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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



□□□ Overview □□□ ◆Two easy controls to reach the goal! Use Chocobo's dash or back commands to get to the finish line. But be careful! If you lose your balance, you'll drop the treasures you collected! Be sure to gather them up and regain your balance. ◆Customize your rollers! Every time you clear the stage requirements, you'll receive coins. Use coins to unleash the true potential of your rollers! Play each stage as many times as you need to get your balance. You'll be surprised what customizations give you peak performance! ◆Ghost and Ranking options! Play against a ghost to try and beat your own record! With the Game Center ranking function, you can check out who's top of the scoreboard. Try to beat the scores of your friends and other users around the world. ◆A variety of obstacles in each stage! Watch out for the drop-offs! And the bridges! And...the fat Chocobo blocking your path!? Use all the tricks at your disposal to get past the obstacles in your way. □□□ Story □□□ "Chocobo and his trusty moogle partner, Atla, are off in search of treasure. Suddenly, a shadowy figure overtakes them from behind and steals all the treasure they collected! Oh no! Chocobo quickly dons the beat-up roller skates he happened across to give chase over mountains, through valleys, and more! Little did the two treasure hunters know that this chance encounter would lead them on a brand new adventure..." □□□ Recommended System Requirements □□□ iOS 11 and higher

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