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Cash App is the easy way to send, spend, save, and invest* your money. It’s the SAFE, FAST, and FREE mobile finance** app. SAFE: Help protect all of your payments and investments with a passcode, TouchID, or FaceID. Pause spending on your Cash Card with one tap if you misplace it. All of your information is stored securely. FAST: Sign up and make your first payment in minutes. Instantly send and receive money from friends. Transfer money from Cash App to an external bank account instantly instead of waiting days. Use your Cash App account and routing numbers to receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most banks. FREE: Send and receive money at no cost. Order your debit card for free in minutes, and we’ll mail you your custom physical debit card in about a week. Invest in your favorite stocks commission-free with as little as $1. Brokerage services provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA / SIPC. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS Download and sign up for Cash App in a matter of minutes. The signup process is simple and fast so that you can start using Cash App right away. SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY INSTANTLY Receive, request, and send money from friends and family instantly with only a few taps. Cash App is the easy way to pay a friend back for dinner or split rent with your roommates. GET A FREE CUSTOM VISA DEBIT CARD Order your Cash Card (a customizable Visa debit card) directly from Cash App. You’ll be able to instantly make purchases using your virtual card. We’ll also mail you your physical laser-etched Cash Card so you can swipe, dip, or tap at any merchant. Debit card issued by Cash App’s bank partner(s). ATM withdrawal fees may apply. RECEIVE YOUR PAYCHECK UP TO TWO DAYS EARLY Deposit paychecks, tax returns, unemployment benefits, government stimulus payouts and more directly into your Cash App balance using your account and routing number. Receive deposits up to two days earlier than is standard with most banks. Use the same account and routing information to pay bills using your balance. Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank. Banking services provided by Cash App’s bank partner(s). GET INSTANT DISCOUNTS WITH CASH BOOST Cash Card is the only free debit card** with instant discounts at your favorite stores, websites, apps, and restaurants. These instant discounts are easy to use and are applied to Cash Card transactions instantly. Just select a given Cash Boost in your app and then use your Cash Card to pay. It’s that simple. No points, no waiting, just instant savings. BUY, SELL, SEND, AND RECEIVE BITCOIN Cash App is the easy way to buy, sell, send, gift, and receive bitcoin (BTC) — get started instantly with as little as $1. You can also set up recurring buys of bitcoin, withdraw it to a different cryptocurrency wallet — or send it to friends and family with compatible wallets (even those who don't have Cash App) and use the Lightning Network to pay with bitcoin faster, and for free on Cash App. Add Bitcoin Boosts to your Cash Card to earn bitcoin on your purchases. Bitcoin services are provided by Cash App. BUY & SELL STOCKS COMMISSION-FREE Instantly begin investing commission-free. You can buy as little as $1 of stock in top US companies.*** Track stock prices in your app and monitor the performance of your overall investment portfolio. Create a list of companies to follow so you can stay up to date on performance. *Brokerage Services are provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, subsidiary of Block, Inc. (fka Square, Inc.). Investing involves risk; you may lose money. Investments are not FDIC insured. Cash App provides Bitcoin services, not Cash App Investing LLC. **Cash App is a financial services platform, not a bank. Banking services and Cash Card are provided and issued by Cash App’s banking partners, not Cash App Investing LLC. ***Fractional shares are not transferable. For additional conditions and limitations, see the Cash App Investing Customer Agmt.

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Not really trustworthy
abbivxz on 2022-10-07
This apps features are pretty useful. I can pay back friends and family easily and it is faster to use in online purchases and with Apple Pay. But overtime I’ve learned more about this app that made me use it less and barely trust to even keep much money in. Why? Well first of all it’s easy to see that it is much easier to get your money stolen and or get scammed. Using this app now, I keep like literally only $15 dollars, I do not keep my bank linked either any more money that gets put into it is only put in if I need to use the app to pay someone back or something similar. I always have my card locked when not in use and any security function possible. Because it is very easily to get scammed and most of the time the support will just straight up ghost you. And that is like the worst thing for a MONEY company to do. I’ve heard countless stories of people loosing everything even in their linked bank as well and not getting support at all, for your safety, please do not trust this app. I’d recommend to use something else like especially one that’s connected to your banking service so it is easier to get support. But if you have to use this app just take all of these precautions. I can’t believe some of these things this company has flat out ignored.
