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What’s on the Capital One Mobile app? All of your accounts, and so much more. Whether you’re out in the world or feeling right at home, you can manage your money with ease: - View balances and export statements - Pay bills and take care of loans - Check in on your credit with CreditWise - Activate a credit or debit card when you need it - Redeem rewards on the go - Send and receive money with friends and family using Zelle® With the Capital One Mobile app, you can ... - Stay informed when you enable alerts and purchase notifications - See everything that happens on your card with detailed transactions - Instantly lock your credit or debit card from anywhere - Get answers from Eno, your Capital One assistant Download the app for better banking with Capital One. Internet access is needed to use the mobile app. Check with your Internet service provider for details of specific fees and charges. Service outages may occur. Capital One customers are responsible for regularly checking their account statements. Push, email, and SMS alerts and notifications, including purchase notifications, must be enabled to be received. CreditWise monitoring and alerts may not be available if the information you enter at enrollment does not match the information in your file at one or more consumer reporting agencies or you do not have a file at one or more consumer reporting agencies. Features may not be available to all customers. Actual experiences may differ from those depicted. Additional terms and limitations apply. © 2022 Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., and Capital One, N.A. Members FDIC. Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. To read about the Terms of your download, check out the End User License Agreement.

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Didn’t even get to use
TCrawf3 on 2022-09-26
I got a new credit card and intended on using this app to secure purchases to the best of my ability. Apparently, I downloaded it earlier, so I just re- downloaded and followed onscreen instructions. I entered my name, social security( wish I never did that) and birthdate. The company assures me this is correct procedure. But when it came time to “ find me” it said there was nothing there… I kind of can’t exactly remember the words. Meantime, I am speaking to Capital One personnel on my phone while I’m doing this. Below, there was a request in blue to activate card, which was already done. The rep and I were both confused. So, we decided to push the activation note. It took me back to the original screen to enter name, SSID and birthdate. I noted to the rep that I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of my social security number I entered but now, instead of the option to “ see” what I entered, there was a lock. Again, the rep and I were confused. So, at this point I deleted the SSID and redid it and pushed find me. Up pops a warning from “ Apple “ that says a Trojan horse virus has infected my computer ( iPad). There is a voice telling me to immediately call the number on the screen. I talked with Capitol One rep here as we were caught off guard, and I called the number. Of course it was a scam. An elaborate one that “ looked” formal. They wanted $200 to fix my computer. I blew up at this and for some reason began to see it as a scam. I tried to delete the screen while on the phone to the scammer to no avail. The words on the screen said not to shut down, so of course I admonished the scammer saying I wouldn’t pay and they warned it would cost more in 72 hours. I hung up and shut my iPad down. This cleared it, but later there was a screen in my browser showing it still there, so I just x’ed that one out and it was gone. After calling Apple and taking the time to check for problems, I came back to Capitol One and told another rep the whole story, was transferred to another rep that finally told me that as long as I didn’t let the scammers control my screen I was likely okay. My son asked me who told me the number for Apple. I said Capitol One person. He blew up saying I had to be sure that wasn’t a scam, so I found the number and he did verify it to be truly Apple. Good thing because he DID look at my screen by sharing. I started to get really scared about now. All this because I had to get a new card because of fraudulent charges. Transferred to yet another rep in tech, I was finally told that I have a shared credit card account with my wife and I was not the primary account holder. So, that is why the app ( what this is all about) kicked me out and didn’t recognize me. This would have to be done by my spouse. Well, she will not do it. She is much more distrustful of things like this. So, for me, I was hacked and scammed and phished, to me, from within the app or at least trying to get it to work in my benefit. The results were REALLY scary. AND I’m not completely and absolutely sure it’s all okay. After more reading, I’m fairly certain I’m secure now. For your information, if you are on a phone or pad, these types of viruses really aren’t effective. BUT DON’T LET POSSIBLE SCAMMERS SHARE YOUR SCREEN. THATS WHAT THEY ARE REALLY AFTER. If they can’t do that you are probably okay. Just get rid of them As a last effort to be fair I want to say this may have not come from or within the Capitol One app. It happened while I was trying to set it up. It may be someone trying to hack into my iPad. I’m not clear on that. I will not use the Capitol One app though. My son uses it successfully. It can create virtual numbers for each purchase to provide a second level of protection from these horrible people that crave on good hard working people. I hope they are caught or strangled out of systems at least. For us, we will be extremely careful now that passwords are up to date and hard ones. Using our Social Security numbers cannot be avoided in our world unfortunately but, I’m going to try to use mine as little as possible, including using this app. You may like it. That’s fine. For us, I don’t have to be burned twice. It was a horrible week. I was transferred from company to company, from department to department. Not fun. But in the end I remember THESE are good people working to try to keep us safe. I don’t want you to forget that.
