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CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. 「Easy to use」 Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments. 「High quality」 Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities. 「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」 Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs. 「Stickers and text」 Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos. 「Effect」 Get creative with a range of magical effects. Contact:[email protected]

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Wouldn’t recommend if you’re gonna switch to vs,ae and so on.
Lilx4DR14N on 2021-10-26
Good for small things but wouldn’t recommend if you want to improve and then switch to Video Star, Cute Cut, Alight Motion, After Effects or any other app that’s similar to these. I use CapCut for basic things like trimming, speeding up, effects and more. Overall i rate the app a 3.5 . I’ve recently noticed the “Graphs” effect wich i think is a great step forward for this app. This app has NO watermark and is 100% free and this, along with the effects are probably why it gained so much popularity . Now since i don’t want to write too much for you all to read, i will continue with my wishes ; Please add: !!•the splice effect for the text. I use a half-transparent watermark for almost all of my videos and the plain white just looks weird for me. •a loop effect wich is shake. •more shakes in effects. !!•Please make the video effect option available for overlays and text… (ONLY) •Merge clips •self draw •qr codes? •a light mode or make it possible to import a photo for the background. on the bar where you can choose what to do with your clip, whether it be trimming, changing the opacity, masking OR whatever, would you mind adding a tab of the available option so i wouldn’t have to scroll all the way to the end to choose graphs or change the opacity? not really that necessary but maybe it could count in a small update along with the other ones except the options with the “!!” . These are some things i’d like to see in the app for now. Your updates are really improving this app so just keep going with it! CapCut is a side app since i actually use VideoStar for the shakes and a couple other effects. Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read my review. Again, Thank you in advance. ~CapCut user f.
Good for a free app
izz.500 on 2021-10-26
Cap is a very good editing app from beginners, CapCut was the first editing app I used (I started using it in June of 2021), it’s very easy to use and locate the things on the app. I just got the new update and the added graphs!!! Honestly the key frames are pretty annoying but they work. The motion blur is more of a direction blurry but they do have a transition called then and now which is sort of motion blur. The slomo is awful and there is no good shake… the text is fine, but I wish you could use a loop animation and a in and out one at the same time. A lot of the issues would be small fixes/changes to the app but would make a HUGE difference. Over all the app is very good for a free app with NO watermark. I actually LOVE this app I would just love to see changes in the future to make it better.
promoting fat phobia and toxic views of bodies. would give 0 stars if i could.
AkivSolo on 2021-10-26
cw: apps promoting fat phobia and bad body image and toxicity around that - - - i was so excited to have an editing all that seems cool but im absolutely grossed out and disgusted. i had faith, this is something atrocious and something i didn’t expect from you. will not be downloading again unless i see proof it is removed. you have several ways you can edit a body to make it “slimmer” and stuff ? that’s really triggering and problematic ?? please remove it. this has caused pain and fueled EDs body dysmorphia and bad relationships with your body and self for YEARS. i can’t believe an editing app that EVEN KIDS AND TEENS USE promotes this. if i had this a few years ago i would’ve been in such a worse place. this is one of the most harmful things we can promote on the internet.
I like it but more I have some complaints
Xx-biscuits-xX on 2021-10-26
I already reviewed but I would like to edit it because I have complaints. I like CapCut and it’s great to use but I don’t know if this is just my device or a glitch on the app. When i use the text box, it won’t let me choose any fonts anymore other than “SELECT”. It used to, but not anymore. I was not happy about that but eventually just dealt it. Then, a few weeks later, I couldn’t choose different colors for the font anymore. It kinda froze the font stuff only. I haven’t checked the animations for fonts yet, though. Anyways, I don’t like having only the “SELECT” font and having to be stuck with pink as a color font. Again, this might only be my device, but if not, please fix this! Thank you 🙏
Good but somethings might want to add.
hadi tahi on 2021-10-26
CapCut is a good app for editing and it’s very easy to understand, but: 1.) When your finished editing and want to see your final edit it’s very glitchy and it stops playing. 2.) I think CapCut should add Graphs so it makes the key-frame smooth than it is right now. 3.) You could make the tutorial more specific because when I first started editing with using CapCut I did not know what to do, like where to find the animations, key-frames and more. Overall it is a very good app for editing but needs a little bit fixing..?
The best! But needs some updates
King Bakugou on 2021-10-26
Hey so i hope your reading this message well I wanted to say that CapCut is a great app it’s amazing! No water mark and everything is free but… I would love for you to add more transitions like a hand transitions where a hand slides over it and it changes to the next picture? I would love for you to add that also I wanted to ask is there any premium (why am I asking this it’s all free lol) also I love chroma key! It doesn’t show the green screen/ pink screen well that’s all from me! Edit: also please ADD GRAPHS
Try's to hack on 2021-10-26
First off, I’d like to thank the creators of this app for making it free to use for everybody. Most apps as good as this do not allow it and make u pay crazy amount of money or buy a subscription for something not even as close to good as this. Second of all, id like to acknowledge how good the effects are. These are some crazy good effects. And lastly, how easy it is to use!! This app is probably the easiest editing app I have ever seen/used and will definitely remain that way. Great job!!!
Um what happened to the app
Dr. Drew15 on 2021-10-26
I was really liking this app and started using it for all my edits but now I noticed it updated and everything looks weird I can’t make edits the same way I used to so I’m disappointed. I also noticed some transitions are gone and the transitions aren’t in the place they use to be everything is flipped around it’s making it hard to do anything on this app. Please fix this cause I need to make an edit for my YouTube channel
GREAT editor!
demi loves her ipad!,🤗🤗 on 2021-10-26
CapCut is my go to editor!I don’t know why it’s 12+, but I say its 5+.This is a great editor of you are looking for a mobile roblox edit app.Once you learn how to use it, your videos will be phenomenal.This app has features like effects, audio editing, splits, noise effects, a way to do shading, and more!If you are looking for an editor, this is your best choice for mobile Thank you, -Demi Fisher
Awesome app but the storage it takes up…
kellie sheller on 2021-10-26
Very good beginners app! I love the fact it saves progress! (Almost every editing app does) I had ABSOLUTELY ZERO idea how to put YOUR OWN MUSIC (record a video on what music you want put that in overlay your piece and done) but the storage for me it took up was LITERALLY 11.(something) GIBS. I ONLY MADE 2 VIDS AND IT TOOK UP THAT MUCH SPACE?! Are you joking?! But still very VERY good app.

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