CS gave me wrong info & delayed my cash
I'm in FL on 2022-10-07
On Friday, 9/30/22, I learned that the card I had initiated my cash deposit to go to had been closed by my bank because it had been compromised somehow. While waiting for customer service in a chat, I was able to replace the card with a new card number in the app, and delete the old one. One customer service joined the chat, they told me that that was exactly the right thing to do. Fast forward to October 4 when I learned that my transaction was declined. I contacted customer service and asked if they could please waive the instant transfer fee for me to try the transaction again since obviously what I had been told was not accurate. They have refused. My town was hit head on with hurricane in and I am in need of these funds ASAP. Customer service refused to connect me to a supervisor or assist further. NOW MY TRANSACTION WILL HAVE TAKEN A WEEK BY THE TIME I GET THE FUNDS.
Do not use
varoisawful on 2022-10-07
Get rid of this app. I woke up to a message saying my card was declined . I never ordered a cash app card they sent one to someone else without my approval. On the app chat was the only option for support . After 5 hours with no answer of them giving a card to someone who wasn’t me I searched online and found a real contact number to call. They were helpful and solved it quickly telling me the charges are from India when I live in nyc . They shut it down and apologized their company gave access to my account without approval. Two hours later the chat finally got back with standard messages and no help. DO NOT TRUST THEM !!!
Invalid Zip Error/Doesn’t recognize military addresses
agbmorpheus on 2022-10-07
Up until the past 24hrs, I haven’t had much of an issue with CashApp. I tried to send someone money yesterday, and was reminded of having to update my debit card since my old one expired. I kept getting an “invalid zip” error while doing so, and then called my actual bank for support and was told the error they saw was an incorrect CVV. Every time I’ve put in my information, all of it has been accurate so this was bothersome to me. Later, I decided to do a Google search and it seems that CashApp doesn’t recognize military (specifically, FPO/APO) addresses and zip codes. If this could be fixed, that’d be greatly appreciated
Worst Support Ever
Cccracker on 2022-10-07
I like easy payment apps and use several in different countries. However this app has the worst support I’ve experienced in a long time. Their app wasn’t doing what it was supposed to and overcharging me on several transactions. Their chat support is a bot, you don’t get actual resolutions, the case gets closed out automatically without an answer or solve, they ask you to do steps that don’t exist in the app and three days later I’m still on chat support - with their bot. No actual human will solve your issue. At this point it’s just out of principal that I want it solved and then I will stay away from this terrible app.
T-i8+ on 2022-10-07
I’ve been having Cash App for years now and today I see that payments I’m receiving are going to my cash app instead of my bank like it normally does. I didn’t switch any settings and don’t know how to change it back. I’m really considering pulling all of my money from here because if anything comes up missing cash app will have a bigger problem than some glitches and bug fixes.
Bruhcmon on 2022-10-07
APP IS HORRIBLE!! No matter how Many times it’s been updated, the app don’t stay open longer than 60 seconds without closing out. This had been FOREVER now. The app crashes constantly everyday, you cannot efficiently and effectively use the app. It literally closes out in the middle of transactions, searches and just regular app navigation. Needs A huge fix!!!! ASAP!!!
Waiting on Cash deposit.
Ancient Creator on 2022-10-07
I did a transaction with a friend of mine on Sunday 09/02/22 and he said the money will be there Tuesday. Well Tuesday is here and the Cashapp said I’ll have to wait til end of day or 12:00am. Hope I get paid. Will keep reviewers posted on this Cashapp transaction tmrw! That will determine either a. 4 star or 1 star if my money not in the time frame specified.
Can’t get a refund after being scammed
walt2256 on 2022-10-07
I verified everything before I sent the person a deposit to make sure it was legit and they gave me the run around after so I put in for a refund and cash app says they can’t help because the recipient denied the refund that terrible customer support and they won’t even try to help don’t use this app pay cash in person.
The refer a friend bonus is a complete scam
hghjjjh on 2022-10-07
As I said in the title cash apps refer a friend bonus is a complete scam, my friend meet all criteria and has never had any cash app account. Yet he nor I received the referral bonus. Costumer support was a complete joke, they just sent these copy paste replies and refused to look into the issue.

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