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Capital One Mobile lets you manage your credit cards, bank accounts, home and auto loans anywhere, anytime, from one place on your iOS device. Check account balances, pay bills, view payment activity and transaction details, set up notifications — and lots more. Access your accounts lightning-fast by using Face ID or Touch ID, personalize your app with a greeting name and profile picture — even check and monitor your credit score for free with CreditWise®. Also, you can now monitor your Credit Card purchases in real time with Instant Purchase Notifications. Get all the details you need anytime your card is used to make a purchase – just an extra layer of security! Plus, you can: • Use Zelle to securely send money to friends and family • View and export statements • Redeem rewards for statement credit • Transfer money & deposit checks • Make auto and home loan payments • Activate a credit or debit card • Report fraud Did we mention the app is also available for Apple Watch? That’s right! Now you can really keep a closer watch on your accounts.  Enjoy!

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Rating lowered - bug with Apple Watch app
electronic_liz on 2021-04-12
My phone and watch are set up in English. The phone Capital One app shows the correct language, English. The watch app shows Spanish? I’ve tried uninstalling, but it still says “Saldo Disponsible” where it should say “Available Balance”. The latest update fixed the issue below, the code can now be tapped on right above the keyboard. I use a VPN for security reasons. When I log into c1 while using the VPN, it requires that a code be sent via text. I’m cool with that. If I log in using safari, the code is given as a suggestion on the keyboard. But if I log in via the app, the code isn’t automatically suggested, and I have to either get the code quickly while the message is still displayed, or go back and forth between c1 and messages to get the code. My other issue with c1 is that there are absolutely zero ATMs where I can add cash. Any time I want to add cash, I have to go to a store and put cash onto my paypal account, then transfer it to c1. This would be an ok workaround if PayPal didn’t charge, but that’s their issue. It would be so much simpler to be able to add cash at an atm. I ended up opening another checking account at a local bank just to be able to deposit cash and not have to pay fees.
About your record of my history.
Bellyfat? on 2021-04-12
I applied for a credit card(Visa) and was accepted but I noticed some alarming things on my residence and history. I’ve never lived in Miami so that’s false. I’ve never had a post office box in Ohio but that may have been my exes way of concealing her credit card abuse from me. She is NOT to be added as a co applicant on anything with my name on it. That was the main factor in our divorce and her shenanigans with my first lawyer. It took over 5 years to divorce her. My bankruptcy was for her charging a brand new car on a charge card a few months before the divorce notification.
More credit line??
lindy nichols on 2021-04-12
I hope that I would have a higher rate I paid and then credit card on or before time that it’s due I have every time that I’ve had this card up to $300 is my limit I have asked for a bigger limit I have not received it yet I think that’s unfair to me if you look at my rating on my credit card I have done very well on my card I would appreciate it if I could get up to 500 or the hour at least $1000 credit line I think I’ve been with you guys long enough then I deserve it. Thank you very much please take this in to consideration I would appreciate it thank you Linda Nichols.
bye bye dogs on 2021-04-12
This credit card is so simple to check balances. Plus my favorite features are: the ENO to ask questions 24/7. Next I can lock or unlock the card to keep my funds from being extracted without my knowledge. I feel secured with my money. It’s easy to pay the account from the personal checking and instant notification. Finally it offers awards that I can utilize and pass on easily to family and friends then I get something in return. Seniors (65. plus and ongoing over 70 plus / age) you’ll love this card to be among the Capitol One family.
BrittanyG_#7 on 2021-04-12
Capital has really taught me a lot just in general about utilizing a credit card when needed. It’s taught me the ups and downs about trying to borrow the money! The grace in capital one is phenomenal! Definitely my favorite credit card because it was my first but also I love generating income for myself or paying off debt by referring people all the while I’m helping people learn new credit info on cap one!
Used to be 5 stars...
Cujo 28715 on 2021-04-12
Up until 2 weeks ago this was a very well designed app. Version 5.79.0 made some changes that are very disappointing. I used to generate virtual cars from within the app for 1 time purchases or Venmo type transactions. They have removed this interface forcing me to use my actual card number. This is a huge breach of security that has me second guessing my card company.
App not working
estradan on 2021-04-12
I’m not sure if there was a recent update but my app hasn’t been working for about a week now on both my iPhone and iPad. I can no longer see my spending nor make payments. I do still get notified when I use my card to make a purchase so that’s a plus. Just not sure when I’ll be able to access my account info. Message says they’re working on it every time I log in...
360 arbitrary change
JNJRein on 2021-04-12
Capitalone arbitrarily closed two of my accounts and changed them to online accounts where they have little to no adequate customer access and no follow up. This is no surprise to this company as this is my third such review after they dropped the ball several times after this arbitrary change. So...I’ve arbitrarily closed them and glad to be done with it.
Accessibility for the blind is now broken
acermac on 2021-04-12
I have been a capital one user for a very long time. Was very happy with the app. Until this app is updated and accessibility for the blind has been broken. I cannot go through my transactions anymore. I hope the developer will fix this. It is not acceptable that something that was working it’s not working anymore and is broken.
Callie Torres on 2021-04-12
I do love this app and the FICO score that comes with it. I would love if the monthly statement balances were shown on the main screen where it shows total balance, credit available, and miles. That way I don’t have to go in to each statement and calculate how much I owe for the month still. Other than that, great app!

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