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May, 2020


May, 2020



Touch and drag to control the Snow Plow. Avoid obstacles and help the people to get out of their homes! Upgrade you vehicle to take on even the mightiest Snow storm.

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I guess ok
on 2020-06-03
When I first got it I was super excited. But the first time I played I thought it was extremely boring.
Ads, ads, ads
Sps4ct on 2020-06-03
Overrun by ridiculously long ads. You spend more time watching ads than playing.
It’s ok
J0shua tu1n3r on 2020-06-03
All I have to say is i thought it was going to be a liiiiiiiiiitle more exciting
Need vehicles and maps
ftksdhhcbfbcbcbhdhdhdgdgf on 2020-06-03
Add tasla ciprtruck Add more trucks and more vehicles and cars and maps
layla 254 on 2020-06-03
I love this game it’s soo satisfying
Best game ever come play with us
sandman65656565 on 2020-06-03
Best game ever come play with us
vdvdvdvdvvdv on 2020-06-03
Horrible bad boaring stress
Cool game
Jim1267*6*70 on 2020-06-03
I love ❤️ this game.
Dgeghj on 2020-06-03
Super fun game
ZSTGC on 2020-06-03
I love! ❤️

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