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Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® App. Find a restaurant near you and order ahead. Chick-fil-A One® Members can receive points with qualifying purchases, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits. FEATURES 1. Find restaurants - Find Chick-fil-A® restaurants near you while searching from home or out and about. 2. Order Ahead – Place your order through your phone and pay, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive. 3. Receive points – Receive points with every qualifying purchase by scanning your QR code in the Chick-fil-A® App, paying with your Chick-fil-A One® digital gift card, or placing mobile orders at participating Chick-fil-A® restaurants. 4. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available rewards of your choice, including: free food rewards, birthday rewards, meal donations and more. 5. Personalized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.

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Has its pros & cons
Hyenagirl on 2022-08-09
I like the convenience of being able to place my order on the app. However, there’s some things I don’t like. If you have a gift card, and it’s not enough to cover your meal, they will make you reload the gift card with at least $10. This is a trick so you constantly have to give them more money in a never ending cycle. Say you have a gift card for $5 and your meal is $10, they make you spend $10 to reload the gift card, so you now have $15 on the gift card. Now, you have $5 left on it, so the next time you want to use it, guess what, that’s another $10… it’s a never ending cycle. Basically, avoid using gift cards on the app because it’s a scam. Use your gift cards in person so you can use cash or your debit card for the rest of the balance so you’re not overpaying all the time. Also, I tried to order breakfast @ 10:15am to be delivered to my house. The app says ‘15 minutes left for breakfast’ or something like that, but then has locks on all the breakfast items so you can’t order any. How can’t I order breakfast and it’s before 10:30?? And why is it that some locations only deliver for like 3 hours of the day?? Tried to get some delivered at my job and it said delivery hours for the location are 1pm-4pm… so basically the hours of the day when most people aren’t eating. Weird.
Uninstalled because it stopped saving time
Lecraigg on 2022-08-09
Worked as advertised for at least a year. However, it is no longer worthwhile as a customer to use. Simply put it USED to save time because it would send your order ahead of you to the resteraunt. It appears as though now it waits until you are there, waiting before submitting your order. Functionally speaking there’s no difference between using the app to order and pay, and simplyordering on arrival. With the app, you pay for your food up front, send along all your juicy customer data and they will start making it for you eventually. Go there and order, you pay for food, no need to surrender your data, and they will actually start making it for you.
Love the App!
Brittney Speared on 2022-08-09
I love this app! So easy to use! People complain but I have no problems. I used my points and got 3 items totally free! A sandwich, fries and a drink. Went to the drive through. I love that the drive thru is always packed and long lines but only takes about 15 minutes to get through. They are so speedy! The food is always so tasty and hot and fresh! My favorite drink is the Cloudberry lemonade. Everyone is always so happy and pleasant even on rainy days, sweltering hot days, late nights and early mornings. Not like other places who barely acknowledge you’re there. I wish they had stock I would buy some!
Weird Pop Notifs???
Cyrokx on 2022-08-09
It was a Sunday morning, except I’m so busy I couldn’t even remember. I stopped to get gas feeling hungry and I’m this Florida Sun I could use a lemonade. That’s when the app gave me a notification welcoming me to my nearby Chikfila. So after I was done refueling my car, I decided I could refuel myself. I drove the two minutes to the Lord’s fabulous chicken and it occurred to me, that the devil is a liar, and so is Chikfila. How dare you welcome me on the Lords day as a tease. Why call me to lock me out, Chikfila? You have sinned for your final time. I will not forget this.
Get it Right- Westminster Drive thru
KluckKluck on 2022-08-09
Service has declined recently. We always felt confident that what we ordered and paid for was in the bag. HOWEVER, on two recent trips we were shorted one item. It is only 3-4 bucks but very maddening and the inconvenience of a return trip would only make things worse. SO, ChikFila please hire good people and don’t get in such a rush that the orders are incorrect. If I can wait in the dysfunctional looped line for upwards of 10 minutes I expect and deserve to my order to be fresh and accurate. Thank you.
Horrible App!
GatorHugger on 2022-08-09
I can’t tell you how many times this app has glitched on me! Do NOT waste your time with it, it will charge you for your order then freeze as soon as you get to the restaurant, completely loses your order and has no record of it in the app. Once that happens, you will not only have to go into the store or drive thru to place your order AGAIN but you will also have to go through the process of getting your money back for the order you didn’t receive. AVOID!
So many app issues
leonidas the great on 2022-08-09
This app has so many bugs! One second it won’t accept my address. The next second, I can’t sign in. There are myriad other issues too, including the inability to redden rewards. I’m a signature member too, so I’ve ordered plenty; and while the food is great 95% of the time, the ordering experience has been subpar 95% of the time. At the time of writing this, I’m unable to order at all due to the initially stated issues.
Glowing review
jazmineJLC on 2022-08-09
I am so sincerely grateful to have this app. Props to CFA for creating a feature where you can accumulate points for food. I use this app constantly & on days where $$ is tight, I am able to redeem my points for a free meal. I know it sounds like a small thing, but on a day when you cannot afford to eat, it hits a little different. Today is one of those days. Thank you, Chick-fil-A, for investing in my appetite. ❤️🐔
App login buggy
EmilyLaney on 2022-08-09
Hey, I love your app and am Red level because we spend tons there. The app stopped working this week and I can’t login and have deleted it and reinstalled to no avail. Local CFA could not figure it out to help. Please resolve login issues. My credit card is tied to the acct plus all our points. It’s uncomfortable feeling like you have my data and financial access and make no way for me to access or solve it anymore.
Veerrrryyyy Loyall Customer! on 2022-08-09
I am so mad! As soon as I updated my app, the app took all of my points away! Chick fil a is not cheap too be taking my points away that I fairly earned! This really has me very upset! I sometimes uses them when I don’t have my purse with me. I usually go up to the whole 10,000 points before I start redeeming! It’s my points and I want them NOWW!!!! 😡

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