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Jan, 2023


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LET’S FACE IT: CLEANING UP YOUR PHOTO LIBRARY IS SO BORING! Cleanup is here to make this process easy, fun & safe. CLEAN UP YOUR GALLERY IN NO TIME Swipe left — to get rid of unwanted photos/duplicates Swipe right — to keep the memories that actually matter to you You’ll be surprised to see how many unnecessary photos you’ve been keeping in your gallery! ONLY KEEP THE BEST PHOTOS In a bunch of similar photos, Cleanup will suggest to you which one to keep Cleanup will suggest to you the photo that... ... you’re directly looking at the camera ... you’re smiling ... has a good focus ... you edited or favorited in the past Still, you decide on which one to keep, we don’t delete any photos without your permission. YOU HAVE THE FINAL WORD Think of the Trash folder in your computer, Cleanup has exactly the same. After you’re done with deleting, Cleanup asks you to do a final review; so that you don’t delete any photos by accident. RELIEVE STRESS WHILE STAYING PRODUCTIVE Honestly, we’re now pretty sure that our biggest competitors are cute kittens, pimple-popping videos, or your favorite puzzle game. But here’s what’s unique to Cleanup: After you spend some time on our app, what you get is a clean & organized photo gallery - not a guilt-provoking waste of time! MOST SECURE WAY TO CLEAN UP YOUR LIBRARY Unlike other apps, you don’t need an internet connection to use Cleanup. Cleanup works locally (offline) on your phone, so we couldn’t misuse your photos even if we wanted to :) SORT VIDEOS BY SIZE - DELETE THE LARGEST ONE FIRST Easily start with that 2GB video that’s been sitting in your gallery for a long time. Payment & Subscription Terms: Choose between the following subscription options for unlimited access to all features: • Weekly Subscription • Yearly Subscription FREE TRIAL FOR 3 DAYS - OFFERING UNLIMITED GALLERY CLEANING FOR A LIMITED TIME ***You may cancel your subscription at any time*** Cleanup’s free trial allows you unlimited access to all features for the duration of 3 days. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, based on the annual subscription plan, within 24 hours before the end of the 3 days free trial period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. ***Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone*** Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the Account Settings: - Open the Settings app. - Tap your name. - Tap Subscriptions. - Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

