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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: ● Upgrade to the all-new Town Hall 14 and power up your attacks with Hero Pets!  ● The Builders are done watching their village get wrecked: make way for the Battle Builders!  ● Introducing Starter Challenges, making it easier than ever to start a new account and Clash! Classic Features: ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against millions of active players across the globe. ● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best. ● Forge alliances, work together with your Clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic items. ● Plan your unique battle strategy with countless combinations of Spells, Troops, and Heroes! ● Compete with the best players from around the world and rise to the top of the Leaderboard in Legend League. ● Collect resources and steal loot from other players to upgrade your own Village and turn it into a stronghold. ● Defend against enemy attacks with a multitude of Towers, Cannons, Bombs, Traps, Mortars, and Walls. ● Unlock epic Heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine. ● Research upgrades in your Laboratory to make your Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines even more powerful. ● Create your own custom PVP experiences through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events. ● Watch Clanmates attack and defend in real-time as a spectator or check out the video replays. ● Fight against the Goblin King in a single player campaign mode through the realm. ● Learn new tactics and experiment with your army and Clan Castle troops in Practice Mode. ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world. ● Turn your Builder Base into an unbeatable fortress and defeat rival players in Versus Battles. ● Collect exclusive Hero Skins and Sceneries to customize your Village. What are you waiting for, Chief? Join the action today. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans. A network connection is also required. Player Reviews: Clash of Clans proudly announces over one million five star reviews on the App Store. If you have fun playing Clash of Clans, you may also enjoy other Supercell games like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Make sure to check those out! Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide:

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Terrible Update
S3TH I234 on 2021-05-08
I have been playing this game for about 5 years. My clan has gone through ups and downs with active members. However a few have stuck around and warred to finally get ourselves up to clan perk lvl10 just in time for the developers to release a new th update and take the two level boost for donation of troops away. They say that it will be proportional moving down th levels but let’s be honest it is gone. Our smaller members can’t get the benefit of larger troops to help them grow. We have been in wars in which we have got beat because others had this advantage and now we get our time and the ability to help grow smaller members and it is gone. What then is the perk from lvl10? This unfortunately has been typical of the clash of clans updates. If this is where clash is heading then after 5 years it is hard stay in the game and continue spending money when obviously my clans hard work is for nothing now. What is next to take away from the hard work that loyal members of coc achieved? Terrible disappointed and and offer absolutely no support for anyone interested in starting this game.
Great game, but...
ThePenguin69 on 2021-05-08
I’ve been playing this game for at least five years. Fun game, everything about the game is fine and enjoyable, but contacting support is where my issue comes in. Recently there was an altercation in our clan that resulted in one player being wrongfully banned while the other player walks free. I’m not sure how it started, but player A called player B several racist slurs. Player A also spammed the clan chat with the n word. A minimum of four people reported player A for said behavior. A couple days later, player B gets banned. Player B was presumably reported by player A. Contacted support, which basically said “report it and it’ll be taken care of in 48 hours.” This event happened nearly a week ago. Player A still holds the account, and is in a new clan. All support would need to do is have one person look at the reported message and they could take the appropriate action. I even offered screenshot evidence of the event. The reason this irritates me so much is because not only did supercell let this slide, but the victim was harassed and lost his account for it.
GameCritick6000 on 2021-05-08
Great game, love it, can’t put it down, but one thing pushes me over the edge. The clan castle is so ridiculously op. I’m only at TH5 (I got the game quite recently) but every single match I go against someone who’s base is completely rushed, still has level one walls, barely any upgrades and 0 strategy in the layout, but out pops 4 level 10 wizards from their TH14 teammate to carry them to victory and I end up getting absolutely nothing. This isn’t fair and it shouldn’t be this easy to be carried through a battle that in reality should be a hard loss. Maybe make it so you can only get reinforcements from a certain level above you. For example, if your TH7 you can only receive troops unlocked at TH10 or below to balance things out. This is genuinely so frustrating and makes me no longer want to play the game, and my friends have expressed similar thoughts. Please fix this.
