ads but over all love the game and big fan of the people in squid game and just squid game in general,it’s so crazy how much games there are about the show like I was looking and like there’s squid games in the App Store , Roblox , and Netflix love just one less star cause ads .🤍
Copyright problem
hellostrangerthere on 2021-10-23
All themes in the game are just the same as Squid game. It seems to be copyright infringement if it's not related with the marketing stuff of Squid Game. Even when I failed the stage, it said “completed”. So weirdo
amazing game but...
overall i think this game is amazing its just that on the cookie matching game its really not working for me i mean its not that big of a deal though but i would love it if you could fix that.
Life changing!
HeereAndQueer on 2021-10-23
My life was terrible. My friends didn’t like me, I was a loser. I was failing all my classes. And then I downloaded this! None of that changed but now I have something else to focus on now
Ads ads and more ads
jazzybird82 on 2021-10-23
If you love ads play this game all it is built for is to make money on other games paying for ads 3 seconds of game play for 40 seconds of ads just terrible I’m deleting this game now!
pipparonismommy on 2021-10-23
So when I lose it says “completed” and so many ads and gave me a head ache and to much like that one show called octopus game I think but I’m not sure other then that’s it’s ok
Where The Sound 🎵🎵
jamailMegatron on 2021-10-23
Few new games not shown on the show but good game just way to many ads after each game ..But Very Fun To Play . But Where Is The Music.. Even elevator music would work 🤣🤣
It’s ok..
angel_catDog23 on 2021-10-23
Honestly not the best. When I loose it says level completed. Fix that for us please. Should get to do more things. Should get to change character too. Please read.

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