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Great when we remember AIs aren't perfect
Loganland on 2023-02-02
First Imma write my review then Imma write how dumb ya'll reviews are. Honestly I loved it. I've been spending hours for months trying to clean through my phone and sorting. This is so much better than the iPhone duplicate finder! This is helping me so with sorting! With similar screen shots it's pulling things up I didn't get too so now I can go in photo search and search for a key term! Another thing is the similar photos have been helping a lot! Sometimes you'll take 100 photos and keep 20, but can't tell which one is the best, but since the app will pull them into small groups I can slowly narrow down the selection. I am just worried a bit about which photos I'm deleting, how every really works, like if I click keep, but end up having a screen shot of that photo later, will it not notice? Or.. just little questions like that. Also about saftey concerns even tho ya'll say it's fine. MAJOR ISSUE: The app needs to show the date of the photo taken and the videos to show how long they are. It's causing problems so i can't use the app as effectively. For photos, I wanna go to my photo album and pull up the photos it's showing me so I can check certain things about the photo. Videos I need that and the time. Two videos may look the same because it may be a video, then that video in a long snap video. I need to go in there and crop the snap video not delete it! But now I have to sit there and wait for every video instead of being able to see the length or being able to move fast through the video This will also help with my trust of the app, that it's deleting the photos it says it is and it's the ones I want. but I guess making it easier to find on your phone means they can't charge you to delete cause then they will delete. Then just charge for the service to find the photos? Makes no sense. So backwards. . I would also love it if I can have it rescan everything, sometimes it'll have two similar photos that aren't similar, but the next set will have a photo from the other set. So if I delete some I'd like it to rerun the algorithm. The last thing i want to say is after the free trial I would have 100% bought the app until I saw how unreasonable the price is. Not ok. Now reviews: Ya'll mad about the AI not picking the "best" photo understand it's not a human? It doesn't understand the situation? It's not perfect? And the app REPEATEDLY states how you should always double check. Yikes. I unselect all the photos and go through them myself to double check using my brain cause we don't live in the future with perfect picture mind reading AIs. Jesus.
SmbGpup on 2023-02-02
This app I can honestly say that it is so easy to clean up and delete duplicate pictures FAST. The app is not complicated it lays everything out for u. I was able to delete close to 500 duplicate and accidentally pictures and it only took about 3 minutes which was extremely helpful because going through my pics trying to figure out what is duplicates makes me crazy. This app finds them and bunches them together so u are able to see them together and delete them super fast. Love this app. Only complaint is the price. It’s a weekly price and way too expensive. I did the 3 day trial and unfortunately I won’t keep it because it’s too expensive but the app is amazing
Similar is NOT a not a duplicate
Sindeezee on 2023-02-02
I was disappointed when I tried to clean up duplicate photos on my phone and the app pulled up several SIMILAR photos of my kids and IRS forms etc, which may look like duplicates but aren’t. A good app would recognize that words and numbers are different on 2 photos or facial expressions are different even if it’s the same face. I downloaded this app to delete DUPLICATE photos, not SIMILAR. I expected more accuracy for $5/week. I’m going to cancel my 3day subscription and delete it from my phone. Btw…you usually have to cancel most subscriptions 24-48 hours in advance. That gives you one day to try this before they take your money.
Absolutely great!!
JanieC214 on 2023-02-02
My phone has constantly been telling me “I’m running out of storage” over & over & over, & so I’ve deleted what I thought was quite a bit, but it never helped enough! I unfortunately had a lot more screenshots & pictures than I would even like to admit, but there was no way I could go through every single one of them. I downloaded this app & it has been a huge help & it went through a lot of the unnecessary stuff I have on here & pulled it up for me to “okay” it before it was cleared off of my phone! It’s definitely fixed my issues I’ve been having & made things much easier on me!
Good app
lowkey🦄🧜🏽‍♀️💕 on 2023-02-02
I think the opposite is a good app but the only downside is that you do have to pay a monthly fee if you want to have unlimited deleting but there’s also a way you can delete without doing that you can also choose either do small portions at a time I watch ads in that helps most of the time but I’m probably going to soon invest into the large portion of deleting just because I have way too much stuff to delete!
Pretty dumb
material gwourl on 2023-02-02
It was free and did work but it only got me to delete 5 pictures and really did not help and none of the pictures i deletes were duplicates i think its a waste but it does save you about 2 minutes of your time but i dont think its worth it just delete it yourself and to free up more storage space delete your recently deleted bc its still takes up storage space bc its still on your phone
Went thru 2,000 photos just for them to not delete
maya87643467 on 2023-02-02
Took almost an hour of selecting and deselecting photos since app often chooses to save the blurry photos and delete the good ones. After I finally got to the bottom, it said I had to subscribe to delete more than 5 photos. So I did subscribe, but it made me suspend the app to verify the purchase which made me lose all the progress I made. Hour wasted.
toriiluvsya on 2023-02-02
I tried to delete 25 videos and it only made me delete 5 and then it unselected all my other photos that I took time to select. Then it tells me I have to pay for everything?! Then I try cleaning out my emails and I have to pay for that too! Terrible app. It’s getting deleted off my phone immediately.
10000% recommend
ruthlessgrace on 2023-02-02
It looks through all your photos for similar patterns and shows you which ones are unnecessary. I’ve saved so much time with it already. I’ve spent maybe 2 hours going through and deleting 50 pictures while spending 10 minutes one here has helped me delete over 300. Absolutely insane
Didn’t delete a thing
B.Rami on 2023-02-02
I started using the app during the 3 day trial. At first I thought I was deleting any duplicate and similar photos I had and videos I don’t want. However, it didn’t do a thing. In fact, I think it added pics to my phone. I deleted it immediately since I think it was a scam app.

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