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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Let's play catch and throwing game! Goals - Pass the ball to your teammates and avoid getting tackled by enemies! Controls - Swipe to turn and release to throw. Hope you enjoy the game!

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Awesome game
anthonyhirschif on 2021-03-07
One of the best free games out there in my opinion. I really enjoy the game! I think the idea for this game is a really great idea and the execution is well done. I hope that u keep adding on new items and skins and stuff, that would be awesome. To add to the marvel stuff, I’d love to see the Thanos gauntlet haha. just a small request, but yea fr this game is fun and one of the better free apps out there no doubt. Very good job on the game.
Fun, but could be better.
aeaeaeae123 on 2021-03-07
It’s a fun game but it’s too easy and repetitive. I wish they would expand on the game a bit more like make more obstacles or more moves the player could do. I’ve ran through 100+ levels in a couple of weeks and they don’t get any more difficult or fun. Level 1 is the same as level 100 just catch the ball and throw it. They should have power ups or more rewards or something that makes it more interesting.
jdmmt on 2021-03-07
Wanna make the real money Mr Creator??? ❗️❗️❌ Go a little bit farther to care about the game and add more challenging and exciting levels for the care of your customers. Stop effin around and get ur ish together. U wanna see big numbers and get real money comin or what? Had potential. Blew it
Great game
Bigfoot JR. on 2021-03-07
I think the game is great! However one thing I would like to see is more things to unlock. Such as backgrounds, balls, or characters. Once you unlock everything there is no point for coins. However this game is great I play it when I need to kill time and it’s addicting
New objectives
blahblahblah20 on 2021-03-07
This game is fun but I feel like there needs to be more to the game like being able to upgrade the catching ability and such, this game is fun but needs to be touched up and updated a bit and it would be fun! Would like to see more to the game itself
It’s alright
o.gkermat on 2021-03-07
One thing that is a problem for me but I don’t know about anyone else is that after playing it for a while it’s starts to freeze and lag a lot. Another thing is that in the ad you could control the ball when you threw it but you can’t
Shrek's pizza shop ッ on 2021-03-07
This is so fun! I’ll play it when I need alone time, or in the car offline. It’s even so good, my dad bought it on his phone! Voodoo is the best. I have all of there games. Seriously! It’s a heart warmer type game!
I must be doing something wrong
People's Nav on 2021-03-07
I do not get this game. I have been playing it off and on for a week and am still stuck on level 2. There is no rhyme or reason to ball flight and direction that I can determine. Maybe I am just too old for this...
Hear me out
gfhgchj on 2021-03-07
Its a great and fun game the we just need more skins and items also make it harder to get some items and skins the games also needs harder levels like for example im at level 302 and its just as easy as 102.
To many aDds
uejevsiiwbsudisoaoa on 2021-03-07
Broooo if I get 1 more add ima kms like I get it u wanna get money but dood make it so u can at least buy no adds with coins I beat the game tho cool concept u should make more things to do

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