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Know your credit score and much more Capital One CreditWise® is a free tool to check and monitor your credit score and it’s AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE not just Capital One® customers. Use CreditWise to understand what makes up your score and find helpful ways to take action to improve it. If your score is where you want it to be, use CreditWise to keep an eye on your accounts and get alerts when something changes on your TransUnion® or Experian® credit report. Used by millions of Capital One customers, CreditWise (formerly CreditTracker) is key for anyone who wants to know, improve, or monitor their credit score. Using CreditWise won’t hurt your score, and you won’t ever be asked to enter a credit card number. All features are free: ● Weekly TransUnion® VantageScore 3.0 credit score. ● Review your credit report from TransUnion® to look for signs of error, theft, or fraud. Your credit report includes open/closed accounts, balances, hard inquiries, personal information, and public records that have been reported to TransUnion®. ● Use the Credit Simulator to see how everyday decisions affect your credit score. ● Learn about the key factors that make up your credit score and how you’re doing on each of them. ● See personalized suggestions to help improve your credit score. ● Get alerts letting you know about changes to your TransUnion or Experian credit report, if your Social Security Number or email address were found on the dark web, and if any new names or addresses were associated with your Social Security Number. ● Simple, everyday tips on how you can take control of your credit. Prepare Before You Act How could closing a credit card account affect your credit score? How much could your score change if you pay off half your credit card debt or all your debt? See how these decisions could impact your score before you act by using our Credit Simulator. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can everyone access the CreditWise app? A: Yes. You just have to be 18 or older. Q: Does using CreditWise hurt my credit score? A: No. You can utilize all of CreditWise's free tools and features without hurting your score. Q: How can I use my CreditWise credit score? A: Your CreditWise score is a good measure of your credit health and its progress. And just like any score from any source, chances are your CreditWise score won’t be exactly the same as the one your lender uses. That's because lending decisions are complex and consider a number of different factors and scoring models. Q: I'm already enrolled in Capital One CreditTracker. Can I use the same username and password? A: Yes. If you've already enrolled in CreditTracker, use the same username and password that you use to sign in to service your accounts on or to access the Capital One Mobile servicing app.

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Great FREE APP to monitor your credit
zzzwwpod on 2020-01-29
One of my favorite apps to help you monitor your credit. They update your account every week for free! And they have great suggestions to help you on your way to whatever goals you have. Unlike some of the other company’s that only update your report once a month, unless you pay for faster services. Give them a try
Always Glitching on 2020-01-29
I love this app. However, it is ALWAYS glitching!! PLEASE FIX THE APP. I love it & want to use it, but it is so FRUSTRATING to get a notification “You have updates, check them out” & then the app crashes over & over. It’ll last for WEEKS until they put out a new update. It’s so irritating
Not so hot
wowsers99 on 2020-01-29
I have a Capital One credit card. This app is supposed to update every week. It has not updated for approximately a month now. The score is not accurate, the balance of my card is not accurate. I’ve sent messages asking for it to be updated and no response. Not impressed.
Great little app.
TourGirl555 on 2020-01-29
I love Capital One and all they’ve done for me on my credit building journey! The app is straightforward and easy to understand and navigate through. I really have no complaints to add. Keep up the good work and all you do for your customers.
Great app
Krod5 on 2020-01-29
The app is easy to use except when it comes to changing your password. I can’t figure this out to save my life. Otherwise, the app provides a good deal of information aside from just your credit score.
Missing the mark
SiliconSPY on 2020-01-29
This app tells you your credit score but doesn’t permit you to challenge, correct or report things that are missing, false or just plain not yours.
Check your weight and check your credit
ReviewOF-AP on 2020-01-29
Awareness is the key it improvement. This App makes it easy to stay aware and understand what factors are moving your score. They make it simple.
Made my day
Scott-lude on 2020-01-29
I’ve been working so hard to build my credit score for 3 years. Thank you you’ve made my day.Scotty714
Said I could monitor my credit without hit to my score.
CJ Jeffords on 2020-01-29
Then BAM!! Hard inquiry by credit wise whom I have no accounts with. Thanks a lot. Jerks.
Naomi Kauhane
Quad2020 on 2020-01-29
How do I cancel my account with credit wise?

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