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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. 「Easy to use」 Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments. 「High quality」 Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities. 「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」 Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs. 「Stickers and text」 Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos. 「Effect」 Get creative with a range of magical effects. Terms of Service — Privacy Policy — Contact: [email protected]

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Great except one MAJOR flaw/glitch??
Protect ya peace on 2023-03-24
I’ve been using capcut for about a year now and usually rave about it, but the last month has been torture due to the play button and the delete button no longer being responsive when using my keyboard. Typically, the space bar will play/pause the video, but all of a sudden it stopped working. At first I thought my keyboard was broken, but then I noticed that when using other apps on my iPad, the buttons worked just fine. I also connected a different Bluetooth keyboard and was met with the same problems. I did a google search and found a few people with the same problem in capcut, but no solutions. Seems like some sort of glitch and I’m hopeful an update may correct it, but its very frustrating as it makes the editing process much less efficient. Aside from that the app works well.
Why so Expensive, All of a Sudden?
Nicoletia on 2023-03-24
5⬇️2⭐️Capcut used to be free. I used it to edit everything! I’d still pay for Capcut, but your prices are outrageous! 11.99 a month, almost 80 bucks a year. There’s no other logical price you offer, especially monthly. You’ve become as greedy as Picsart. Remember, there are an endless number of starter apps, which offer similar services, that are free, that’ll bump you out of your top spot. When time comes that they must charge, if need be, their price point will be your main competition. Please reconsider your pricing. You’re losing long time loyal customers. With all the advertising you’re inundating the masses with, I’m confident you’re very capable of offering much more realistic & reasonable prices.
Play play play 123 on 2023-03-24
I love this app it’s amazing. It makes me feel good about myself and I can make more videos in anything. I’ve learned so much video making from this app but I wish there was no pro so that way everybody can have as much fun as they wanted without paying for anything, even know how much that is not amazing BUT this app is just like no other if I had to pick between Roblox and CapCut, I would pick CapCut I just think there is so much to this. I’ve shown all of my friends everything and they seem to love it like I do so whoever made this app. Thank you.
Starla123✨ on 2023-03-24
I highly recommend using capcut, I have been using this app for 2 years! It really helps me make cool edits and the cool thing is that there is literally templates! You can use them, Or use them to share your work! I know a lot about capcut One suggestion is to allow to bast boost video audios, Not the extracted audios, but the video that you put into your editing place! I tried making a template but it was bad! And I didn’t wanna share my gmail cause idk but I highly recommend capcut! Capcut should be noticed by all 9 billion people in this world!
Editing on CapCut
Crawnboy on 2023-03-24
CapCut is a really good editing app. I use for all my YouTube videos. Keep up the good work on this app, I just have a few ideas. 1. Able to select multiple clips (for replacing, masking, etc.) 2. Video effects going on overlays. I was making an edit, and I wanted to add effects. It didn’t put effects on the overlay. 3. Clips able to be shorter than 0.1 seconds. I have tried to make fast edits, but clips cannot go very short.
I love it but why do I need Storage just to watch my vids?
jennnshdhdbdhdg on 2023-03-24
I try to make my edits but I want you to delete your stupid phone storage issue! I TRY TO WATCH MY VIDEOS THAT I MADE AND CLEARLY I CANT😡😡😡 If this is not patched then I give you one star I will hate CapCut soon until this is patched like why do you need to have phone storage to do this!? Kanemaster,Video leap,and other editing apps don’t have that prob so patch it now! CapCut omg🤮🤮🤮🤮😢😢😢💀💀💀🤢
I love capcut but just read please somthing that you rlly need to know
Emily1537bear on 2023-03-24
There is some people who post weird things and there might be kids on there and I saw some one post a lil part of a rlly bad music video on there and I didn’t like it at all Ik others didn’t like it either so pls can you watch what people are doing on there bc I want it to be a safe app that can be for kids to like I’m a kid Ik how to read and write I’m in 4th grade, okz thank you:)
SlayQween123 on 2023-03-24
I have had CapCut for about a couple months and I love it so much. I use it all the time. I also love that you can use a template if you have an idea that someone else had. The only thing I can think of that would make CapCut better would be to add more songs that have word or that TikTok have because some people don’t have TikTok, but they want to do a TikTok song/dance on CapCut.
Piper Welch on 2023-03-24
This is an awesome app because it allows you to use your imagination and creativity to create absolutely adorable videos that you can post or send to your friends. One thing I love is they have templates so if you don’t like the “do it yourself thing” then all you have to do is add pictures and text if you want. 100% should be on everyone’s electronic.
To cap cut
rainbowsparks01 on 2023-03-24
I really love your app it’s amazing it’s so creative you can do whatever creative stuff you want here it’s also really fun and funny on here it’s really fun how people expressed yourself and make yourself feel like they can have a lot of fun on this app and a lot of people understand I love your app thank you for making this app!!

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