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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now: • View grades and course content • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post to discussions • Watch videos • Take quizzes • Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

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App is great, would like one improvement
Yazataz on 2021-10-21
This app is definitely help me keep in contact with school from home especially during the time of Covid. It has helped with keeping track of schedules, homework as well as my grades. I’ve recently updated to when you were a phone and have been playing around with the widgets. The widgets are also fantastic “but I would appreciate if a widget that would connect to the calendar of canvas” to better follow due dates and up-and-coming events from the classes. Prior to my new phone and widgets I would give this App five star especially for the improvements that it’s been making but due to my use of widgets on my phone now and this only inconvenience I personally see it between four and five.
fergguelicous on 2021-10-21
Everyday my daughter has to use this app for school. There are multiple glitches that have affected her school issued I pad!!! When I contacted canvas they said it was my problem to deal with. The school made me pay for the damages even through it was all canvas fault. As a Christian that worships the lord himself what canvas did is vile and rotten. As a lawful and a child of the lord that has seen the light I know that canvas is the problem. I know from deep down in my Christian heart they worship the devil. God bless their souls!!!
This is an amazing app
lightninglijah on 2021-10-21
This is an amazing app for many different reasons. None of you want to read my English report and the only reason you would be reading this is if you were scanning over for viruses or if you thought it was an art app that gives you a blank Canvas. If you are not in school than this app Is completely pointless and you have to be a student of a school that uses Canvas as their main way ofassignments and stuff so if this is for what you need it is perfect otherwise do not get this.
TocaWorldGamer7766 on 2021-10-21
the app itself is decent but the website is better in terms of how well it functions. although it’s really irritating how if i try to use the website with an ipad I cant access mastery tracker. I put in my info and it just doesnt work. also please fix the notification system. itsoff putting when i get two notifications for the same assignment because then i think it got updated twice when it really didnt.
Frozen when accessing calendar
M K Hammer on 2021-10-21
Hello, I use canvas for school and for the past 2 months every time I try to open the calendar the app freezes and I have to update the app. Can you please address this? This issue is only affecting my phone and not my personal or school-issued iPads. Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15.0.1. I have tried to reboot the phone and manually close the app to fix this without any success. Thanks.
Please enhance the current grade calculation
Lumpass on 2021-10-21
Please allow people the opportunity to work their grade up from 0 in courses where all assignments are already on Canvas. I really like this method of seeing my grade improve over time, never going down but always improving like our understanding of the material in the course. Please excuse any typos made in this review because IOS is bugging and I could not se any of my text.
need to fix a bug immediately.
Rae13131313 on 2021-10-21
I keep having to delete and re download the app because it freezes as soon as I open it. Even if I exit out of the app and clear it, it is still frozen. I’m not the only one with this issue, my brother and 5 of my friends also have this issue. Someone needs to fix it immediately because it is super inconvenient.
Constantly Crashing / can’t use with new IPhone
Bignatethegreat08 on 2021-10-21
This app Worked perfectly on my 10s Max.. recently upgraded to the 13 pro max and cannot get this app to work for the life of me. All software updates and app updates have been done as well as deleting the app and reinstalling. I loved this app before but now it’s a sever hinderance to completing school work.
No way to receive notifications when someone replies to your post
o_O163 on 2021-10-21
Its supposed to be an app for online classes, but theres no flexibility around notification settings. In practice its impossible to actually facilitate a classroom like discussion without notifications for responses to your posts. Do not use this app, your collaborative atmosphere will wither and die
Great accessory for my schoolwork
Jeffwbrown on 2021-10-21
I began my online MBA in the fall 2021 semester. Using canvas for class and was happy to see an app to accompany it. I was surprised at how feature rich the app was and how helpful it has been with my class work. Easy to use overall and in many ways better layout than the full web version.

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