How to waste 1/2 day
capeman344 on 2022-09-26
Capital one purchased the credit card outstanding from US Bank, REI. I got notice this would happen in the fall of 2022, notice came in about May 2022. I got the card in early sept. Now time to set it up. Had to get the app. Just what I wanted another app and password. Now try to set up apple wallet. Would not work, spoke with 9 people. On the phone for 4+ hours. The last person I spoke with said oh well with REI we have not completed our conversion. It will take about 30 days or longer for this to be done This demonstrates Capital One’s poor service. Capone has had at least 4 months to complete the conversion. This lack of planning on their part is upsetting. But more upsetting as it was the 9th person, a supervisor, who told me the issue that I would need to wait 30 days or more with the REI conversion. I asked why this issue was not communicated to then”lower” ranks. She had not answer. What’s in your Wallet? For me unlikely to be capital one. Pqs
False advertising
PhG2014 on 2022-09-26
Website and help says mobile deposits available next day. Not true. Account has NEVER been negative or over drafted. Open almost a year. Mobile deposited a dispersement from retirement account from major financial institution not a personal check. 4 day hold. Called within 10 minutes of deposit to cancel. They claim they can’t even though I did not get email saying deposit was processed until 2 hours later. They don’t make a portion available. They could not direct me anywhere on website disclosing this 4 day 100% hold. They said they have to protect themselves. Venmo can check an account instantly. Capital one takes 4 days from a fellow institution with no warning. And “customer service” is false advertising. They said there were trying to help me. Couldn’t point to disclosure. Couldn’t cancel deposit. Couldn’t even release a small portion of funds from another bank. Deeply regret choosing to trust them with my money.
More advertising than app
Ferrisl on 2022-09-26
This is not a terrible app but it’s no where near as good as when it first started out. The homepage is more about advertising their services than actually helping you manage your card. As an example: when I first started using this app a long time ago you were able to lock your card from a very visible toggle switch on the home screen. Now you have navigate a few pages and it’s not at all obvious where you have to go to lock the card. The first instinct is go to “settings” but there is no feature in the settings page which makes no sense. The user is presented with just too many advertisements for other Capital One services and this gets in the way of actually managing your card. I would love a Capital One “light” app which just gives you the ability to review your charges, file a dispute, make a payment, and lock your card. That’s all one really needs.
Frustrating and Difficult to Search/Save
D3262255 on 2022-09-26
I have been using this app (mostly unsuccessfully) for several years. The biggest issue is the app will “kick you out” in the middle of searching almost constantly. Often after searching for only a couple of minutes! Log back in, enter all your search criteria (because it did not save it when it booted you out), review two maybe three vehicles and out you to aging! VERY frustrating. I have financed two vehicles with Capital One but have never been able to locate one using their app. It truly is TOO MUCH OF A PAIN and frankly I find it useless. Sad because it would be very good if they would just resolve the issue if constantly being kicked out IN THE MIDDLE of searching (not waiting even short periods of time between actions).
Terrible app
nsndjcofkebbshckflebbsjxkf on 2022-09-26
Maybe it works for some. I personally couldn’t get anything set up. Autopay refused to work. Restricted my account due to an autopay I didn’t set (weird right?) then they closed my account. Oh best part was when I called customer support 5 times, only reaching 1 person and got hung up on. The other times they just hung up immediately after answering so cudos I guess to the one that answered and flat out told me she couldn’t do anything. I would not recommend this credit account to anyone. I would however advise you not set any auto anything and just do the extra work to ensure your accounts are good if you do choose these guys. Cause honestly, you just can’t trust anyone to do things right now days.
Missing features
emmacharlotte724 on 2022-09-26
There are simple features that this app doesn’t have but should. The Citi app, unlike the capitol one app, has these features and it makes it much easier to use: 1. When I pay my balance, it should be credited instantly in my account and come out of the “current balance” at the top. It should also be reflected in the available credit section. 2. There should be a running total of the credit card balance after each day. This would make it much easier to follow transactions. If this app had these two features it would be a great app. Instead it is incredibly frustrating when I am trying to reconcile my transactions.
Lame App
MILFMeadow on 2022-09-26
I opened a business account and am trying to set up Zelle, make an electronic deposit and find out my credit score. None of these things have I been able to do. I’ve had several bank accounts and used their apps without any issues. What is the deal? I don’t see Zelle anywhere in the CO app and the credit-score link won’t take any password to set it up. It just keeps saying the password isn’t eligible. I can’t deposit a check nor see how to set Zelle up. My whole reason for choosing CO is that it’s national and primarily uses online banking. How can I do online banking when the app won’t let me do the most basic tasks?
Kindbro on 2022-09-26
It’s a credit card, what are you expecting? I’d give it 4 stars if it’d stop saying that I’m “Pre-approved” for a new card, just to reject me at the last second. Not sure why I keep getting rejected; only CapitalOne knows that, but it’d take them 7-10 business days to tell me why. Only took them 20 seconds to decide that I’m not good enough though... It happens monthly, and it’s always the same story. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t take up a ton of space on the UI, and it doesn’t go away until you submit the application. It’s just a constant blow to my self esteem every time I open the app.
Zelle not working
FAILIZ88 on 2022-09-26
The last few days, the phone number I’ve been using to send money to my mother (something I do frequently) no longer works. And when I try to register it, I get an error message after putting in the code. I’ve spoken to a few reps that have confirmed the number works, and they do not understand why I’m unable to use it all of us sudden. It’s incredibly frustrating. I was unable to get help from Zelle because they said it is an issue with Capital One, so now I’m just unable to use it all together, because it won’t let me use any email address either.

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