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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® App. Earn points, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits. FEATURES 1. Mobile ordering – Place your order through your phone, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive. 2. Earn points – Earn points with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with Chick-fil-A One™, or placing mobile orders at Chick-fil-A. 3. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available food rewards of your choice. 4. Customized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.

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Extremely disappointed
Jajdjfjdkakfn on 2021-04-15
For the first time ever, I’m dissatisfied with CFA and not because of their food, service or anything operational. I’ve used this app for years and suddenly I can’t view my past transactions. Being that I sometimes submit my purchases on an expense report and I hate having to keep up with physical receipts, this is a big problem for me. On initial report of this issue I was told where in the app to find transaction history. I know where to find it, it just tells me I have no transactions. Second response from “CFA Cares” told me to turn off WiFi, turn off ad blockers and VPN, sign out, sign in, uninstall, reinstall, do the hokey pokey and shake it all about. I’ve done all this, step by step, re-done it adding in a phone reboot, iOS update to current (from the next to most recent release) and phone restore. I’m a signature level member, I have transactions that should show. CFA One is the ONLY app I’ve ever trusted enough to prepay. I’ve had it though. I’m going to use up my current balance (almost $100 right now) and quit if I can’t get an intelligent response.
brendanperry05 on 2021-04-15
It's as good as the other reviews say, but I did find a bug. I created a new pickup order, added a payment method with my credit card, and said that I was at the store. It charged my card (I got the notification from a text from my card provider) and then after the app told me my payment method was not working. It gave me a dialog which said change payment method or cancel order. Because I already got the notification that I got charged, I thought maybe it had not updated, so I closed the app. Upon opening the app, my order was gone. I went into the store and they had the order in their system and had to help me manually get the payment sorted out. My card was hit 4 times in total despite it saying the method was incorrect. It was sorted out well but I figured that the bug would be good to know for the dev team.
Better not forget your password
Brazilian Hulk on 2021-04-15
If you can access the app, its usability is smooth and easily navigable. Heaven forbid you forget your password, though. My app signed me out and told me the password I entered was wrong. I used the Forgot Password option to get the reset link e-mailed to me. Reset my password and was good to go on the website on the browser, but the app still told me the password was wrong even after I used the show option to make sure I didn’t fat finger something. If you call the help desk they’ll just tell you that obviously you did something wrong. Maybe one day I’ll be able to log in again, but five password resets in 30 minutes is my limit.
Best app ever!
Odf_boca on 2021-04-15
Back story.... pulled up, drive thru was off the hook , est 20 cars coming from 2 different directions. Dining room was closed. They said curbside was available with the app. I didn’t have it and thought “oh crap, slow app, 7000 question to create an account , 5 tries to put my cc info in.” You know the usual. This was NOT the case!!! I think I downloaded , created an account, ordered, paid AND got my food in 3 min! Seriously blew my mind! Who ever created this app is the god of app creators and should design all apps. It’s that good.
cupollyy on 2021-04-15
I hate that they don’t allow you undo the points and rewards!!!!!!! Please allow us to return rewards !!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! I accidentally added a cookie and I don't eat the cookie because I'm allergic!!!! Now I LOST THOSE POINTS FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!! I spent my hard earned money and now I can't even enjoy the points.!!! This is stupid!!!!! Please fix it and allow us to return or undo rewards that we don't want to use !!!! Whether it's by accident or just a changed mind.
payment problems
phantomhex on 2021-04-15
My friend and I were doing curbside pickup because the restaurant nearest to us is very busy. However, on two separate phones with several different payment methods, the app kept saying there was an issue with our payment methods. Therefore we couldn’t pay and had to go through the long drive thru line. I also don’t understand why you can sign up for the Chik Fil A account with your Apple ID but cannot use Apple Pay at checkout. Seems like a simple and convenient thing to add.
Chick-fil-a App
chasonsc on 2021-04-15
The App is difficult to use to redeem points. Not all the menu items are available. It would be nice if you could put in and order and then just scan the app and it would subtract the points. And if you had a balance you could just pay the rest. Just surprising that everything about Chick-fil-a is the greatest and super efficient but the App is the opposite of that.
High Disappointed
GriffinBriel on 2021-04-15
the day before yesterday (3/31) i did a mobile order & i normally do curbside. i ordered a 6 piece grilled nugget kids meal with a lemonade & received fried nuggets instead. unfortunately this is not the first incident... i absolutely love chick-fil-a & they qualify but i just would like it if my order satisfaction was meant every single time.
Not satisfied
A_Narrator on 2021-04-15
I went to order through the app, I live 5 min from a restaurant, the app ask’s if you want to tip then gives you no choice but to tip the driver, secondly there was no option to choose to pay with cash. Only option were Apple Pay a credit or a gift card. I suggest giving an option to choose to pay with cash. Not everybody had credit cards and Apple Pay
Beware! Can’t remove rewards
Nursing student 87 on 2021-04-15
Selected the wrong reward in my app and can’t remove it. I even called customer support to ask and they confirmed once you select a reward you can’t undo it. I’m more upset at how unwilling they were to do anything to resolve the problem, especially when customer service said this happens quite frequently. Come on corporate! Really disappointed.

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