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Place the money carefully Give back the correct change Be the best cashier in town

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Taz0244 on 2021-01-19
A good cashier NEVER puts customer’s money in their drawer until customer is satisfied with their change. With money in the drawer first, customer can give cashier a $10 bill but insist it was a $20. With cash next to drawer, not in it, cashier can show customer exactly what they gave them. App also shows exactly the opposite way of making change. If given a 20 for a 5.94 purchase; 1 penny counts 5.95 + a nickel counts 6.00 + 4 one dollar bills count 7, 8, 9 and 10 + a 10 dollar bill counts 20. No wonder it takes forever to teach someone how to count change. This is a TERRIBLE app!!!!!
Too. Many. Ads
WaterDummy on 2021-01-19
There are far too many ads for the game to be remotely enjoyable. You’ll play a round or two and then an ad will come up. Play one more round and you’ll be forced to watch an ad in order to obtain more money. Play another two rounds and another 30-second non-skippable ad will appear. In my short time spent on this, it came off as more of an advertisement for Homescapes than an actual game.
Is this really a game, didn’t seem like it
Furyvids on 2021-01-19
You do the same actions over and over. You ring up the item, take the money, and then provide change. No deviation. After you finish a couple of customers you watch an ad. Then rinse repeat. They Lead you to believe you are upgrading your store, but it doesn’t do anything to the gameplay besides add different items. But you still complete the same steps. Move along, nothing to see here.
No Ads Purchase
jamalalal02 on 2021-01-19
I bought the no ads version of this game for $3.99 and there are still banner ads as well as pop ups after each level. I’ve tried to press restore purchase, close the app and reopen, I even tried buying the no ads version again to make sure it went through and it said “you’ve already purchased this would you like to get it again for free?” Would not recommend paying for the no ads.
Fine but...
CharlieDee13 on 2021-01-19
I paid for the no ads, got the confirmation it wa successful, closed the game and the ads are still there. Went to the developers online site to file a complaint and they are requiring me to add a phone number. I don’t want to because I don’t want spam calls from them selling it. Going to ask Apple for a refund and move on.
Good concept but errors
Krmv22 on 2021-01-19
I wouldn’t recommend this for children. In the US we don’t have a fifty cent coin like in this game. That is seriously going to confuse a child. It also allows them to purchase spirits, which most parents wouldn’t want to encourage. I think it’s a great idea, but needs modifications.
One big ad for Gardenscape game
portishead_22 on 2021-01-19
Literally all this game is. I paid to remove ads and every single time you serve a customer they want you to watch ads. Robbers will occasionally come in and you can’t always click on the alarm and you either dock all the money you earned or watch a video. Uninstalled it.
Too many ads even after paying to upgrade
midamah on 2021-01-19
The ad thing is ridiculous! Also, when you upgrade this app I hope you put a time limit on all purchases to make it more challenging. Other than that, I think you guys started this app just to earn money off of the crazy amount of ads you have embedded into this game.
How is this real?
FloidTouch on 2021-01-19
This is a terrible game with an insane amount of ads. You do practically nothing, there’s no challenge. I refuse to believe that any rating or review of this game above one star is real. This should be removed from the store and the publisher banned immediately.
Baltimore Crystal on 2021-01-19
No where in the description does it mention a robber holding a gun! I have severe PTSD from being held at gun point during a grocery store robbery years ago. This is not a game for ages 4+. You need to have warnings! This has truly messed me up.

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