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Ready to build an amazing classroom community? ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students. * Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork” * Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements * Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent * Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents. ClassDojo is free for everyone, and K-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leaders in over 180 countries have joined. It works on all devices, like iPhones, iPads, tablets, phones, and smartboards. "I’ve divided my time teaching as B.C. and A.C.: before ClassDojo, and after ClassDojo. I never want to go back!" — Jen E., an elementary school teacher :) Join the ClassDojo community today! ClassDojo is completely free for parents, teachers, and students! Optional: parents may subscribe to ClassDojo Beyond School for extra features for at-home use. A charge will be added to your Apple ID account at the end of the 7-day free trial. Depending on your subscription choice, this may be $7.99 monthly, $39.99 for 6 months or $59.99 for 1 year (this pricing is for the US; pricing in other countries may vary). The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the same rate ($7.99/$39.99/$59.99 depending on the subscription term). You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase (on the App Store home screen, tap on the top right account icon). Read our Terms of Service here: Read our Privacy Policy here:

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Awful to use, cluttered and hard to navigate
AnnoyedMomNH on 2020-10-25
There is nothing simple about this app. I’m utterly frustrated that we are required to use this for school. It’s hard to navigate to actions that you use most frequently- I shouldn’t have to click through so many things before I can upload work to my kids portfolio. It’s so hard to keep all my kids classes and teachers straight. We changed schools partway through the year, but I have no option to remove the old teachers from our account so my feed is clogged with posts from a school we don’t attend. Frustrating! I cannot believe I don’t see more negative reviews for this poorly thought out app.
Absolutely an inaccessible nightmare!
Squishnificent on 2020-10-25
None of the buttons have labels, and none of the stories, reports or other features work. My child's preK teacher swears by this, but it's zero, or less, percent accessible with voiceover, I can't see my child's reports, photos or access anything else. Though my son's teachers like it, I'm seriously considering reporting it to apple as purely inaccessible, deleting the app and understanding that I'll just have to call the teacher every afternoon for a progress report. Horrid job, Class Dojo. 2020 has still managed to leave you 40 years behind.
Please fix messages
forgivn on 2020-10-25
I like using this app but am frustrated with messages. I keep hoping that every new update will correct the problem but no luck. The issue I’m having is that every time I get a new message from a parent, I have to close the app to be able to view it. The app will tell me I have a new message, but when I look, I can’t see it unless I close out the app and relaunch. Also, some times the app will tell me I have a new message, but I already opened it up and read it. Again, I have to close the app and relaunch. Please fix so I can better communicate with my students’ parents.
Not sure how this app has a 4.8
JKBressman on 2020-10-25
I’m really not sure how this app has a 4.8 score. I NEVER get message notifications when I get the messages. Sometimes I get notifications and there’s nothing new posted or messages. I’ll force close the app and relaunch it, still nothing. Then days later I will randomly check the app because I know I’ve missed something, then lo and behold unread messages from the teacher. Days late and now my kid has missed a deadline. I wish the teachers would just send text or emails that I can rely on. I love the concept is the app but it’s clunky and not a smooth operation.
Good Overall
sgdnjvecbj on 2020-10-25
I feel that classdojo is more used for parents. The app needs more upload options. But overall it is good, but you should give limits by telling the person instead of you figuring it out yourself the hard way. You can upload photos, videos, journals, and drawings. It also is easy to use, but it needs to have a kid view for class (Don’t forget about the kids) But overall it is a good app. Suggestions: I also think that it needs to have a student view, so make it a combo of google classroom and have an option to go into student view.
Please add multi photo/page upload
*******unknown on 2020-10-25
It feels like the app is on its way but not there yet. As a parent or student to upload an assignment you have to cycle through one image at a time so if you’d like to add an assignment that includes more than one page - good luck! Major pain to do. Also when using the camera feature it for some reason adjusts the zoom, so make sure you take the photo of the kids’ work outside of the app then upload. The messaging with the teacher and updates works as would be expected but nothing out of the ordinary.
sgdnjvecbj on 2020-10-25
It has always been good, but when I turned in a video it didn’t work, and TWO times 20 minutes worth of video was deleted! Do not be reliant on this unless probably you will get an angry child mad at classdojo. Updated: Okay so it was the size of the video, but I feel that classdojo is more used for parents. The app needs more upload options. But overall it is good, but you should give limits by telling the person instead because you don’t like having to figure it out on your own. (In a bad way).
mom of a prek student on 2020-10-25
-It is difficult to find specific posts and there should be a search option, or an option to organize by category. - downloading files from dojo to an iphone is absurd. Why do they open up in zoom as a default? It’s also ridiculous that the only other option is ApowerMirror to view. It should just open up right in dojo and not require a supporting program. — why to photos in the student profile all have to be portrait? Makes it difficult to photograph artwork.
Delete account difficulties
useralas on 2020-10-25
It’s very suspicious that when you try to delete an account the red “delete account” bottom in the “account settings” that supposedly should be there as per the instructions on the website, is not there to facilitate this action. The only option to delete an account is to email class dojo. Users should not be mislead this way and class dojo should facilitate, not complicate how to unsubscribe from their app.
Isoannette on 2020-10-25
Hello, the application is extremely excellent, you should implement uploading several photos at once, because when I go to upload photos I have to upload them one by one and it is exhausting. I would like to be updated with that novelty of uploading several photos at once. They should also integrate voice notes into the messaging area, it would be good that integration since it is easier to send messages

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