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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. 「Easy to use」 Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever,Posting only your wonderful moments. 「High quality」 Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities 「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」 Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs 「Stickers and text」 Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos 「Effect」 Get creative with a range of magical effects Contact:[email protected]

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Good but needs a bit of work
Somebody ;-;-;-;-;- on 2021-03-08
This app is really good for making simple edits and is perfect if you are a beginner. It has loads of presets, effects, transitions, etc. and the best part is that it’s completely free! But there are some issues. 1) sometimes its very laggy, which is normal for any app but its hard to see if the transitions and animations are smooth. 2) basically all presets, I've been using CapCut for a while because its easy to understand once you get the hang of things but you can’t really customize the transitions and animations 3) no motion blur option, I find that apps like video star are extremely confusing and kind of expensive so when I found CapCut I was happy to find a free editing app but there is only motion blur and other blurs on the presets which means i can not add it to transitions i make with keyframes 4) no graph, graphs make transitions with keyframes a lot more smooth but there is no graphs for the keyframes There are some more things but I think that this is still a great app and really simple to use I would definitely recommend getting this app for editing
ultimate toko stan on 2021-03-08
ok, i used this to edit and it’s a really great editing software. it has lots of transitions and filters, etc that are really good. but. i couldnt use the app without it closing like every 2 minutes. it was really annoying. i added a black picture for the start and it put all the other pictures over the black one. i fixed that but whenever i added a new picture it put the new one on top. now here is the worst part. i spent 45-60 minutes on an edit and when i saved it? nothing. it was completely blank. i tried saving it like 4 times but it never worked. i even copied the link for it but when i tried to paste it, it said i didn’t have any link copied.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk what to say
kidviolet on 2021-03-08
The reason i gave this app 4 stars is because why cant u add two pics and make it look like its MOVINGGGGGG AGH but although i love this app it might need more effects like “fade“ so u make it look like it dissapeared. And also custom music so u can choose music from ur library and why does it say the copyright thing and its protected IDKKKKKKK WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY but this app so far is GREAT i got this app from my friend? Idk if she my friend still but i got this app from my friend and so far im using to edit my gacha club vids and like videos! Thank u for reading my review bye! Stay safe and were ur mask!
i recommend this a LOT!! but i have a little problem.
emily rhinas on 2021-03-08
ah yes, the most used editing app used in a LOT of places!! <3 capcut is so good and has creative transitions! theres effects, and all that stuff! you can also make custom transitions with a little help with effects! anyways, i have a little problem,... or just a question. when i try and create a project: it says i need to give access but when i go to settings i cant find the camera or album saving in the options. please respond asap because i’d just like to know and understand!
Add Easing Please and it’s complete
kstrizzle_07 on 2021-03-08
This app is freaking perfect for any person trying to start making edits, yet the app has so much to offer that you can use this as your main app and need nothing else. The animations make it look as if it is from Adobe after effects and with no watermark either. You can use keyframes too, although I would like to request for CapCut to have the option add different easing to the keyframes, although not necessary. But again, love it, really easy, and I would recommend it.
Love it
Catgirl. 12345 on 2021-03-08
This is amazing but it could use a few things. Since my favorite animations are far from where the none place is already selected it would be nice to have a “frequently used” tab or “favorites” tab. Templates would also be a good thing but if you could add those two things the app would be perfect. And if your making a video not editing one it would be good too get rid of some of the lag but since this app is mostly for editing it’s ok for the last one to not be there
Works ✨GREAT✨ for YouTube videos!
hzjsnsksn on 2021-03-08
Okay, Do there is so many things about the apps you can love. First of all, THERES NO WATERMARK!! Like omg- Secondly there’s a part at the end that you can just like take off. So it’s completely useful! No ads at all!! They have perfect fonts, and even have the wavy effect I’ve been wanted forever!! Irl who created this app but you saved my life. There’s also really great effects. There’s much more, but my hand is hurting. Totally recommend this app! :D
ONE OF THE BEST EDITING APPS!! but small problem
gggodiscoll on 2021-03-08
This app is amazing it lets me do things that other editing apps can’t like key frames, and lighting and more,but there is a problem. See when I save the video to my photos and play it back to me, the animation is out of sync to the audio or beat. I thought it was my phone but i tried everything and it still would be out of sync, so if this is your app that is doing it I would appreciate it if you could fix it but besides that it’s a really good app.
Alright but slightly laggy
discord liker on 2021-03-08
A really great app but sadly it’s slightly laggy and considering that I use this app for editing and making videos if you put the speed too high they would lag and would be really glitchy going forward and if you put too much short layers it would just freeze. I get that it’s a free app with no logo and it’s not supposed to be great but it’s really annoying. I hope this feedback is somewhat noted. This for me besides that I would rate it a 5 or 4.9.
Is it just mine?
akkahdjsbshshdhdh on 2021-03-08
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE this app, it’s easy, gives you the option to remove the watermark, and it’s worked perfectly up until now...I get my audio clips from TikTok to edit and it’s always worked but this time it doesn’t. For ex) one of my audios had 25 seconds on it but when I went to put it on capcut it cut the audio down to 6 seconds ?! It’s so frustrating, I deleted the app and reinstalled it so many times but it’s still like that ?

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