One of the best games on the store
Groverrover248 on 2021-05-08
I wasn’t sure at first because it looked like one of those games that was just an idle to gain money to buy things that make you more money for no end purpose but it’s definitely a lot more than that, I do have an idea for the game devs though and I really hope they read this, -Once you get into higher level upgrades they take longer to finish, and sometimes you’re waiting on your Town Hall or other buildings to upgrade before you can do anything else, so if there was an option to put more than one builder on one project to lessen the time it takes to finish that would be great. I am currently waiting on my spell factory to upgrade before I can attack because I love using spells and my troop strategy needs them to be effective, I really hope this gets added to the game so I don’t have to dread upgrading my spell factory because it holds me back from attacking, Thank youu
8 awesome years
Houston Eazy on 2021-05-08
This game is absolutely perfect I usually don’t game on mobile , but this game is the exception , I’ve been playing this game since I had the iPhone 3GS or the 4 I can’t remember exactly , but this game is awesome and I like how you can play this game on and off throughout your day and still move up , I unfortunately lost my old account and started a new one about 2 1/2- 3 years ago and and am now almost a th12 (non-rushed) if you want a game that combines strategy , and and time management for an all around GREAT game , then you’ve found the game you’ve been looking for . My wife says I’m always playing this game but it is awesome and addicting , if you’re contemplating on downloading this game , just go for it , it starts off slow but if you stick with it , it gets better and better the higher you level up , great job supercell , you’ve created a masterpiece
It’s too easy to upgrade
btop2 on 2021-05-08
First of all awesome game. I’ve been playing since 2015 and absolutely love the game. However me and a bunch of people from our clan think that it’s too easy to upgrade everything. Back when we first started we had to grind for every upgrade we did but now with the gold pass and the bonuses it makes it way too easy to grow quickly without learning how to play the actual game, There are new people who just started a few months ago and are already max town hall 9 but have no idea how to attack. And they keep upgrading town halls before they understand the clan war part of the game and it’s becoming a problem for our clan. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even have to attack in multiplayer battles. I liked how it was back in the day and I think that it should go back to the good old days. Other than that it’s an awesome game!
flexthisbh on 2021-05-08
Don’t waste your time with this game. Like almost every game these days it is “fixed.” You won’t realize just how fixed it is until you play with the builder base. Battles there are infuriating as your AI controlled attackers will perform in every way opposite of how you would have them perform. Then you realize after the match that you lost 75% to 76% or worse you will have lost because you only have one star when the other side has two...never mind you blew them out percentage wise. Then you remember how weird you characters performed doing things during the match that seemed insane. Then you’ll realize the whole game is a racket. I deleted the game after years of playing. I recommend you save your time and never start.
Edit mode
FEAR Lazerfox467 on 2021-05-08
Great game, I play it everyday but you can hear about that in other reviews so I’m gonna just talk about one problem: edit mode. I spend a lot of time in edit mode because I love making new base designs, but it is very glitchy, especially with walls. I have lost so much time building due to my game freezing and other random things happening. Often a wall will stop moving where I want it to be and freeze inside a building, and I have to remove the building and the wall. Other times they are more annoying to fix and I usually have to restart the game. Base designing is my favorite part of this game, and I HATE when I spend 30-45 min on a base for it to just freeze and I cannot save it. Please fix this.
HollersBoys on 2021-05-08
I just recently broke my android and I got an iPhone 12. Well a couple months back I had an iPhone 6 and that broke and I got the android but still managed to switch over my clash of clans to the android. Now that I have another iPhone my verification codes aren’t sending to the email it says I have on this iPhone and that is connected to my supercell ID. It says that it sent but when I check my emails nothing is there. So maybe it’s still sending to my android which I no longer have. Can somebody please help me? The website doesn’t help me in any way. Thank you
Ok game has minor issues
aaron strutton on 2021-05-08
OK when I was a little bit younger this was like my favorite game but now I don’t know if this is just my phone like I have an iPhone 8 reply if it’s stuck on the loading screen for you and apparently that usually happens to people that use android phones so I don’t know and if you can help me out with this please do so it’s really annoying I I just download it again and it’s just not workingOh this is why I’m giving it a bad review I would suggest downloading the app but there’s a risk of it and I just freezing up and staying like that

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